Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Jean-Batave explains seven ways to avoid inadvertently turning your children into SJWs:

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Jean-Batave explains seven ways to avoid inadvertently turning your children into SJWs:
1. Be present

As simple as that. Be there. Listen to them. Spot the early signs of SJW friendly attitude and nip them in the bud. A girl with an absent father, like a ship with no rudder, will turn to an ocean of cocks. A boy with an absent father will turn to crime, or worse, feminism.

Keep them close in their formative years. You are a rock, an example. Live by what you preach. There is only so much you can do. The idea here is to create a strong, independent mind that will be curious, hard to manipulate and ready to question the pre-conceived ideas that the exterior world will feed them.

2. Find the ideal environment

It starts by choosing the right mate. More on that here. Avoid criminogenic urban hives. Make sure that you approve of the local community before you move in somewhere. Don’t let them go to university. Make them learn something that will bring them a stable future.

3. Be direct but constructive

Tell them that life is unfair, that family is sacred and explain what death is, among other things. Explain clearly what are the concepts of hard work, merit, strength and beauty, that men and women are very different. That physical appearance and money are important, but that they are not the panacea. No matter what they say, no man wants to hear that he is weak and no woman wants to hear that she is unattractive.
The idea of not sending one's children to university will be controversial, and hard for many Americans to even contemplate, but the reality is that most young men and women don't belong at university and learn nothing that is useful or beneficial there. Even those pursuing professions that legitimately require a university degree will likely benefit from working a year or two before returning to school.

An eighth way is to teach them the value of honesty, particularly with the importance of being honest with oneself. No one who values truth and honesty will ever become an SJW, because a necessary aspect of SJWdom is a willingness to lie to oneself and others.