Thursday, October 26, 2017

Vox Popoli: Globalism is bad for all nations

Including the Jewish nation, as Moshe Feiglin, the leader of Zehut, points out:
Radical Left MK Merav Michaeli, who stated last week that the core family “is one of the things that we need to start breaking apart” did not actually say anything we did not know. All she did was to directly say what she and the entire politically correct dictatorship that rules Western and Israeli consciousness say all the time – just in a more sophisticated manner.

Although their values represent a minority, these forces rule Israeli consciousness by means of all the unelected power hubs in the country: academia, the media, the justice system, the welfare systems, government bureaucracy and the defense system.

Until now, these forces were smart enough to blur their statements and outsmart the public. Instead of saying that the family is bad, they would say: “Everything constitutes a family” (in which case nothing constitutes a family).

Instead of saying that it is bad to have children, they would say that we must safeguard them. (In other words, detach them from their parents).

Michaeli simply said these things directly. “The core family is the most dangerous place for children… and it must be broken apart”. Yes, she really said it.

(The claim that the core family is the most dangerous place for children is ridiculous blather. But who is checking? Children are attacked wherever they are. If they are in dormitories or any other situation outside their family, they are attacked even more. Michaeli could just as soon have claimed that breathing air is most dangerous to society. After all, 100% of the deceased lived and died in an oxygenated environment…)

Michaeli has removed the mask and has allowed the tip of this giant, lethal iceberg to peek out from the depths. By doing so, she has performed an important service for Israeli society.

When somebody tries to speak the simple truth, he is immediately denounced by the politically correct octopus. This means that if you are a consumer of the general media and rely on it to gain a sense of what is legitimate and what is not, what is good and what is bad, what is light and what is darkness – then you are forced to adopt these mad positions. Nobody will dare to take the media to task and tell you the truth.

Take for example Minister of Labor, Chaim Katz. The Knesset, including the Minister, decided that children will be adopted by normative families only. Makes sense, right? But the consciousness octopus immediately recruited all its heavy hitters and wonder of wonders – in just a short time Minister Katz announced that the law would be changed and the State would no longer give children for adoption to normative couples only, but would include same-sex couples, as well.

It is important to understand - these children will not be thrown into the streets. Thank G-d, the demand for children for adoption in Israel is much greater than the supply. The question here is the welfare of the child. You do not have to be a genius to understand that a child needs both a father and a mother. But the child does not really interest the octopus. What really interests the octopus is to dissolve the institution of family. That is why it is so important to it is to keep drilling into our heads that anything can be defined as a family, making nothing a family. Mission accomplished. No more family, no more society, no more nation. We have successfully destroyed the old world down to its foundation.

"What is good for the Jews" is not an appropriate objective for Americans or Europeans. They are not part of the American nation or any of the European nations, they are the Jewish nation, a people in their own right. But what is good for ALL nations is good for Jews and Americans and everyone else alike and what is bad for all nations is bad for Europeans and Asians and everyone else; nationalism is the only secular force strong enough to conquer globalism and it is in the interest of all nationalists to support the existence and objectives of all non-imperialist nationalisms.

This observation is somehow beyond the understanding of some nationalists of various types, who foolishly think that they are going to be the first nation to ever successfully oppose the entire world on their own, without any friends or allies. But it is nevertheless what both logic and history dictate.

The octopus seeks to strangle us all. Only through collective commitment to our division can we expect to withstand it.