Thursday, August 11, 2022

Depopulation Vectors - Vox Popoli

 A Midwestern doctor explains that the Covid vaxxes are far from the first global depopulationist assault on human fertility by the pharma-medical complex, they are merely the most effective:

We are all the prey now.

As there is no good way to go about population control, a lot of very messy approaches have been tried. In the last article I attempted to highlight some of the horrific examples from the past, in order to show there is a clear case precedent for this being implemented on a large scale.

Given that vaccines are unconditionally trusted by most people and are very easy to administer, if a vaccination could produce sterilization or at least reduce fertility from a single injection, it would provide a technological solution to a dilemma the ruling class has faced for over a century. The only possible superior alternative I can think of would be a highly contagious respiratory virus (or “self-spreading vaccine”) that impaired future fertility without otherwise causing too much damage (and to some extent has been observed in men after COVID-19).

As a result, methods of making fertility-impairing vaccines have been repeatedly researched. Each of the candidate vaccines I was able to identify worked in a similar manner: they carried an antigen that was similar to a protein necessary for fertilization or pregnancy, and thus created an autoimmune response that impaired fertility.

There are basically two ways this can be done. The first is to produce the needed antigen and mix it with an immunostimulatory adjuvant. The second is to genetically engineer an infectious organism that has the antigen within it, and as with rheumatic fever, the damage to fertility will occur because the immune system is programmed to fight this pathogen.

In the previous article on the military’s anthrax vaccination program, I discussed a class of bioweapons originally developed by Russia that spliced necessary human tissue onto infectious organisms to create a time-delayed autoimmune bioweapon. One of the curious aspects of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is that it has a high number of similarities with normal human tissue, which I suspect may have been deliberately engineered in the virus to cause severe autoimmunity.

A friend who worked in this field was at the site of the original SARS outbreak in Canada and told me they were relatively certain the original SARS outbreak was an accidental lab leak. As that virus is very easy to modify and is an excellent delivery platform, they said it has been a favorite subject for everyone in the field to mess around with engineering. From the start of this pandemic, they were also positive SARS-CoV-2 was artificial (which was painfully obvious from the gene sequence), but like many others they did not publish their views for fear of retaliation.

Due to the long history of population control measures and the ruling class’s increasing need to develop an effective tool for it, I suspected the COVID vaccines would eventually be found to reduce fertility. After all, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity I could not see the eugenicists would let themselves miss.

Early on Dr. Mike Yeadon recognized an overlap in the spike protein with a protein necessary for maintaining a pregnancy (Syncytin-1) created a clear risk for fertility. At great personal risk, he filed a formal petition to the regulators to protect women of childbearing age in the initial vaccine trials. His concerns were not addressed and subsequent regulatory document leaks from the European FDA revealed Pfizer exempted themselves from testing the fertility risk, something that is typically always required.

Once the vaccine emerged on the market, it was discovered that one of the most common effects was severe disturbances and alterations to women’s menstrual cycles. This side effect was initially denied by every medical authority (it does not occur with other vaccines), but eventually acknowledged and rationalized as being an insignificant manifestation of inflammation (so once again “that means the vaccine is working”).

The depopulationists are considerably more evil than anyone but the most paranoid conspiracy theorist ever imagined. The recent vaxx offensive was the culmination of literally decades of efforts to substantially reduce the number of human beings on the planet; in most cases, the vaccines are observably more detrimental to the human body than the viruses they purport to be preventing.