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The Secret Service’s Failure-to-Protect Is Being Blamed on “an Operational Failure” The assassination plot is being covered up - Paul Craig Roberts

"Cheatle is correct that the Secret Service failed. It failed to assassinate Trump." - PCR

Update: Here is Rep. Jim Jordan giving Cheatle hell. As you can see, the Republicans are not even in the ball park. The issue as framed by Republicans and media is: did the Secret Service provide enough resources to protect Trump. This is not the issue. The media will treat Jordan as a Republican male picking on a woman.

Rep. Jordan should be asking: “Did the Secret Service collect the fired bullets?” “All of them?” “Are they all from the same rifle?” “What is the explanation for the acoustic evidence showing shots from different distances?” “How can the same rifle be in different locations?” “This implies more than one shooter.” “Did the Secret Service overlook other disturbed ‘lone gunmen’ in addition to Crooks, or does the acoustic evidence indicate a deep state plot to kill Trump?” “Is the Secret Service making any effort to discover if there was a plot?”

These are the questions that need to be out there. These are the questions and answers that matter. The Republicans are not up to the job, and the deep state is being given a pass.

The Secret Service’s Failure-to-Protect Is Being Blamed on “an Operational Failure”
The assassination plot is being covered up

Secret Service Director admits “significant operational failure.” No Deep State plot. Just an operational failure.

The official narrative has taken the form I said it would.

The issue for the Republicans is Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle’s resignation and not whether there was a Deep State attempt on Trump’s life. For example, Rep. James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, defined the issue as the Secret Service “lacks the proper management.”

The fight over whether Cheatle’s “significant operational failure” is consistent with her remaining in command will exhaust the subject of the assassination. The acoustic evidence showing more than one shooter will not be reported and carefully investigated. The issue of a Democrat/Deep State plot will not be raised.

Cheatle is correct that the Secret Service failed. It failed to assassinate Trump.

As the Secret Service now operates in the failure-to-protect mode, there will be another try. An established excuse is in place. Prior to the next attempt, watch for media articles about how difficult it is to protect presidents and presidential candidates. “An almost impossible job,” we will be told, the proof being success for most attempts. Trump survived not due to the Secret Service but to turning his head at precisely the right moment to escape death. Liberals will say the Second Amendment enables mass shootings and attempts on presidents and turn the issue into one of gun control.

Or perhaps Trump has finally got the message and will pull in his horns. Maybe he already has. Unifying America is taking the place of fight, fight, fight. Unifying America means giving in.

The Narrow Gate - by bionic mosquito - My Christian Journey

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With that said… I have barely scratched the surface of living the first few Beatitudes….


Here we find a call to action: Enter.  We are to believe Him, not merely admire Him.  We are to act, not merely to know or understand.  We are to follow Jesus, not merely admire Him. 


In the time of persecution, before Constantine and the Edict of Milan, it was probably pretty easy to identify those who entered the narrow gate and those who did not.  Entering truly entailed a cost.  Today, this isn’t so clear.

MHA: The narrow way continues to be narrow, and those who walk along it continue to be few, even if many declare themselves as members of the Church.

China Takes a Victory Lap - Vox Popoli

 The Chinese were mostly unaffected by the massive Cloudstrike outage that hit corporations all across the USA and Europe:

Although Microsoft Windows’ “blue screen of death” hit millions of users worldwide, including banks, airlines, hospitals and hotels, China was largely unaffected as the country’s technology independence and self-sufficiency efforts have provided a protective shield.

Chinese industrial players and experts said on Sunday that the Windows outage caused by a third-party cloud software faulty update left millions computers inoperable triggering chaos across many economic sectors, and the incident has prompted global cybersecurity concerns, highlighting the importance of tech independence.

Analysts also noted that given a mistake by one company can paralyze half the planet, countries cannot count on others for their national and economic security. They urged other countries to do their own research and development or diversify their suppliers to reduce dependence on US tech firms.

The nations rise again. The logic of survival dictates that they must. Interdependence is effective surrender.


Why You CANNOT Outsource Critical IT - by Karl Denninger

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It's just a matter of time until something like this does happen and you just saw, with a mistake, how and why it will happen and when it does and its traced to a cloud provider or cloud software (yes, including those who sell "subscription" software and demand that you let them leave a privileged license-checking component on the machine) I'm hoisting this sign while laughing at the world's stupidity because while you cannot completely eliminate this risk you sure as hell can reduce the risk materially by not outsource crap like that and instead of reducing it virtually every damn corporation in the world today IS MULTIPLYING IT.

The Jewish Golden Age Continues Part I: American Law, by Eric Striker - The Unz Review

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Last spring Atlantic staff writer Franklin Foer authored a well-circulated obituary to American Jewish power. The left and the right, through excesses of racial identity politics and the promulgation of populism and illiberal ideologies, are converging to squeeze Jews out of public life in the land of milk and honey: the USA.

The article relies heavily on individually relayed, anecdotal claims of anti-Semitism, largely related to popular revulsion over Israel’s behavior in the Gaza war, but is scant in the way of hard data. Many Jewish commentators have pointed to this alleged rise in anti-Semitism as the true cause of American imperial decline, the arrogant implication being that when Jewish authority figures are criticized it is because the institutions themselves are on their last legs.

The problem for Foer and others is that data reveals that Jews today enjoy virtually unopposed power within key American institutions, largely due to maintaining the overrepresentation they established after the Second World War while simultaneously replacing the white Gentile majority with a wide variety of ethnic minorities. As Jewish sources themselves admit, policies that enabled this were largely spearheaded by Jews, potentially with today’s outcome in mind. In this series, we will investigate US power nodes, how they really work, and the known-unknown forces driving American policy and life — at times against the will of the majority of the population.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Assassination Attempt?

We're all guessing at the reasons behind the actions or inactions of the participants in what happened in Butler, but let's not forget the reality which few people understand - much less accept - and what Paul taught on some spiritual matters that affect us all.

There is historical evidence which most folks simply are incapable of comprehending, unless or until their eyes are opened to see a dimension to life that is invisible to most. I call it DaGAP.
It is becoming increasingly evident to me that the big question has to be: How is it possible for all the evil work carried out by what we label DaDeepState all over the world, even considering the financial incentives involved to the co-conspirators and their natural propensities for evil - all coordinated with seemingly amazing effectiveness for centuries? - no, this isn't about spiritual nonsense - it's about REALITY - for both secularists and churchians!

bionic mosquito: A Time of Testing

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A Time of Testing

 But when isn’t it such a time….

As we watch institutions of every type failing in the West, the same is true of the Christian Church.  Not to get into denominational particulars, but we have recently gone through – and continue to go through – some very meaningful failures in Christian institutions and by Christian leaders.