Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The New Party Overalls - by eric (Mandatory Face Diapering will likely decide the future of this country!)

The current push to impose mandatory Face Diapering will likely decide the future of this country. Of the freedom to dissent in this country. 
That may sound a bit much, but consider. If they can impose Universal Face Diapering, they will have succeeded in destroying the possibility of dissent  – other than in your head, exactly like the people in Orwell’s 1984.
Everyone wore the same Party overalls; everyone mouthed the same slogans.
Everyone looked the same, creating a soul-crushing appearance of universal conformity with the orthodoxies of the Party.
Dissent – outside of your own head – was unthinkable. Or rather, inexpressible. This made it seem that no one else dissented. Which amounts to making it seem as though everyone agreed.
That everyone else is insane.
This wilts the will. It makes the individual question his own sanity.
How will our actual world differ from Orwell’s fictitious world when you aren’t permitted(hideous word; how did America get to that point?) to go outside without a Face Diaper occluding your individuality and visually confirming you as a member of the frightened, obedient herd?
Your face will be indistinguishable from other faces. No one will know whether you’re smiling or frowning.
Most of all, no one will know you oppose what’s been imposed, since you’ve been forced to submit to it. Since everyone has been forced to submit to it.
Universal Diapering will eliminate any visual evidence of dissent, making dissent itself seem abnormal.
Everywhere you go, the impression of consent, which implies the legitimacy (the reasonableness) of the thing itself.
That it has been imposed without consent is irrelevant.
You will know that your seemingly isolated dissent has no meaning – precisely because you aren’t allowed to express it. Precisely because you don’t see anyone else expressing it.
You will feel alone, outnumbered – because so it appears.
This will demoralize the Diaper Dissenters – those who disbelieve (just the right word, as the current plague of Sickness Psychosis is a religious mania not formed on the basis of facts but rather eschatalogical feelings) in the reasonableness of insisting everyone look and behave like a suppurating leper .
And this is why universal pretending – enforced by the state – is so crucially important from the point of view of those pushing the Diapering, They have already largely succeeded in demoralizing people for saying anything contrarian, in order to establish the impression that everyone agrees with the orthodoxies of the Party.
Every orthodoxy must be publicly confirmed – which is achieved by not publicly contradicting them.
If you cannot speak your mind – except in hushed whispers to a few trusted co-conspirators –  does it matter what’s on your mind? Your thoughts are isolated – and so, thereby, are you.
Phase I, if you like.
If you cannot express your opposition to Sickness Psychosis – or rather, to the psychotics using the fear of sickness to make themselves masters of us all – by not pretending to be a part of it, your opposition to it is just as irrelevant.
A “new normal” descends in which everyone seems to agree that everyone is mortally sick or might be – because everyone you see is Diapered up. The impression cements that other people are pustulating lepers – and so are you. It becomes the “new normal” to fear everyone else – and for everyone to do as they are told.
Phase II.
You can perhaps imagine what Phase III will entail.
Authoritarian collectivism – whether imposed in the name of the working classes, the race, saaaaaaaaaaafety or (currently) health –   requires the suppression of the individual. Of individual ideas and of the individual person.
The Diaper serves the same purpose as a leash.
It conveys the nature of the relationship.
Like the secret heretic Winston Smith in Orwell’s book, the only safe space is in your own head and that last redoubt must be guarded fiercely with veils of feigned conformity, even to the extent of what one wears and how one moves.
But it’s a sad space. A lonely space. A hopeless space.
Orwell anticipated the Sickness Kabuki of our time. In his imagined dystopia of Oceana, people were forced not only to obey but also to pretend. To play their part in a sick opera of collective authoritarianism. The Agents of Goldstein were everywhere, kind of like a virus.
It was more than just the overalls everyone had to wear. Everyone also had to wear the same expressions – cruel exultation during the Two Minutes Hate, a vapid smile of approval whenever Big Brother’s name was mentioned.
This was their Diaper – and no one dared not wear one.
The core horror of Orwell’s novel isn’t its portrayal of physical oppression but rather of the invasion of people’s minds – of the evisceration of their sanity. It was not enough to obey Big Brother.
It was necessary to love him.
Being forced to wear a Diaper is how we learn to love him, too. And show that we do.
Forced Diapering is an inflection point. If it becomes the new normal, dissent becomes a kind of pathetic non sequitur. We will have accepted that it is reasonable to play-act that everyone is sick or might be, forever.
And submit to anything to prevent it, also forever.
We are all in this together. Those of us who dissent, at any rate.
This year’s 4th of July may be the last opportunity to express it. Which is why it so important to do precisely that by peacefully gathering together without Diapering up. In groups of voluntarily freely associating people.
Mark that.
Our collective isn’t authoritarian – unlike theirs. We who dissent are not demanding that those who believe in Face Diapering haven’t got the right to.
We merely demand they respect our right not to.
. . .
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