Monday, September 25, 2017

DaCrush on DaNFL

If you have read my website - which spells out the fundamental premise of this internet venture - you know that I am an immigrant to the USA.
For some reason or other, I have always had an interest in politics and world events as long as I can remember. I can still remember back to my 1950-56 years hearing conversations among the family acquaintances who expressed their frustration with having a good conversation with their American workmates. While they wanted to talk about world events, the Americans knew nothing except sports.
They had nothing in common!
It's uncanny how that came back to me now. I not only kept my attachment to politics and world events, I became a died in the wool American sports nut - baseball, football, hockey and golf!
So I have a pretty good feel for American culture!
Sundays became a family ritual - beer, wings and trash talk!
So WTF happened now?
All of a sudden - sports became a medium to express your political opinion - by the participants?
Quick side note - did you ever have somebody shit too close to the tent when camping? Doesn't smell good, does it?
I've had a bad taste in my mouth for a few years about the PC environment in sports and sports reporting - but I've had enough by now!
From pink tutus to disrespecting our national traditions - it finally hit me today!
God works in mysterious ways, but I think I finally got it - He is taking away what has become our god - NFL FOOTBALL!
When players, sports media and OWNERS think they are the ultimate standard of American culture - above all the traditions and standards that came before it - we are insane to accept that delusional outlook and we better get our head screwed on right to counter that stupid movement before it devours us all.