Saturday, July 2, 2016

Germany Puts Migration-Related Costs at Over $86 Billion Over Next Four Years - WSJ - Good for the economy? Comment by Vox Day

I was thinking about it was strange how the mantra that immigration is "good for the economy always remains the same no matter what the costs imposed on the invaded nation are.
The tidal wave of refugees that crashed through Germany’s doors last year has long turned to a trickle, but the costs of the inflow will remain a burden on the country for years, budget figures released on Friday showed. The German finance ministry expects to spend $86.2 billion over the next four years feeding, housing and training refugees as well as helping their home countries to stem the flow.
So, the economy is measured in terms of GDP. GDP = C+I+G+(x-m)... wait a minute!

Immigrants are good for the economy, by definition, because they always increase government spending!