Friday, November 30, 2018

Bolsheviks Tricked the Russians 100 Years Ago - the Same People Are Bamboozling Americans Today - John Freeman

Yuri is a big guy, and he has an intimidating stare, which is something I’d expect from a former KGB agent. Right now, he’s toasting the USA across my dining room table.
“I am very impressed with America, especially Kennedy Space Center”, he explains. “The people of the USA and the people of Russia are much alike, but I think the people of America have had it easier.”
Of course, looking at my country strictly through a 20th and 21st century lens, he’s right. We’ve had it pretty easy, for the most part. But the pioneers? Not so much. Still, no people on earth have suffered so much as the Russian Slavs; first at the hands of the Bolsheviks, then at the hands of the Nazis. Before that, they were targets for the Vikings and Mongols.
“Here’s to your President, Mr. Donald Trump!” He raises his glass again. “May Russia and America become friends. We have much in common”.
We do indeed. We are both (largely) European peoples. We have both suffered from Islamic terrorism. We are both (nominally) Christian countries. We have both been heavily influenced by a Zionist cabal whose mission is to undermine our culture. We are both rich in natural and human resources. We both fought on the same side in WWII. And we both have fearful arsenals of nuclear weapons.
Yet, despite all of these shared traits, values, and history, we frequently find ourselves on opposite sides of a new Cold War. It seems every day that the news media is trotting out some new atrocity or affront that the Russians are supposed to have committed. We have magazine covers demonizing the country’s President, Vladimir Putin, and we hear constantly from so-called “experts” about the threat Russia poses to the USA.
But is any of this true? It seems to me that, when you dig a little deeper, what you’ll find is an American superpower drunk with the idea of exceptionalism, a dangerous lie that has crept into the national lexicon lately courtesy of the neocons that still control our country.
There is no corner of the globe, it seems, where we do not deem that we have “vital national security interests”, whether it be in the far flung reaches of the Arctic Circle, the windswept deserts of the Middle East, or the cold and craggy peeks of Korea. Go anywhere on earth, and there is the American Globocop: spying, probing, threatening, cajoling…we spend more than China, Russia, and the next 9 countries on defense combined, yet apparently that still isn’t enough for these bedwetters to feel “secure” at night.
Well, I am a man, and I don’t need to attack people I don’t know for reasons only Israel and the MIC understand to sleep peacefully at night. I am perfectly comfortable with the idea that, come what may, the goings-on in Kandahar need have no impact on my little life here in Florida unless the NeoCohens keep kicking the Afghan hound just for fun. Nor do I see the need, as President Trump has observed, to pay for Europe’s defense…or Japan’s…or anybody else’s for that matter. I would greatly prefer that America do what Washington and Jefferson advised…mind our own business, in effect.
Of course, the Indispensable American also told us to avoid deficit spending and that a belief in God was a necessary component of a republic, but we didn’t listen to him about any of that, either. Look how far that’s gotten us now…we no longer believe in Jesus Christ, but we DO worship a god.  
That god is secular, it is multicultural, it is omnipresent, it is insatiable, it is totalitarian, and it slithers into our lives through our TV’s, our workplaces, our schools, our courts, and our social media…and, oh, by the way, it is also evil. But let’s not let that get in the way of our Facebook friends, shall we? Nor should we worry about money, because “deficits don’t matter”.  ”Laissez les bon temps roulez!” We are New Orleans writ large now, and we shall come to a similar end; not under water, but inundated nonetheless…by a flood of debt.
Nor should we feel the need to uphold “democracy” in Mesopotamia, or to keep a corrupt chocolate king in charge of Ukraine, or, most of all, to support an indispensable “ally” like Israel, which has done nothing more than use us like a cheap whore. And who can blame them, when every time Bibi shows his face our Kongress applauds his latest atrocities with a standing ovation?  We actually deserve to be used. We practically beg for it. The Founding Fathers would be appalled at how small we’ve become.
I had hoped that, based on his public rhetoric, President Trump would be a reasonable man and negotiate with Putin as an equal partner.  I had even gone so far, at one time, as to think he might cultivate Russia as an ally. That is one of the primary reasons I voted for him. Like many Americans, I have no issue with the Russians, and recognize the insanity of baiting a bear of a country with as many nuclear weapons as we have, especially when, in reality, they should be our natural allies. 
Now, though, due to the media-inspired Russophobia gripping the Beltway, and Trump’s own apparent capitulation to that atmosphere of mistrust and hate, I am reduced to merely hoping we can avoid a war with them.  That’s admittedly setting the bar pretty low, but unfortunately that’s what we’ve come to in these dark days, where the (((usual suspects))) are busily at work sabotaging any and every effort at normalizing relations between our countries.
Oh, well.  At least I can hold my head up and say I didn’t deliberately sacrifice my vote for nothing more than the ephemeral dreams of a “global economy” and the “American exceptionalism” that the Hildebeast (Clinton) was incessantly touting, and which Trump consistently opposed.  That is why I chose Trump.  That, and the idea that countries actually do have borders that should not be open to every Guatemalan fruit picker who wants to suck the life out of the welfare teat.   At the very least, though, I did not want to have our country incinerated due to the hubris of a lunatic Commander in Chief.
Low expectations?  Maybe- but the electoral choice was an easy one, what with the Democrats practically foaming at the mouth over the “Russiagate” hysteria and tripping over themselves to allow another 10 million illegals to become citizens.  And why not?  To them, each freshly-minted campesino americano represents one more homegrown slave laborer that will always reliably vote for more free shit-at the expense of me and the other “Deplorables” who pay for it.
But even if Trump were to magically establish cordial dealings with Russia and somehow stem the brown tide surging up from the continental toilet, he cannot fix the insanity and godlessness that has enveloped and strangled us culturally.  No, those problems are much more deeply rooted, going back at least to 1934 when the Zionist Frankfurt school movedto the United States, and perhaps as early as 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created.
Thus, I can agree with my new friend Yuri that we are a lot like Russians in many ways. The Russians were fooled by the Bolsheviks over a century ago, and they’re still paying the price for that mistake today. Yet there are signs that Russia has finally thrown off that yoke.
The Orthodox Church is resurgent there, and Vladimir Putin, who converted to the Faith at great personal risk while still working for the KGB, is intent on making sure that the evil spell Holy Russia fell under is broken for good. You’d think we’d learn from that, but we have our own Bolsheviks in charge now, and, curiously, many sport the same surnames. Sure, they’ve since morphed into neocons, but the agenda remains the same.
La plus ca change-or, should I say Nazdarovya?  I started this article with a toast, after all…:)