Saturday, July 4, 2020


God bless you.  You will need it.
There Are More White Americans Who Are Descendants of Slaves Than There are Black American Descendants of Slaves
From 14 months ago:
Hi White American, You Have Been Cancelled
Paul Craig Roberts
Think about this on July 4th. White Americans have not only lost the independence they gained in 1776, they have lost the protection of law. White Americans are no longer “equal under the law.”  See Paul Craig Roberts and Lawrence Stratton, The New Color Line — 
No white American can criticize a black or stand up to a black’s abuse of his/her person without the risk of job loss and prosecution by government authorities.  White Americans pay for their servitude with subsidies to their oppressors, only it is a worse servitude in the 21st century than white Americans experiened under the British King in the 18th century.
No one speaks for white people.  There are no white organizations attending to the rights of people who have white skin. ONLY White People suffer racial discrimination. Whites are banned from “go-to-the-head-of-the-line” for university admissions, jobs, promotions. The Civil Rights Act does not protect white people.  The only white people who get media support are the ones who denounce their fellow whites as racists.  The white supremacy militias are more hype than real. Wherever white men appear armed, they always submit to the authorities sent to disarm and arrest them. They never fight.  
After being subjected to decades of demonization, white people have lost their strength. They have become wet paper bags. Anyone can walk through them. And the neoconservatives think the US can go to war with real people like Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, Iranians.  What a joke we are.
No strength remains, and people of color see it. Whites and their civilization are denounced in every White University. Indeed, the main function of white American universities is to demonize white civilization.  Jean Raspail describes white self-destruction in The Camp of the Saints, and insouciant white Americans are today precisely as gullible and unaware as the French people in Raspail’s novel. 
The vast majority of white people in America have no idea that government at the state, local, and federal level is engaged in demonizing and marginalizing them. There is no organization, no media to tell them. If there were one, it would be closed down as racist, nazi, fascist, whatever word or term demonizes the most. It would not be permitted on Facebook, twitter, Google or anywhere else. Outspoken white people speak for blacks, not for whites. They are enraged against white people, not against blacks.
White people no longer have a voice unless it is raised in adoration of “People of Color.”  Once the white liberals complete their debasement of themselves and the rest of us, their voice will no longer be needed. As they are themselves white, they are evil also, and will suffer the same fate as the rest of us.  All of their pandering to blacks will do them no more good than it did for the French panderers of the invading third world horde  in Raspail’s novel.
When the seeds of hate are sowed, you reap the consequences.  Whites are evil period. Thus, Ulysses S. Grant’s statue was pulled down by thugs so ignorant they do not even know who he was.  All they see is a statue of a white person.  That is enough for them to know that the racist bastard has to go. The American white media is too brainwashed and stupid to understand what this means for them. What is happening today in the US is perfectly mirrored in Jean Raspail’s 1970s novel, The Camp of the Saints.  We are living the novel as I write.
It is the same all over the Western White World.  In Sweden ethnic Swedish women are raped by black immigrant-invaders in public, and the ethnic Swedish men do nothing.  Either they accept white guilt or they fear being prosecuted for a racist crime if they intervene.  Indeed, I have reported previously from the Swedish press that not only are a large percentage of ethinc Swedish women afraid to leave their homes, they fear being prosecuted for a hate crime if they report their rape or gang rape by a black immigrant invader or invaders.
None of what really is happening is reported in the Western media, which is complicit in the crimes against white people.  How is it privileged for a white Swedish woman to be publicly raped and be afraid of reporting her rape to Swedish authorities? Swedish police who have reported that almost all rapes in Sweden are committed by black immigrant-invaders have been suspended and investigated for racism.
If White Americans had any self-respect and any awareness of how they are being set up for dispossession,  the presstitute media and many politicians would be in danger of being lynched.  Antifa thugs would be prosecuted and imprisoned.  Recognizing one’s enemies and destroying them before they destroy you is the way those societies that have survived managed to do so.  No country in the Western World is any longer one of those capable of survival.  All of the foreign policy talk of how the US is going to confront Russia, China, Iran, North Korea is ridiculous. The United States is incapable of confronting its own self-inflicted demise. 
White Americans no longer have the capability to resist.  Washington can bomb faraway peoples, but is incapable of protecting public monuments and private property on its home ground.   White Americans, indeed whites everywhere, are more endangered than the climate or any other species.  And they are too indoctrinated with guilt to know it.