Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Stolen Election Will Red-Pill 70 Million Americans, by Jef Costello - The Unz Review

At this point, it seems unlikely that Trump is going to prevail in his legal challenges. It’s possible that he will, but what do you think is more likely? If he doesn’t prevail, however, Biden’s “win” can actually be a tremendous win for us.

Why? Well, first let’s address the question of who “we” are. I hate to sound like Joe Biden, who seems not to know who he is or where he is or what he’s talking about from moment to moment (get ready for four years of hilarity, folks). But it’s useful to remind ourselves of who we are from time to time. We are White Nationalists.

White Nationalist is someone who believes that white peoples have a right to their own homelands. So that, as a White Nationalist, I am a German nationalist, an English nationalist, a Scottish nationalist, a French nationalist, etc. Or, at least, I support all those nationalisms. To be a white nationalist in America is really to recognize that the core “American people” are the white people whose ancestors built the country and who continue to pay for it. Thus, American White Nationalism = American nationalism. To be an American nationalist is also to recognize that more recent, non-white arrivals don’t belong here at all; and that while our blacks have been here a long time and some of them do sing, dance, and dribble well, they are mostly parasites who contribute almost nothing to the society except grief.

Since it now looks impossible to go back to the good old days when we had blacks in complete subjection, and since both blacks and browns out-breed us, American nationalists essentially face two possible courses of action. The first is to remove non-whites from the country, which seems impossible at this point, or to remove ourselves. This latter course would mean that we all go back to Europe, which the Europeans won’t allow, or that we effectively secede from the USA and carve out our own white space (or spaces) within North America. It is this latter option that now seems like it may be our only option, and something we must work toward.

So, how does Trump’s loss help advance us in that goal? To state the obvious, white Americans will never work toward a white American homeland unless they are aware of themselves as White Americans; unless they see themselves as a group with distinct interests, and the moral right to assert those interests. “Awakening” white people has always been our goal as White Nationalists — awakening whites in America, and in Europe. This awakening is far more important than any political figure, or any short-term political goals. This awakening is and ought to be our top priority.

When I first got involved in this movement, almost exactly twenty years ago, there were two questions that were constantly raised in my local “hate group”: (1) When are white people going to wake up? And (2) will it take some kind of societal collapse to get them to wake up? Most of us thought that it would take such a collapse, but that this wouldn’t happen in our lifetimes. Well, my friends, now it has happened. The collapse has occurred, and Trump’s loss has brought it about.

The country was already fractured along political lines. Now it is completely broken. Conservatives, the overwhelming majority of whom are white, have long known that the media are biased to the Left and that the political establishment does not have their interests at heart. But they still believed in “the system.” They believed that it still might be possible to work within the system and get somebody elected who would actually be their guy. Somebody who could bring the jobs home, stop the tide of non-white immigration, clean up the streets (i.e., do something about black crime), combat the politically correct madness, and get us out of the forever wars. The election of Donald Trump seemed to confirm this optimism.

But all the voices on the far-Right who labeled Trump “a distraction” have now been proved correct. Trump actually wound up doing little for white people — despite being continually vilified by the Left as a white supremacist! Still, millions of whites not only continued to support him, they carried on a love affair with the man. Trump was adored by his base like no other American political figure in memory. Not even Reagan got this much love. The more vicious and unhinged the attacks on Trump became, the more his base supported him. They knew that his reelection would be no cakewalk, but they believed it was still possible.

They knew that the media and the Democrats would play dirty — very dirty. But they trusted the electoral process. Or, at least, they hoped for the best. For months there was talk about voter fraud, primarily focused on the issue of mail-in ballots. But conservative whites still had faith that the system would work for them, as it did in 2016.

Now their faith has been completely and irreparably shattered. And this is hugely significant for us.

The first step toward real secession is psychological secession: seeing that though I still live in it, this is no longer my country, and there is no longer any hope of making the system work for me and those like me. This is exactly what the 2020 election has accomplished. About 57% of white people voted for Trump in this election. And those many millions of whites are now choking down a gigantic red pill. As we all know, the red pill is the path to liberation.

Quoth Tyler Durden: “Losing all hope was freedom.”

It seems that there is credible evidence that there was voter fraud in the election, benefitting Biden. As I write this, Trump’s legal team is preparing to fight it — but, as I have already said, I think that they will lose. Ultimately, it does not matter whether or not there was fraud, or whether the fraud was enough to swing the election to Biden (two separate issues). What matters is that white Trump voters believe that there was.

Trump voters are now, ironically, in sort of the same position as Democrats in the wake of 2016. No matter how much we would like to, none of us will ever forget the “Russian interference!” and “Russia collusion!” hysteria that went on for the better part of two and a half years, until the Mueller report more or less put the thing out of its misery (though not entirely). The difference, however, is that that was all bullshit. And a significant number of Democrats knew it. Trump voters actually have very good reasons to think that this election was stolen.

Regardless of what we eventually learn about whether sharpies can cause ballots to be misread, or whether a “glitch” flipped Trump votes to Biden votes, there is still ample reason for the 70 million Trump voters to think that this thing was rigged. In the months preceding the election, America saw a massive overreach of state and local government power in the form of COVID lockdowns, the net effect of which was to ruin far more lives than it saved. Is it paranoia to think that the intention here was to crash the economy and render Trump unelectable?Consider: Virtually the entire media was not only against Trump, but made it their personal mission to take him down by any means necessary. No lie, no distortion was too ridiculous or too scurrilous. Leftists in government, journalism, academia, and the entertainment industry openly declared that anything and everything was permissible in order to take down the “existential threat” posed by Orange Man. This was the fertile ground onto which were sowed the seeds of speculation about election fraud.

The lockdowns coincided with months of coordinated rioting billed as “protests” against non-existent “racial injustice.” The rioters somehow weren’t subject to the rules of the lockdowns, because apparently COVID takes a holiday when it is politically expedient. This double standard was so obscene and so blatant, it enraged Republican voters (as well as a few honest rank and file Democrats of my acquaintance).

The Left calculated, correctly, that Trump would do little or nothing to stop the rioting, out of fear of looking too dictatorial in an election year. Trump’s own calculation was that allowing the riots to happen would give the Left plenty of rope with which to hang itself. Trump was wrong; his inaction made him seem weak. The basic hope of the Left was that months of economic and social chaos would fatally wound Trump, and that voters would be too stupid to see that it was actually the Left that was to blame for it. In the main, it looks like they were right about this.

But diehard Trump supporters correctly saw that the lockdowns and riots were an election year strategy hatched by the Left. If they were not wholly designed by the Left to damage Trump, they were at least manipulated for that purpose. The cherry on the cake came in the weeks leading up to the election, in the form of big tech’s censorship of news damaging to Biden, including blocking the New York Post’s stories about Biden’s involvement in his son’s shady business deals. This classically Orwellian move finally reached an extreme few would ever have even thought possible, when at last social media began censoring the President himself.

Given all of this, it would be unreasonable not to think that this election was stolen. Trump’s supporters believe this — every last one of them. And they will never stop believing it. Mark my words: this is never, ever going away. Trump voters will go to their graves believing that the election was stolen, and feeling as passionately about it as they do right now, less than a week after polls closed. They will go to their graves hating Leftists (as they rightfully should), and believing that the system is broken beyond repair.

“But,” so your objection will go, “the fact that these white Trump voters will become disillusioned with the system does not mean that they will become self-aware white advocates.”

My contention, however, is that what begins as disillusionment with the system will, in many cases (a great many cases, I believe) lead to increasing racial consciousness, or open the door to it. Take it from me — from my own personal experience: once you have accepted that one big thing is a total sham, you begin to wonder whether everything else is. And if you keep going this way, you eventually begin wondering whether wrong is right; whether everything we’ve ever been told is false and bad might be true and good.

And the fact is that white Trump voters are already far more racially aware than the naysayers in the comments section will give them credit for. Trumpism is an implicitly white phenomenon if ever there was one. And it is implicit only in the sense that its supporters are too tactful and too fearful to name it for what it is — not in the sense that they are unaware of what it is. We all thought that the media and the Leftists had lost their minds when they damned Trump and his supporters as racists and white supremacists. But they weren’t crazy. They grasped, much more clearly than Republicans, what the vector of the Trump movement was — where it might be headed. They correctly saw that a movement that offered a home to millions of white Americans upset by non-white immigration (euphemistically called “illegal immigration”) might eventually give birth to self-aware white advocacy. When they called the Trumpites “racists” it was like seeing the oak tree in the acorn.

As perceptive as the Left was on that particular score, they have, as we all know, been remarkably deaf, dumb, and blind in other ways. Biden’s share of the popular vote (if legitimate) is by no means a landslide. There is no “mandate” for looney Leftism, and no “repudiation” of Trump (indeed, Trump did expand his base — though in one crucial area, as I will shortly discuss, it shrank). But that won’t stop Leftists like AOC, and many others, from imagining that they have a mandate for all their craziness.

Therefore, expect the anti-white rhetoric to pick up steam. And, needless to say, this will help the process along in a big way: white Trump voters will think for five minutes and realize that they are at the mercy of a system that is demonstrably rigged against them and wills their destruction. If they haven’t realized it already. That image of the McCloskeys with their guns facing down the brown hoard is unlikely to fade anytime soon. And what happened to the McCloskeys has now happened to all white Americans: despised, cornered, and now disarmed. (The literal disarmament is right around the corner, if the runoff elections in Georgia deliver the Senate to the Democrats.)

We are nevertheless still at a point where whiteness remains implicit. Whites dare not speak out in their own defense — not explicitly as whites, anyway. Populist journalists like Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter, and Pat Buchanan, who are privately on our side, still speak in coded language, avoiding open advocacy for whites. However, the coded language (as the Left also correctly sees) is becoming easier to decode by the day. As many on our side have said, we will make no real and substantial progress until we are willing to openly stand up for ourselves — in person, in broad daylight, and without sock puppets and noms de plume like “Jef Costello.” Is that day imminent? I believe that it is.

What would it take? First, it would take white self-awareness — and I have argued that this is already there, emerging from its cocoon. Second, it would take anger. It would take whites being pushed to a point where they are so angry they speak and behave imprudently, damning the consequences. If one does it, he will simply be squashed; fired, censored, canceled, deplatformed. If many do it, that’s a different story. They can’t fire us all. And if that anger is great enough, they will fear us. They should. As Don Jr. recently tweeted, “70 million pissed off Republicans and not one city burned to the ground.” But this may not last. The election might just be the proverbial straw. The camel may be about to metamorphose into the lion.

Already there are signs of uncharacteristic self-assertion on the part of angry Trump voters. There have been large protests by Republicans in “swing states,” including Michigan and Pennsylvania. There has been violence. Continuing the lockdowns will exacerbate this. Everybody, not just whites, has reached the breaking point with this COVID bullshit. Of course, now that Biden is elected, it would not be surprising if COVID suddenly became a non-issue.

Here are some more predictions:

Trump has now moved over to Gab, a free-speech platform that has embraced thought criminals of all kinds (so far). Trump’s supporters will follow him to Gab — millions of them. They will read the other stuff and become more red-pilled. You can almost predict this one with mathematical certainty.

Gun sales will increase as Trump voters scramble to arm themselves before Biden tries to disarm them. Gun sales have increased enormously since the BLM riots began, so much so that the stores cannot keep up with demand. Ammo sales have been so brisk it’s now hard to find bullets for those guns. (Yes, I do believe we are headed for violent civil war.)

Conspiracy theories are going to be mainstreamed. This process was already underway, due partly to the influence of “QAnon.” I tried reading the QAnon book, with the intention of writing something about it for this website. I stopped because the thing was so stupid I couldn’t get through it. If this stuff can be influential among Trump voters, anything can. Alex Jones is all over Gab. The Trumpites who follow their leader over to that platform will get a big dose of him — and about 60% of what he says is actually true. He was talking about Epstein’s pedo island years ago.

One thing leads to another — once, as I have said, a big lie is exposed, one begins to question everything else. Who really runs the world? Who controls US policy in the Middle East? What’s Bohemian Grove all about? Exactly how long does it take to cremate a single body? Inquiring minds want to know. Let a thousand conspiracy theories bloom! Every one of them helps us, because every one of them undermines the system and the elites who run it.

White males are the only group Trump did not make gains with in 2020. Given his portrayal in the media, the irony here is rich, as Jim Goad has noted. Had Trump gotten more votes from white males, it looks like he would have outvoted even the dead and the fake voters. As Gregory Hood has pointed out, “the reason President Trump is in this position is because he didn’t do enough for white working-class voters.” He continues: “White working-class voters are now the most important voting group in America. They will have decided two presidential elections in a row. They will decide more.”

The Republican establishment cannot be unaware of this. They’ve seen the same numbers Hood has. If they did not realize it before, they realize it now. There will be absolutely no going back to the Republican party of John McCain and Mitt Romney. Those names are hard to pronounce now without gagging. That they were the Republican nominees in, respectively, 2008 and 2012 now seems downright surreal. That is how much Trump has changed the party. To save that party, Republicans will have to offer something to white voters. They will have to keep running the Trump train, without Trump. (Though Trump is not going away; he will remain a huge part of public life.)

Everyone thinks 2020 has been a terrible year. It is just the opposite. White nationalism has taken a giant step forward.

Thanks, Joe!