Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Vox Popoli: Happy Diversmas!

What puts the English into a better holiday spirit than a swarm of mudsharks on the TV? And what are the odds that the big UK retailers would just happen to feature exactly the same interracial combination? What, there are no Pakistanis in the UK? No Chinese? No French, Germans, or Romanians? No Swedes, Russians, or Belgians? Given the SJW convergence of the advertising industry there, it would appear that 100 percent was the correct answer. White Englishmen should simply refuse to do any holiday shopping at these stores, and make themselves as scarce there as they are in the commercials.

This is pure cultural war propaganda. As I've commented before, there are more married BM-WF interracial couples in British ads than actually exist in the British Isles. Seriously, if you believed the ads, at least 50 percent of all couples in Britain are African men with British women. And apparently for maximum diversity, almost every mixed-race kid sports the same sort of huge freaking afro that you never actually see in real life.