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Free Christian Educational Resources - 90+ Free Books, Plus 800+ Free Newsletters - by Gary North

These are not partial books or "demo" books or very old books. They are full-text books. And they are free.

We call this site Freebooks for a reason: everything on this site is free for you to read on-line, download, or e-mail to a friend.

What's Available Here

Here are just a few of the topics that the free books on this Web site deal with:

  • education
  • economics
  • history
  • government
  • creationism
  • prophecy
  • demonism-occultism
  • secular humanism
  • the U.S. Constitution
  • politics
  • foreign policy
  • abortion
  • family
  • divorce & remarriage
  • evangelism

A Biblical World & Life Home School Curriculum

The 90-plus free books and 800-plus free newsletters on this site introduce Christians to the fundamental principles for building a Bible-based Christian worldview, also called a Christian world-and-life view. A Bible-based Christian worldview is the first step in building a permanently free society.

There is no neutrality. Christians must begin with the Bible in education, not with the assumption of the autonomy of their own minds.

The books and resources on this site are ideal for Christian education, especially a home school curriculum. Most of them can be used in an advanced Christian student's high school curriculum. Because these educational resources are free, Christian home school parents can save money on their high school curriculum costs. (Saving money is an important goal.)

Many of these educational resources are suitable for high school curriculum requirements in these areas: Christian history, Bible, government, economics, education, creationism, and other topics that require a self-conscious Christian worldview to interpret them correctly.

These books and other resources will help to immunize college-bound Christian home school students against the secular humanism of the college classroom.

Home school parents who find some of these Christian educational resources useful may want to send a link to this page to other home school parents who are also looking for free high school curriculum materials.

The Bible Gives God's Rules for All of Life

Maybe you're tired of hearing the old line: "The Bible isn't a textbook of [        ]." The person who says this is really saying: "I don't want to subject my conclusions to what the Bible says. I don't want to re-think my life's work in terms of the Bible. The Bible doesn't tell me what to think!"

We've heard this before: "Hath God said?" (Gen. 3:1). The answer is clear: "If it's in the Bible, then God hath said!" This Web site will provide you with more Bible- based ammunition than you've ever seen before to let you answer the old "Hath God said?" question.

A pastor once lamented: "I came to this church expecting an armory. I found a nursery." This website was not designed for Christians who are comfortable in a spiritual nursery.

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