Friday, July 3, 2020

The US Is Collapsing Under Attack -

.....The United States is a country without a media. There is no Fourth Estate, only a propaganda ministry that feeds lies into the consciousness, what little there is, of insouociant Americans, a people who have failed themselves and their country by refusing to make the effort to be informed and to hold the media accountable for its lies and misrepresentations.
There is no second or “independent” autopsy report of Floyd’s death.  The alleged “independent autopsy” is merely a hired opinion based on the homicide misinterpretation of the video, not on an examination, for a profitable law suit on behalf of Floyd’s “family.”  As Floyd has children from different women, it is unclear who his family is. 

What is clear is that white liberals are determined to dispossess white Americans of confidence and respect for their history. To understand what happens to a people whose confidence collapses under racial attack, read The Camp of the Saints.  A reader has provided this free online link to a PDF of the book– 

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