Saturday, October 21, 2017

The fall of higher education - By Alan Fraser

Parents who continue to send their children to college and alumni who continue to contribute to colleges should have their heads examined.  We've gone way beyond "this is embarrassing." 
1. "Northwestern doubles its programming on 'deconstructing masculinity'"
"The first event of this academic year in November will tackle 'toxic masculinity[.]' ... The program ... started in spring 2016 with a grant from the U.S. Justice Department."
2. "Swarthmore students burn American flag on Columbus Day"
3. "Students storm library, shut down College Republicans meeting"
4. "Marquette University hosts 'Black Male Appreciation Luncheon'"
5. "Grizzly Bigotry At The University of Montana"
6. "200 pro-life posters torn down at Loyola Marymount University"
7. Marquette University, a Jesuit-run university, to host LGBT 'Pride Prom' in campus ballroom
8. "Columbia University Pledges $100 Million To Campus Staff 'Diversity'"
9. Eastern Illinois University's 'Lincoln Hall' eyed for name change
10. "Hillary Clinton in talks with Columbia University to take on professor role"
One option under discussion is an esteemed "University Professor" role that would allow Clinton to lecture across a range of schools and departments without the requirement of a strict course load, one source said.
11. "University Refuses Research On Growing Numbers Of Trans People Who Want 'To Go Back'"
12. "Students at Cambridge University are being warned that they may have to study books with upsetting content – the plays of William Shakespeare. Lecturers claim the advice is to protect undergraduates' mental health, even though several of the Bard's works are known for their depiction of sex and violence."