Friday, September 9, 2022

Remember, Hope is a Virtue - Vox Popoli

 While there is an alliance to save the world from the global satanists of the Were-West, I am, personally, more than a little dubious about this particular description of it. But there are most certainly anomalies extant that tend to weaken the mainstream perspective.

“When Donald Trump publicly left office for the optics, that was the signal for the real global take-down operations to begin. None of what has occurred since 2021 January could have occurred with Trump in office. We would have certainly been plunged into a civil war by this point. I think Roe vs Wade would have been all that would have been needed.

“The reason that we had to have a ‘Deep State’ plant in office is because we needed the optics, because we are going to have to right this boat, eventually. Donald Trump is the president of the United States of America today and he has been since January 20th, 2017. Donald Trump began his second term sometime between November the 7th and November the 14th, 2020.

“Donald Trump has never left but he had to leave publicly to allow this operation to occur. He’s going to have to come back publicly to salvage things after we’ve awakened people and accomplished all of the goals we needed to accomplish before we take the conflict overt.

“Joe Biden, by the way is not – I said earlier he’s a Deep State plant. Joe Biden’s job is to Judas-Goat all of the Deep State plants in the US Government and bureaucratic agencies. Joe Biden’s job is to help them think that they’ve won, basically.

“Joe Biden died March 31st 2019. The actor currently playing Joe Biden was installed by the White Hat Q Clearance Alliance in 2020, in such a way that the optics carried forth of the Presidency being stolen from the People of the United States, which is what had to happen. Joe Biden’s job, along with many other plants is to reveal the actors around them and help uproot them. I would say that he’s done a good job so far…

“Folks, I know that a lot of people have said that the war is won – and the war is won, in a sense. But right now, we are going through the mop-up phase and the mop-up phase is a dreadfully tough one, because that’s when they pull out all their dirty tricks. When you’ve cornered an animal, it fights the hardest. When you’ve cornered an animal that has nothing to lose, that’s where they’re at. They’re a cornered animal.

“The heads of the snakes were cut off early on; the Phoenician Families; some of them made deals, stayed alive a little bit longer than the others; some were executed immediately. The command structure has been neutered but the structure, itself has remained intact and we’re allowing that structure to crumble, so we can expose it and that is what we’re going through right now. That’s what we’re living through right now.

We know something is going on beneath the surface, but we really don’t know who and we also don’t know why. As an intellectual exercise, shake off your disappointment at Trump failing to cross the Rubicon and permitting the fraudulent 2020 election to stand, and consider what we know to be facts:

  • The high weirdness in Washington DC with the National Guard after the election.
  • The speed of the collapse of the neo-liberal world order.
  • The relative quiet in the Middle East.
  • The unexpected Supreme Court victories.
  • The strangeness surrounding the details of the Biden inauguration.
  • The Biden body doubles and general weirdness of the Biden hires.
  • The fake quasi-Nazi backdrop of Biden’s recent speech.
  • The disappearance from the public eye of many major figures in banking and in tech.
  • The recent deaths of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. (Yes, I know they’re old.)
  • The Russian invasion of Ukraine.
  • The excessive reaction of the neocons and the Western governments to what essentially amounts to a minor border dispute in Ukraine.
  • The growing intensity surrounding the Taiwan situation.
  • Trump’s endorsement of, and enthusiasm for, the vaxx.

Put together, none of these things prove anything, but they do tend to weaken the conventional narrative. The one thing that sticks out more than anything to me and puzzles me is the vaxx. So, here is a very random and most likely controversial thought – what if the vaxx was utilized to permit the hot shots to target the people of the machine embedded in the population?

That might explain why there were more hot shot lots distributed in Republican states than in Democratic states.

In any event, we’ll know this particular hopium is nonsense if Donald Trump is not arrested and China does not invade Taiwan before the end of March 2023.