Thursday, October 19, 2017

Mark Steyn: You’re entitled to be a conspiracy nut on the Vegas Massacre - By Thomas Lifson

A crisis of confidence is building as the story fed to the public about the Las Vegas mass shooting keeps changing.  Yesterday's uninformative exclusive interview of wounded security guard Jesus Campos by Ellen DeGeneres only added to the mysteries.
Fortunately, Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn brought some enlightenment to the murkiness, drawing our attention to the tort lawyers as a major influence on what we do and don't learn – and the curious absence of surveillance footage of the perp as he partied away for days in one of the most heavily surveiled places on Earth.  This is the best six minutes you can invest in understanding what's really going on with the investigation.
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Rush transcript via Grabien:
>> Mark Steyn is an author and columnist and he joins us tonight. Look, I'm not a conspiracy nut at all and I'm desperately hoping the authorities will prevent me from forming my own conspiracies to explain what has become increasingly inexplicable, but it looks like that interview was managed by MGM and that's why they put him on the Ellen show. Does that give you confidence that the public is learning anything meaningful about the story?
>> No, and I'm not a conspiracy nut either, but you are entitled to be one on this, Tucker, because whether by intention or design, nothing is proceeding normally in this case. Up to the absurdity where someone says I'm only going to give one interview and I'm going to give it to Ellen DeGeneres.
>> I've got nothing against – I've got nothing against Ellen.
>> Tucker: I don't either!
>> This seems very weird choice and as you say she manages to say you are a true hero because by getting shot in the leg you saved so many lives. That's not what happened. That was the old narrative.
>> Tucker: Exactly.
>> At the old narrative was that he interrupted the gunfire, took a shot in the leg and brought the massacre to a halt. Then the sheriff said, sorry, I got things the wrong way around, actually Mr. Campos got there before the mass shooting started and then apparently the shooter between shooting Mr. Campos in the leg, there was then a six minute delay before he started massacring everybody, during which time he had a nice cup of tea, a call down to room service or whatever he did and then the hotel said that's not what happened, there's a third timeline and then everybody does the obvious and says why don't we ask Mr. Campos what happened and then they say suddenly, he has disappeared, he's gone now. He's off the scene, no one has seen him for a week. Then he comes back and he's on the Ellen DeGeneres show. That's how conspiracy theories start and everybody is entitled to take a flyer on whatever conspiracy theory they want in this case because were, for whatever reason, Mandalay Bay and the Ellen DeGeneres show have muddied the waters to total impenetrable lady now.
>> Tucker: I think it so nicely put because it's clear, and by the way, simply because mgm managed this interview, doesn't mean that it's an accurate, I'm not attacking mgm. But I also think it was managed, clearly it was managed. So they are under a ton of legal pressure because the usual ambulance chasers are circling the hotel looking for payouts and so that suggests that he's under a lot of pressure to give a specific story line that may not be that useful in understanding what happened.
>> There's other issues here, talker. Las Vegas is one of the most surveilled cities on Earth, because all these big casinos resort owners want to know what people are doing in the building from every conceivable angle. Even before we got the big post-9/11 security, in Vegas they had cameras everywhere linked to some back office where everybody is looking at what you're doing. And what's interesting to me is that there are some's that goes on in London or Paris or Brussels or wherever, the Brussels airport farming is a very good example. They pulled some stunned at the Brussels airport, kill a bunch of people. Within 24 hours you've got the closed-circuit television picture showing the killer moving through the airport concourse. Here, mandalay bay has not released any footage, any shots of the sky, the couple of pictures, event of the hotel room door are actually extremely limited. 200 rounds did indeed come through the store, that must be the best build hotel room door in the history of hotel rooms.
>> Tucker: Exactly right.
>> So, I might be wrong, there might be an explanation for that that. He might not have been a very good shot so he was actually firing through the cheap sheet rock to the side of the door. I don't know. The fact is that mandalay bay has not done what Brussels airport did in that terrorist attack.
>> Tucker: Totally right.
>> Nobody knows what this guy was doing.
>> Tucker: There's dishonesty in her somewhere. Quickly, just to prove I'm not a conspiracy not, want to ask about the JFK assassination. 54 years ago next month, a long time ago. We are about to get as released by law, the final tranche of papers from the investigation into the murder. The CIA is apparently arguing those papers should be held for another 25 years, which would bring the total up to almost 80 years that they are under wrap from public view. What could be the justification for that?
>> Again, you are entitled to be a conspiracy not on this one too, and it makes you wonder when Donald Trump in one of his more inventive moves placed Ted Cruz his father on the grassy knoll that day in the late stages of the presidential primary campaign. Makes you wonder, it seemed a little crazy at the time and I you look at the facts. We all know Ted Cruz was born in Alberta, was his father operating on the instructions of the Canadian government? We have some Canadian deep sleeper operation going on here.
>> Tucker: One of my personal favorite moments. We are out of time unfortunately. More conspiracies. That was great.
>> Thanks a lot, Tucker.