Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Culling the Herd - Is that the power-elite plan? Yes, but only for one group. Guess who? - By Bionic Mosquito

Prompted by a discussion at this post
Stayton July 5, 2016 at 7:56 AM
I would even venture to argue that large-scale war is part of their scheme as a means of periodic depopulation (as was the case in World Wars I and II). They need enough productive people to fund their wealth, but they also know that too many people become difficult to control.
Black Flag July 5, 2016 at 2:10 PM
I’d say if depopulation is the goal, familial destruction has been far more effective. Encourage abortions, provide free abortion on demand, make “not being a mother” a trend and an aspiration, feminize the men, make the women masculine, turn the youth into a pack of shrieking simpletons that don’t have the mental faculties to relate to another human being outside of social media, thus destroying the dynamic of the building blocks that make relationships that foster healthy balanced children, or any children at all.
bionic mosquito July 5, 2016 at 7:45 PM
If they want to reduce the population meaningfully, it will have to be via a means that a) will leave them alive, and b) leave the planet inhabitable. They may have a way to do this, I don’t know.
I think I have been barking up the wrong tree on this whole depopulation-by-the-elite thing.  Not about my view that they won’t risk it through major war, but that it isn’t…well, let me explain.
Black Flag offers one part of the answer (and he further develops his thoughts here).  The family is being neutered; men are being neutered.  Feminism, transgenderism, lesbian and gay, safe spaces – these have all grown a pair.  Further, white men are the one group against whom discrimination is not only acceptable but legal and required.  And this is the twist I would add to Black Flag’s comment – the “white men” part (and I will come to why I find this important shortly).
I find the second part here, via Pat Buchanan.  To make a long story short, the population in the west is shrinking – or, more precisely, the population of white inhabitants in the west is shrinking; in percentage terms for sure, and in absolute numbers in some cases. Low birth rates combined with non-European (and subsidized by the government) immigration.
The third part I find in Murray Rothbard and Ralph Raico.  It has to do with classical liberalism as the one political philosophy geared toward freedom and peace and geared away from centralized control and governance.  In other words, the one political philosophy that runs contrary to elite designs.

Politically speaking, all that the elite wish to crush can be found in this philosophy; all that we wish to protect from the elite can be found in this philosophy.  No other social / political philosophy is a threat; every other social / political philosophy can be made to serve their ends.

This third part has an important (and politically incorrect but factually accurate) addendum: it is a political philosophy born and developed (almost exclusively) by white Anglo-Saxon (at least nominally) Christian males.  It is a philosophy that has taken root (again, almost exclusively) in countries that were developed by white Anglo-Saxon (again, at least nominally) Christian males.
I must clarify: in no way do I suggest that all white males are Rothbardian.  However, I do suggest that throughout the west almost all are believers that “we are free,” and have at least some idea that this is the way it should be.  They may not realize it, but it is classical liberalism that is driving many toward Brexit and Trump and the like.  If classical liberalism has entered the DNA anywhere to any extent, it is in the west.

So where am I headed?

The elite neither want to nor need to reduce the population.  They only need to reduce the population that has bred and developed (and still somewhere inside holds onto) this idea of classical liberalism.  The elite doesn’t care about the neutering the male patriarch or destroying the family or furthering Cultural Marxism or subsidizing third-world immigration in Africa or the Middle East or China.  They only care about this in the west.  Why? To ask the question is to answer it, I am afraid.
Throughout the west, everything is done to eliminate the white male figure and his traditional role in society.  “But wait,” you shout, “The elite are all white males also!”
This is true.  But like the kings and nobles of Europe – a handful of “royal” families is enough to continue breeding and ensure that their stock continues.  A few thousand families are more than sufficient, I suspect.  They attend the same schools and send their children to the same schools; they run in the same circles.
There is no broad depopulation scheme – why kill the sheep?  There is only this: the destruction of the caretakers of classical liberal thought.