Thursday, July 9, 2020

Coronvirus Update XIX: UPDATE: Screw Spikes, Surges, Records In New Cases – William M. Briggs

It’s All Politics
Coronadoom is now entirely political……….

Unfortunately, the only way to overcome bad politics is with the thing that shall not be mentioned, or good politics.
Update More proof of political bullshit: Oregon county issues face mask order that exempts non-white people.
Push back against the lies, distortions, and absolute bullshit. They are losing control too soon before the election, they don’t like it, and they’re scrambling.
It is bullshit. Every approved flak, academic, and pol said screw social distancing if rioting, looting, and mayhem was your goal, just as these same bottom feeders said social distance was a must if attending a Trump rally. Or in opening businesses by other than skateboard through the window.
Our enemies want you to forget the headlines above (we had several last week, too). They are hoping you are stupid enough to believe what they tell you because they are in charge.
Look out your window. It is clear we are living in a time when those above us are the dumbest of any leaders in all of history. Want more proof?...................
Finally other people are making official what we’ve been telling you for the last eight weeks:

Why did politicians ever lockdown society in the first place? Can we all agree that the stated purpose was to “flatten the curve” so our hospital system could handle the inevitable COVID-19 patients who needed care? At that point, at least, back in early March, people were behaving rationally. They accepted that you can’t eradicate a virus, so let’s postpone things enough to handle it.
The fact is, we have done that, and so much more.
The headlines are filled with dire warnings of a “second wave” and trigger-happy Governors are rolling back regulations to try to stem the tide of new cases. But, is any of it actually true and should we all be worried? No, it’s not a second wave.
The COVID-19 virus is on its final legs, and while I have filled this post with graphs to prove everything I just said, this is really the only graph you need to see, it’s the CDC’s data, over time, of deaths from COVID-19 here in the U.S., and the trend line is unmistakable: