Monday, May 16, 2022

Dealing with Oil Realities - Smelling Skunks – Faucification – War – Idiots – Zombies – NOT-America- and Growing Up!

Why Russia´s oil ban is impossible | The Vineyard of the Saker

Beware: the reliable provision of Russian oil to the EU is essential because of its quality, quantities, price, service and delivery enlargement that Europe needs to constantly grow. Banning Russian oil means finding many different oils – from many new unproven vendors – that would have to render the same homogenized profile of delivery, quality, quantity, price, service and enlargeability that Russia reliably provides today. Nothing less, of course. Think about it.

Otherwise we cannot have the Europe we now know and the future Europe we need. All 6 factors are required. Not enough quantity adequately delivered means degraded European lives and failing economy, with shut down plants and refineries affecting transportation, heating, hospitals & schools, highly limited military, unemployment, etc., etc.

The Subtleties of Anti-Russia Leftist Rhetoric, by Edward Curtin - The Unz Review (See also the particular lesson for Christians following the article - CL)

The right-wing and the neocons are obvious in their pernicious agendas; nothing is really hidden; therefore they can and should be opposed. But many leftists serve two masters and are far subtler. Ostensibly on the side of regular people and opposed to imperialism and the predations of the elites at home and abroad, they are often tricksters of beguiling rhetoric that their followers miss. Rhetoric that indirectly fuels the wars they say they oppose.

Smelling skunks is not as obvious as it might seem. Being nocturnal, they come forth when most are sleeping.

Faucified! - A Vital Book You Must Read 

WAR, H'uh... What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing! - By Capt. Randall

MoA - British Info-Warriors Kill Abroad And Sabotage Politics At Home

Scandinavian Idiots

The Enemy Behind the Empire - Vox Popoli

(When exactly did America become NOT-America? The answer to which discovers the enemy of America...... - CL)

WeDaPeople vs. DaSwamp – who wins? You tell me!

That isn't a graph of "the changing face of America". That is a graph of America being transformed into Not-America, all thanks to one manEmanuel Celler. – and passed into law by Congress!

The "two Americas" to which the author refers are not, in fact, two Americas. There is a white Christian America and there is a not-white not-Christian not-America which are now locked into an existential struggle. The USA is now divided into a New World remnant of Christendom and the stronghold of Satandom. The latter wishes to conquer and destroy the former because it is a separate nation that worships the god of this world rather than God the Father of Jesus Christ. – Vox Day

The Danger of Perpetual Infancy - by Bob DeWaay

Heeding the Warning

The warning of Hebrews 5:11-14 is clear. The need for maturity and discernment is evident. The Holy Spirit inspired this passage and preserved it for us (as with all other Scripture) ". . . for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work" (2Timothy 3:16b,17). The idea that study, Biblical education, and doctrine are superfluous or even harmful is creating a generation of perpetual infants.

The author of Hebrews entreats, "let us press on to maturity" (Hebrews 6:1). Pressing on to maturity is God's answer to the problem of perpetual infancy. Hebrews 6 contains a vivid and frightening warning against apostasy. A failure to press on to maturity creates a severe danger to those who do not heed this Biblical call.

God will give grace to help us obey the Holy Spirit's call to grow up. If we respond to it, we will be equipped for the work of the ministry and can be sure that God will use us in these perilous times.

Reality is a Bitch! (And a few other words I found on an internet word search.)

 as Baltasar Gracian, the insightful and pragmatic 17thcentury Jesuit priest, cautioned, “Truth is abhorred by the masses.”