Wednesday, September 7, 2022

bionic mosquito: A Way With Words

 Either we are being ruled by a cabal of incompetents, whose twaddlesome deficiencies rise to near criminal levels, or we are being ruled by criminals, whose master plan is to continue to poke the American bear with a short stick in hopes of getting a reaction that would justify a severe crack-down, or it is a combination of the two…

So opens Doug Wilson in his post “The Bait Lies Before You Now. Do Not Take It.”  (The video is also available.)

I have come to admire that way Wilson has with words.  While I don’t always agree with everything he writes (and it is also true for this post), he always wields a sword-defeating pen.

The post examines exactly what the title suggests, written after the Biden-as-Hitler-as-Adam Sutler speech of the other day.  It is bait – don’t take it.  As I wrote earlier: A civil war is the wet-dream of the left and of the principalities and powers behind them.

The post / video is worth your time.  I will offer one section, under the heading “A Long Train of Abuses”:

But I got distracted. What long train of abuses was it this time? What are we dealing with now? What have our scamps—whether federal, state, or local—been up to?

·         Waco.

·         Ruby Ridge.

·         Lois Lerner.

·         Russian collusion hoax.

·         Refusal to accept the results of the 2016 election.

·         Hillary’s server.

·         FBI spying on a presidential candidate before, during and after the election.

·         Hunter’s laptop.

·         Prohibitions of hymn singing in church.

·         Un-prosecuted statue toppling.

·         The canonization of the unfortunate George Floyd.

·         Abruptly changing election rules on the eve of elections.

·         2000 mules.

·         Massive lockdowns.

·         Masking orders.

·         Arrests for psalm singing outdoors.

·         Naked censorship across all Big Tech platforms.

·         Naked censorship by these entities at the behest of gummint.

·         High disdain for the value of free speech.

·         Gagging of medical experts.

·         Unbridled contempt for religious liberty.

·         Prosecution for protesting the psalm-singing arrests with stickers.

·         Fiery but mostly peaceful riots.

·         Unconscionable treatment of J6 protesters.

·         Refusal to release J6 Capitol surveillance tapes.

·         Mar a Lago raid.

·         Objecting to tyranny defined as whiteness.

·         And the current resident denouncing his political opponents as enemies of democracy in front of a crimson set with a couple of Marines standing there like they were still defending a free country or something, and the president looking for all the world like a cartoon fascist leader in a fever dream.

Listening to him speak this long train is worth the 13-minute investment in the video.


I will leave this also to Wilson:

Has a people ever been given so much freedom, structure, and abundance, and squandered so much of it, in a spirit of reckless ingratitude? Americans have made the prodigal son look like Dave Ramsey. Has anybody ever squandered and thrown away so much?

This is a preacher’s rhetorical question, in case you were wondering, and the answer to the question is no.

As if to drive home the point that our problem is not economic or political:

You can’t vote your way out of something that you sinned your way into.

The issue is cultural – the loss and abuse of a specific culture with a natural law ethic built on objective truths.