Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The great theft - By Jared Peterson

My gut says the small functionaries won't save us.  They're cowed, buyable, frightened, careerist, outright corrupt, small-minded.  The Republic will not be rescued from this putsch by state legislators, election officials, or trial court judges

No matter how much evidence of unprecedented, mass fraud the president's fighting lawyer, Ms. Powell, assembles, revealing third-world levels of corrupted vote-counting aided by late night mass illegal ballot dumps...

Attorney Powell must get her case soon, with the proof she has, to a lower court that has the guts to allow her to make a powerful showing of direct and statistical evidence of mass fraud.  Then, when even that court rules that it lacks authority to render the extraordinary relief sought, go directly to the only institution in America with the weight, gravitas, and credibility to effectively intervene in this crisis with its full historic power: the United States Supreme Court.

A manifestly corrupt, third-world electoral theft

It is now clear, on the overpowering circumstantial and statistical evidence alone, that President Trump carried all the states in doubt by clear, probably decisive margins.  It is highly probable that fraud deprived him of Minnesota and New Hampshire as well.  Neither loss makes any sense, given his narrow loss of these states in 2016, and even the corrupt polls this year had those races extremely tight.  We are to believe that he lost both by much wider margins this year, while gaining 10 million votes nationally and after the Minneapolis riots?  Utterly, facially incredible.  The president may well have carried Virginia as well.

Only the United States Supreme Court can break the now openly fascist American media's choke hold on information.  They can ignore much.  But they cannot ignore the Supreme Court.

We are all witnesses to the greatest attempted crime against our republic and the rule of law in America's history.