Monday, September 11, 2017

9/11 AND THE RELIGION OF SLAVERY - by Dr. Jack Wheeler

Stefan The Great defeating the Ottoman Moslems January 10, 1475
Stefan The Great defeating the Ottoman Moslems January 10, 1475
Zagreb, Croatia.  I have just completed my expedition through Hidden Eastern Europe, primarily through much of the Balkans.  It has been a historical lesson of sobering immensity.
Today is the 16th anniversary of the most evil attack on America in our history.  More morally evil than Pearl Harbor, which was an act of war targeting US military personnel (of the 2403 deaths, 68 were civilians). 9/11, by contrast specifically targeted civilians on purpose.  2,977 innocent human beings were slaughtered by Moslem terrorists, of whom 2,508 were civilians.
The Wikipedia entry on 9/11 casualties states:  “The attacks of September 11, 2001, were the deadliest terrorist act in world history.”
If you click on that latter link, up will come a list of 173 of the worst terrorist attacks, starting with 9/11.  Scroll down the list and you’ll be overwhelmed at how many are attributed to “Islamic extremism” – 120 out of 173.
The Moslem Atrocity of 9/11 is a trauma America will never forget and never forgive its perpetrators.  What Americans should also never forget is its context.  Here in the Balkans is where you learn that context in spades.
We suffered one horrific attack of Islamic barbarism.  What would it be like to suffer an unending series of slaughters and enslavements for century after century, for four or five hundred years?
The national hero of both Romania and Moldova (which was a part of Romania until Stalin stole it to be a part of the Soviet Union in 1940) is St. Stefan Cel Mare (the Great), 1433-1504, anointed Champion of Christ by Pope Sixtus IV for defeating the Moslem Sultan Mehmet II at the Battle of Vaslui.  Hailed by all of Europe as “the greatest victory ever secured by the Cross against Islam,” Stefan’s 40,000 Christian knights destroyed the Sultan’s 120,000 warriors.
The plaque commemorating the victory you see above is at the base of Stefan’s statue in Iasi, Romania:
To commemorate his historic victory, in 1488 Stefan built the extraordinary Voronet Painted Monastery hidden away from Ottoman Moslem depredations in the Carpathian Mountains:
The frescoes, with the famous “Voronet blue” made of crushed lapis lazuli, have withstood over 500 winters of wind, snow, and rain.  The extraordinary back panel of the Last Judgment is renowned as “the Sistine Chapel of the East”:
911-art-pic-3Here’s Gabriel blowing his horn, warning Moslems to forget Allah and save themselves:
The interior is simply magnificent:
To the south, however, in the flat plains of the Carpathian “horseshoe” is something very different:
This is the Fortified Church of Tartlau-Prejmer.  The villages around it were destroyed over 50 times by Ottoman Moslem marauders for centuries.  The villagers would flee to here where they were safe.  It wasn’t just the church – the inner wall contained hundreds of apartments where families could live, with storerooms of supplies and weapons with which to repel the invaders along the outer wall.
The Moslems were always repelled, after which the villagers would return to their destroyed homes to build them anew.  This went on for 400 years of one 9/11 after another.
While what is now Romania suffered centuries of Moslem depredations, the Christian Kingdom of Bulgaria was simply subsumed.
Since King Boris I in 864, Bulgaria had been a Christian nation. It flourished until the 1300s when the Ottoman raids began. By 1396 the entire country had been conquered and made part of the Ottoman Empire.  The peasantry was enserfed, held in bondage to Moslems who stole all their land, while the Bulgarian nobility was either murdered or forced to flee.
To this day, Bulgarians call this “Турско Робство”, transcribed as “Tursko Robstvo” or “Turkish Slavery.”  “Rob” means “slave” in Bulgarian, and has the same Indo-European root as the English word “robot.”
The “Tursko Robstvo” lasted 500 years.  Over and over again, the Christians of Bulgaria revolted against their Moslem slavemasters, every time massacred in revenge.  500 years of enslavement, of fighting against it hopelessly yet never giving up their desire for Christian freedom.  Bulgaria finally won its independence in 1908.
This enslavement happened throughout all Southeast Europe.  For centuries, the Moslem Ottoman Turks colonized and attempted to de-Christianize Greece, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Bulgaria (including Rumelia), Hungary, Romania (Transylvania-Wallachia-Moldavia) Moldova, and parts of western Ukraine:
And they used this as a launching pad to attempt the conquest of all Europe, until they were defeated by Jan Sobieski at the Battle of Vienna on September 12, 1683.  Which is why tomorrow, September 12, is Victory Over Jihad Day.
One critical lesson in this evil saga is that Islam is a religion of slavery.  As discussed in Allah and Slavery (February 2007), Allah in the Koran repeatedly approves of enslaving infidels, men for labor and women for sex.  Countless millions of Christians from all over Europe were captured and enslaved.
Women stripped naked for inspection were publicly sold in Constantinople, the Ottoman capital, as late as 1908.
Checking a slave girl’s teeth
Checking a slave girl’s teeth
Slavery still exists on a massive scale conducted by Moslem Arabs in a number of African countries.  Here’s the ghastly history of Slavery in the Ottoman Empire.
The Arabic word “Islam” means submission.  Not just Moslems submitting to the worship of Allah, but the submission of everyone, all human beings on earth to their religion – and if you don’t, they have the moral god-given right and duty to enslave you.
Now of course, the truth is that Mohammed as depicted in Islamic sacred history was a schizophrenic afflicted with a brain malfunction in his temporal lobe known as Auditory Verbal Hallucination (AVH).
Recently, researchers have identified and targeted the precise brain region that causes AVH, “hearing voices” in schizophrenics.  If the technology that cures it, transcranial magnetic stimulation, had been available in the 7th century and Mohammed treated, Islam would never have existed.
But it wasn’t, thus hundreds of millions of Moslems are still stuck in the 7th century, and believe in the morality of god-sanctioned slavery of those who don’t submit to them.
Thus we come today to a true Enemy of Mankind whose goal in life is to recapitulate the Ottoman Empire and enslave the West for Islam.  That would be the current Islamofascist Dictator of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has flooded Europe with millions of Moslem “refugees” for the express purpose of demographically overcoming native European populations by having as many children as possible.
Just yesterday (9/10), there’s a report that thanks to this, Britain has a population gain equal to an entire new town every week.  Right now, in scores of French towns and cities like Montpelier, or Dutch cities like Rotterdam, a majority of schoolchildren are Moslem.
The book to read on this is The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam by Douglas Murray (May 2017).
The critical caveat is that the part of Europe that’s dying – such France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Sweden – is the fault of European politicians and peoples too cowardly to resist a predatory religion of slavery.
While you won’t find that here in Eastern Europe.  The people here didn’t suffer centuries of Moslem enslavement to let it happen to them again.  That’s why this part of Europe is not dying, and is Europe’s future.
In America, we embarked on this craven road of submission during the eight years of the Nightmare of Zero.  62 million Americans voted to wake up from that nightmare last November 8.
The nightmare won’t be fully over, indeed the trauma of 9/11 itself won’t be over, until America as a nation recognizes and is grateful for a President who places America and American citizens first, and has absolutely no intention of letting his country be submissive towards 7th century atavisms.
This part of the world, Eastern Europe, has had such a tragic history.  For shortly after centuries of Islamic enslavement, it was enslaved yet again by the Communist tyranny of the Soviet Union.  Yet as soon as that horror was over and they were free at last, people everywhere embraced their Christian culture with fervor.
Their Christian churches are open once again, places of astonishingly soaring beauty, to which worshippers fervently flock.  Here are just two examples in Bulgaria – the Shipska Cathedral and the Church of the Rila Monastery:
Thus the only way to combat the religion of slavery and submission is a resurgence of the culture of Christianity, a culture of civilizational confidence, a culture of decency that rejects the cowardice of the Left in defending America and its founding principles.
In that way, America shall submit to no alien creed, and apologize to no one for its existence.  And then, 9/11 will truly be over.