Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Don’t Mess with Miz Powell | Kunstler



That’s a headline from — where else? — The New York Times, Monday morning edition. The paper no longer prints news stories, it releases DNC talking points, such as this one referring to conspiracy theories, one of their faves. The catch, of course, is: when an organization, say, the Democratic Party, meddles in election vote tabulation, you have…what? A plan acted on by a group to do something unlawful. That would be… a conspiracy. They surely had the motive and, apparently, the means. You can play rhetorical games with the theory part, but then there’s the evidence trail, and how it comports with reality. The word theory, you see is not a synonym for a falsehood — as they pretend it is. Many theories are proven true.

An eerie silence oppressed the election news-space much of last week as Mr. Trump and his people seemed to lay low, Br’er Rabbit style, and a lot of folks wondered what was going on in that-there briar patch. Towards the weekend, Rudolf Giuliani methodically described some of the evidence at hand about janky ballot reporting, but that must have been too plodding for the Big Media gang. Then another Trump lawyer, Sidney Powell, came on Lou Dobbs’s Friday evening news show and some people started paying attention to some things she said, like, “I’m going to release the kraken” — referring to the largest and most feared sea monster in Old Norse mythology. Miz Powell, she means bidness. She went on, “We have staggering statistical evidence; we have staggering personal testimony… we’re beginning to collect evidence on the financial interest of the governors and secretaries of state who bought into the Dominion [vote tabulation] systems… President Trump won this election in a landslide, it is irrefutable… we are gonna go after it, and I am going to expose every one of them.”

Well, that might have put the fear of Gawd in some people. In case anyone in the back-of-the-class wasn’t paying attention, Miz Powell went back on the air Sunday morning with Maria Bartiromo and said, “We’re fixing to overturn the results of this election in multiple states… President Trump won not by hundreds of thousands of votes but by millions of votes that were shifted by this software that was designed expressly for that purpose…. We have so much evidence I feel it’s coming in like a firehose.”

In case you missed it:

Is Ms. Powell bluffing? Why would she try, since the time left in this game is short and her only play is to show her cards? “I never say anything I can’t prove,” she declared.

Combine the software with crooked poll-workers and a pattern emerges: votes added and subtracted in a behind-the-scenes drag-and-drop operation, with bundles of paper write-in ballots trucked in desperately to support the fraud during the hours-long blackout periods late on election night when it became obvious that the Trump vote was more overwhelming than anticipated. The Dominion voting system appears to have been connected to the Internet despite election rules that it was not allowed to be. Affidavits indicate that USB ports on the machine, supposedly only for diagnostic purposes, were repeatedly fed thumb drives during the blackout hours.

The shady Dominion voting system company has US headquarters in Denver, but is based in Canada. Its voting systems are used in thirty US states including all the “swing” states. Dominion machines and software are implicated in the manipulation of elections in Venezuela and the Philippines. In 2009, Dominion entered into a partnering agreement with Smartmatic, a vote tabulation software add-on, whose chairman, Lord (Baron) Mark Malloch Brown, is former vice-chairman of George Soros’ Investment Funds. Dominion formed a development partnership with the Canada-based DELIAN Project in 2014, with financial support from the Clinton Foundation. Both Dominion and Smartmatic have swapped ownership of Sequoia Voting Systems, the company implicated in Venezuelan ballot fraud.

Sidney Powell stated that these international relationships point to possible “foreign interference” in US elections, the very charge that the Democratic Party flogged into the three-year-long RussiaGate affair. At least, it raises the issue: why are US elections using voting machines and software affiliated with foreign countries?

In her weekend statements, Ms. Powell did not refer to the two CIA (or DIA?) election manipulation programs, #Hammer and #Scorecard, though she called explicitly for the firing of CIA chief Gina Haspel. Ms. Haspel, remember, was head of the CIA’s London desk when the US intel community was busy cooking up the Hillary Clinton-sponsored Steele dossier, assembled by former British MI-6 agent Christopher Steele. She also assisted in arrangements to entrap General Michael Flynn at a conference run by intel asset Stefan Halper, at Magdalene College (Cambridge, UK).

It’s a pretty rich gameboard out there and the clock is ticking. The possible outcomes are several: The state legislatures in disputed states could choose their own elector slates. In short order, the President’s lawyers will take their case to the US Supreme Court, which might invalidate the disputed states’ elections and send the contest into the House of Representatives a la the 1876 Hayes-Tilden election. The Department of Justice could level felony charges before December 8 at a long list of companies and persons involved in demonstrable ballot fraud. This could amount to decapitation of the Deep State. Would Mr. Barr dare? A lot of people doubt it. I’m sure readers can conjure up other possibilities.

In any case, a final victory for Joe Biden would hopelessly taint any administration he leads and would lead to much harsher resistance coming from the other side this time — while he is trying to govern during an economic calamity worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s. Maybe ex-CIA chief John Brennan never should have messed with General Mike Flynn. Just sayin’.