Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The End of The Merkel is Nigh | Gold Goats 'n Guns - TOM LUONGO

This is a headline I’ve been waiting to write for six years.  German Chancellor Emeritus Angela Merkel can’t put a bad coalition together.  This is the result of an election that saw populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) rise and the Social Democrats, led by Soros-stooge Martin Schultz, fall.
Now the Free Democrats (FDP), led by Christian Lidner, understand just how strong their position is.  They don’t have to make a bad deal with Merkel to get a seat at the table only to have to share it with the ideologically-opposite Greens.  They can force a re-vote, see their standing rise, along with AfD and go for a far bigger piece of the pie.
But, ultimately, if Merkel’s CDU/CSU coalition party is to stay together, and there’s no guarantee of that anymore, it will have to dump Merkel herself if it wants to survive as a voting bloc.
Moreover, the CSU, led by Bavarian Governer Horst Seehofer, could break off from the CDU making any kind of coalition building impossible without a re-vote.
Merkel-ism’s Last Stand
The only thing this article by the Washington Post gets right is that the decision now falls to President Frank-Walter Steinmeyer.  It lays out three scenarios, none of which include the obvious, a re-vote.  But, that is anathema to the Deep-State on both sides of the Atlantic so it is ignored by the Post.
A re-vote, however, is what is likely on the table.  The powers-that-be in Europe will forestall that for as long as possible and try to drag this through the Bundestag in the hope that Merkel can win the ability to form a minority government.  But, frankly, I don’t see why anyone would want that other than to block any access to power by AfD.
With a minority government AfD’s voting bloc of nearly 100 seats puts it in a very strong position to begin cutting deals with the other parties, who publicly, say they would never work with them.
So, the reality of a re-vote is high. And that means gains for all of the so-called conservative German parties – The CSU, FDP and AfD.  The nightmare scenario for everyone is AfD rising above 15% in any re-vote.  Stripping out the CSU’s 6.8%, Merkel’s CDU only got 26.8% of the vote in September.
Falure to put a government together is not going to improve the CDU’s standing.  While the FDP, CSU and AfD all stand to gain to ensure that Merkelism is thoroughly rejected.  The Social Democrats have cut their own throats, first by entering into the grand coalition with Merkel after the last election and now after running Schultz as an obvious stalking horse for Merkel.
It can’t be stressed enough that Schultz was put up to oppose Merkel in order to lose, like McCain and Romney were here in the U.S.  His job was to funnel votes to Merkel from the Social Democrats.
But, it didn’t work.
What happened was a complete collapse of Merkel’s support, a shift towards a Germany-first mentality.  This is the opposite of who both Merkel and Schultz are.  They are EU-first people.  And, while EU sentiment in Germany is still very favorable, it is not favorable at the expense of German values, and frankly, German women.
Immigration Divisions Run Deep
Merkel’s radical adherence to Soros’ open borders ideology will cost her the Chancellorship. It will also throw the EU into complete turmoil as its de facto leader is deposed by a German electorate that is no longer wholly committed to committing cultural suicide as penance for the Holocaust.
This leaves French boy-toy Emmanuel Macron to lead the EU at a time when strong leadership is needed to navigate the coming insanity in the banking system.  I’ve been handicapping an end to the EU as it is currently comprised for a couple of years now.
Watching the rise of populist movements across Europe has been slow but steady.  Despite getting Macron through in France, Front Nationale’s populist Marine Le Pen beat two of the major French parties.  While we may still wind up with a “Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss” scenario in both France and Germany, the populist wave in Europe has yet to crest.
The end of Merkelism is the natural result of it.  It was always a dead-end political position.  A federated Europe on Germany’s terms was never going to be stable for more than the generation that sold it into being.
It was built on a foundation of division, rolling the wealth of the continent up to the Germans at the expense of everyone else.  As I outlined in this article back in October:
Up to this point Germany has used southern Europe as its dumping ground, trading Italian and Portuguese sovereign debt for BMWs.
But that scheme has reached its limit and is tearing the EU apart.  Germany doesn’t want to stop this arrangement nor does it want to pay its ‘fair share’ of the burden for its resolution, i.e. debt relief for what it considers the ‘Club Med’ countries.
German politicians like Merkel have exploited this cynically for political gain but, now that we’ve reached the debt limit she’s been exposed as nothing more than mouthpiece for U.S. Deep State policy, not the leader of Germany.
The EU Won’t Survive Merkel
And that’s where we are headed in Europe.  Once Merkel is gone, the real work of dismantling the current version of the European Project can begin.  Macron is the elites Plan B, an easily-swayed naif who will promote whatever crazed nonsense they want.
That means
1.     An EU army to subjugate breakaway states.
3.     More legal and political pressure on eastern European states like Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic that reject wholeheartedly everything Merkelism stands for.
4.     Political turmoil in Italy and Spain who will see the opening to get more autonomy as the message from Brussels is less focused on saving Germany’s banks from contagion.
Merkel was really holding a lot of this together, but the election results make it impossible for her to continue doing so.  Her legacy will be a Europe fractured along old tribal lines, exactly the opposite goal of the EU.
Soros and the rest of the one-world elites will try to use the chaos this unleashes to forge a new European identity, a stronger EU.  But don’t count on it.  Theresa May is holding up better than expected in Brexit talks.  The Trump administration is getting its feet underneath it domestically and that means ending John McCain’s run as President via the Senate.
Once Trump has an actual legislative majority and his opposition within the GOP properly neutered he will assist in the resistance against the remnants of Merkelism.
This is why we need to watch the unfolding attacks on Merkelism’s pillars of support carefully.  The outing of the “Soros List” of MEP’s under his control is significant.  The abandonment of the Clintons by Democrats of all shapes and sizes is as well.  The loss of diplomatic trust and, more importantly, respect of the U.S. by its allies in all things Syria, as I outlined yesterday, will play into this as well.
And once the re-vote confirms the trend against Merkelism in Germany, we will have clarity as to what the next phase of this story looks like.