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The Cult of Nice - by Jeffrey Johnson

Heavenly Father commands all of his children to obey the commandments and be good.  In western civilization’s continuing rebellion against Heavenly Father most people have substituted the commandment to be good with being nice.  The substitution of good with nice is not just a secular sin but also a religious sin.  In modern Christianity the Church has elevated niceness above all other virtues.  The cult of nice is a plague growing in Christianity.
Niceness vs. Goodness
In the original Latin the word nice meant know nothing.  In the original Latin if somebody called you nice, they were calling you a know nothing fool.  It was a way of saying that you just didn’t get it.  As part of the West’s rebellion against goodness, the West has come to embrace nice as its greatest virtue.
In the modern world nice has come to mean:
1.    Never stand up for ourselves.
2.    Never stand up for our beliefs.
3.    Nice is catering to other’s whims no matter what.
4.    Nice is accepting others’ sins without expecting them to repent.
5.    Nice is bowing down to our enemies.
6.    Nice is refusing justified and necessary conflict whether verbal, emotional or even physical.
You will notice the elements of nice best represent modern cuckservatives in the churches and in GOP politics.  This is why the GOP always loses to leftists except occasionally lowering capital gains taxes for its billionaire financers.  The GOP is nice and makes sure always to roll over for its supposed enemies.
Niceness stands as a sorry watered down attempt to imitate goodness.  Being good implies:
1.    We obey the commandments
2.    We resist evil.
3.    We correctly apply justice and mercy in our lives by accepting repenting sinners but also keeping unrepentant sinners away from us.
4.    We stand up for ourselves, our families, our communities and our nations.
5.    We refuse to fall for emotional manipulation.
6.    We say NO.
Aurelius Moner is a monk who contributes at has this to say about niceness in his profile:
Why has Christianity swapped niceness for goodness?
Why have all modern Christian churches, (this includes the LDS Church) decided to embrace niceness instead of focusing on encouraging its members to live good lives?  The first reason is because being good requires lots of effort and struggle.  To live good you have to avoid sin and sinners.  You have to stay in constant vigilance to keep sin from entering into your church and community.  Being good requires you to call out sin even when it is unpopular to call out sin.  More than anything else being good requires you to get in there and get your hands dirty.
Nice is easy.  You don’t have to do anything.  If you see people trying to enter your church to make an attempt to corrupt it, you don’t have to make a stand against them.  You just have to say, “well they are good people who are misguided” and then do nothing else.  This is the seduction of nice, all you have to do is refuse to confront wickedness because you are nice and nice people don’t fight.  The cult of nice is very seductive because it offers salvation without struggle.
Focusing on being nice instead of good makes it easy to status signal.  The cult of nice gives the appearance of virtue without any struggle.  If you declare yourself a nice person you can claim all the benefits of being highly virtuous without having to do anything.  All you have to do is just tell everybody how great they are and not notice anything.  Nice as a substitute for real virtue allows nice people to status signal.  If being nice is a high virtue than anybody can be virtuous without having to overcome their sins.
The cult of nice allows the followers of niceness to out group others.  The wicked can remove their enemies by declaring them “not nice” and the herd will remove the “not nice.”  Whenever the nice don’t like somebody all they have to do is say the person they don’t like is “not nice” and they can exclude them from the community.  We see this constantly in the LDS Church and other Christian Churches who tolerate all kinds of sin and depravity in their mist while excluding people who dare to call out sin.
Niceness and Pride
The cult of nice is a perfect example of pride corrupting Christianity from the inside out.  The cult of nice allows Christians to believe in their moral superiority without having to live a superior life.  There are lots of fat girls, who commit the sin of gluttony, who think they have a right to a great man just because they are nice to him.  There are lots of dorky men who think they have a right to date the hot girl just because they are nice to her.  In these cases it is the pride of their so called niceness that makes them believe they have a right to something better than they have earned.
Pride is: believing the rules don’t apply to us and believing we are special snowflakes.  When sinners refuse to repent they demonstrate pride.  They believe they are not held to the same standards everybody else is and Heavenly Father will overlook their bad behavior.  At the same time, when we refuse to disapprove of sin, we show pride.  The refusal to disapprove of sin is pride because we show that we believe the sinners don’t need to repent.  We enable sin by refusing to disapprove of it.  The cult of nice and its refusal to disapprove of sin is pride because it encourages sinners to stay in a state of sin and allows them to corrupt us with their continued presence.
Prideful nice people demonstrate pride when they criticize so called mean people for calling out sin.  Many times a so called nice person will tell a Christian who calls out sin, he is mean because he was un-inclusive and acted judgmental.  In this case the proud nice person is using his so called niceness as a weapon to shame a member of the church who called out sin.
It is the prideful nice who allow SJW infiltration into our communities.  Followers of the cult of nice give SJW’s a platform to enter, corrupt and conquer religious communities.  SJW’s are like vampires, they need somebody to invite them in.  Followers of the cult of nice are those most likely to invite SJW’s into our communities and allow them to seize power.
It is the proud cuckservative who refuses to resist SJW’s after they enter into our communities.  It is the cuckservative who doesn’t want to appear mean and exclusive who allows SJW’s to continue to infect and destroy our communities.  It is the proud cuckservative who is a member of the cult of nice who says the Christian who opposes SJW infiltration is mean over a “difference of opinion.”
Good is Superior to Nice
As Christians we must focus on living good lives.  We must strive to obey god’s commandments.  We must also resist sin and the sinful from corrupting our communities.  We must make the difficult decisions and accept that members of the cult of niceness will call us names, like “mean” and “not nice.”  We must resist any SJW entry into our community even if it forces us to be “mean.”  We must make hard decisions even when it isn’t the “nice” thing to do.  By focusing on goodness instead of niceness we will be able to defend our church and civilization from forces trying to destroy it.
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