Sunday, September 11, 2022

9/11 Can Now Drink - by Karl Denninger

 ... and you should too.

Biden, of course, will make the obligatory speech.

The terrorists killed some 3,000 Americans, all of whom died because the FBI was not just incompetent, they were willfully blind.

Do recall that all of the below happened:

  • Bush governor in Florida gave a bunch of non-citizens driver licenses, with which they bought tickets and boarded the planes.  This was wildly improper since exactly zero said non-citizens and non-permanent residents had a permanent, legal Florida address yet exactly nobody was ever punished, that is, fired or prosecuted, for doing it.

  • The FBI ignored a call from the flight school where the terrorists were "learning" to operate said plane; the owner of same was ex military and called the FBI because said "students" had no interest in landing.  He was blown off despite being a military veteran with first-hand knowledge of extraordinarily unusual and suspicious activity.  Not one person in the federal government (including the FBI) was fired or prosecuted for their outrageously gross negligence which in fact was directly responsible for 3,000+ dead Americans.

  • Not one prohibited item got on board that morning yet millions of Americans are sexually assaulted every year since and, when the TSA is challenged by "tests" to see if they can actually find and stop bombs or guns they fail a disgusting part of the time.  Not once when they have failed said tests, which can only reasonably occur if you're not actually looking at the display, have the agent(s) involved been charged criminally for their clear criminal malfeasance or even fired.

  • Whether the private security and airlines who hired them were culpable has never been tested in court because the US Government protected that incompetence, both on the ground and in the aircraft itself.  We allegedly have courts for this exact purpose; to test said claims openly and assign liability.  In other words we no longer have a rule of law you can rely on.

  • It was clear within hours the hijackers were all, or nearly all, Saudi nationals.  Bush let many more Saudi nationals, some of whom might have been personally involved, leave the nation via private jet while the rest of us had our air travel suspended.  That is, our government deliberately allowed people who likely could have been tried and imprisoned for this or even sentenced to death to go free.  Fuck every single element of our government who did that, including the office of the President, the FBI and more.

Is 9/11 a day of somber remembrance?  You bet it is.

It's one of the key bright-line test days in which it was proved our government no longer functions except as a grift, fraud and death-dealing machine that can and will be turned on anyone, including our own citizens, whenever some rich jackass demands it.  Oh by the way, there are more than a few Americans dead this last time from combat with a virus for the exact same reasonso cry me a fucking river given that even after some nutjobs flew planes into buildings the American people refused to wake the fuck up.

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