Saturday, November 28, 2020

We All See Through the Glass - DARKLY! There's always a larger picture - and we do NOT see it CLEARLY! - CL

There's always a larger picture!

As a precedent from history, reading most accounts from a legal standpoint, the trial of Jesus was illegal - especially for the Sanhedrin. No - Trump ain't Jesus - but some parallels exist.

He has been the only president in my memory that has at least shown some semblance of opposing DaDeepState (DDS) - every nation or empire has one.

There is no question that the 2020 election was a FRAUD - and on a grand scale. Remember, legal decisions do not  necessarily mean lawful. Any judicial contortionist is an expert at making unlawful legal decisions.

Now the bigger picture - Jesus made His pronouncements and predicted the destruction of Israel around 30 AD. 

In 70 AD - The Old Covenant was ended just as Jesus predicted in Matt. 24 etc - forever. The nation of Israel (Judah) was destroyed - for the purposes of The New Covenant Jesus HAD to die - was subsequently resurrected - but that is not my point here. Let me just add that many new Christians lived in Israel! The warnings were repeated throughout the Old Testament - few listened.

Whether one believes my narrative is not important - is it true as to cause and effect? In essence, that is what happened historically - is there a lesson here?

Point - Trump is not on trial here - it is America itself. Judging by our actions alone, especially the last 100+ years, does our nation deserve life?

No, God is NOT our Divine Butler to please all our proclivities and our preferences! Every empire has destroyed itself - are we different?

In essence, what are we doing right - from government, religion, politics, education, media or culture?

Only if we're deaf, dumb and blind! The upcoming decisions by our courts and various officials will determine not only our immediate future, but the ultimate as well. There is a HIGHER court and it is NOT SCOTUS!

Every DSS is fundamentally Satanic - if you have not read 

Are We Governed by Humans? - you might take the time.

And that is DaBigPicture!