Saturday, August 20, 2022

Strategic Anxiety - Vox Popoli

 Global Times clearly recognizes that the erratic behavior of the US and other globalist leaders is derived from the strategic anxiety created by their belated realization of the failure of the liberal world order:

In his press briefing on Wednesday, US State Department Spokesman Ned Price referred to China-Russia relationship as a “burgeoning” one, which is “of concern” because the vision they have for the international order is “starkly at odds to the liberal vision” and “with the underpinnings of the international system that have been in place for some eight decades following the end of the Second World War.”

The US concerns toward China and Russia are also reflected in the latest massive coverage in the Western media about China sending troops to Russia to participate in the “Vostok” exercises, and the hype of the so-called threat from the two countries.

A thief crying “stop thief.” The US’ concerns about the China-Russia relationship are the product of US’ own strategic anxiety. Washington worries that the US-centered international order established after WWII would collapse, and the coordination between China and Russia in the security realm could offset US’ influence in the international order the US has long dominated.

US’ strategic anxiety stems from the fact that the US is declining, said Zhang Tengjun, deputy director of the Department for Asia-Pacific Studies at the China Institute of International Studies. “The US maintains its strategic competition posture with China and Russia simultaneously in the directions of Ukraine and the Asia-Pacific. Under such circumstances, if China and Russia get closer, it will affect US’ deployment of resources in the two directions and hinder its efforts to dominate regional order. But US’ current strength does not allow it to focus on both,” said Zhang.

The mismatch of US’ strength and its mentality of viewing itself as the world’s No.1 is the root cause of the existing division and chaos of the world. Zhang held the view that the crux of the problem is not what China and Russia have done or not done, but whether the US and the West can overcome their fears and anxiety about their own decline.

As the US attempts to sustain hegemony, China, Russia safeguard international order, justice, Global Times, 18 August 2022

The shiny, sexy, secular vision of the World Economic Forum is dead. The world will not be ruled by Davos Man. There will be no neocon empire built on a foundation of American lives and enforced by American guns. The globalists have failed, they know it, and their avowed enemies in China and Russia know it too.

Now it’s time for the nations of the West to recognize it and replace their wicked globalist rulers with nationalist leaders who are willing to put the interests of their nations first. With men like Vladimir Putin and Xi Xinping and Narenda Modi.

The European elites are absolutely terrified of being Sri Lanka’d this winter. And they may well be right to be frightened, because it appears the cold realities of inflation, darkness, and hunger this winter are going to punch right through their web of lies.