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Texas Leads to Freedom, by Israel Shamir - The Unz Review

(Reading this article might give you a clue that DaEveningNews and Conservative pundits are deliberately designed to distract you from reality - which most comfortable Americans not only do not understand, but care less about because their concerns are the immediacy of their comfort zone. Thus the constant refrain of 'fighting Socialism and FOR freedom and democracy - especially for regime change in foreign countries'.

In other words,  we're spouting the company line of DaDeepState. It's the actual DEPLORABLES who are waking up and telling DDS to F themselves. Why? Because they have and are being deeply affected by the current insanity. What more can they lose?
Who's losing jobs to foreign invaders? Not government employees - state,  local or federal.  Hell, they're getting pay raises while local businesses are severely restricted or shut down. - CL)

The spider discovered a wasp escaping his gossamer web. He is furious. How dare she? The wasp had been caught, bonded, poisoned. She is ready to be killed and eaten. And all of a sudden she wakes up and tears the spider web. You are a Neanderthal, the enraged spider exclaims, and you will end like the Neanderthals did, dead as a dodo and extinct.

This is what Biden said to the people of Texas who dared to break free from his mask regime. Biden, the King of the Dead and his team were sure the world was under their control; they planned to lead mankind to the Great Reset, to the grim end of Homo Sapiens, to the cruel dystopia of masked slaves ruled by Google algorithms. But the Texans had changed the course of history. They were immediately followed by Mississippi, Iowa, Montana and North Dakota; the states that voted for Trump and freedom.

The populace met this wise and brave decision with elation, the Daily Mail reported:

“Oxford, home of Ole Miss, saw people out in full force, eating at restaurants and shopping at stores… In Florida, Spring Breakers were also abandoning masks as bikini-clad college students flooded onto beaches and crammed into bars in Miami and Fort Lauderdale to kick of their vacation. And in Idaho, a group gathered to burn their masks outside of the statehouse in protest of COVID-19 restrictions after other states this week made the decision to ditch mandates and open back up. A group of children joined their parents, several of whom were armed, as they burned pictures of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi in the flames, before egged into disposing of their surgical masks into the fire”

Masks Off in Mississippi
Masks Off in Mississippi

The governors condemned Biden for his Neanderthal slur. It was worse than a slur: it was a threat to murder Trump voters, no less. Neanderthals, our clever but not very talkative ancestors, didn’t just die out of boredom: they were exterminated by their more advanced cousins. The US president actually threatened to cleanse his own people to be just as the Neanderthals were cleansed. Did he intend to seed some new virus in Houston to achieve this goal? Or does he plan to replace the Texans – Trumpers and deplorables – with a flood of new immigrants from Latin America who will vote for Biden? For this purpose he opened the gates of the Mexican border and broke the agreements Trump had made with Latin Americans. President Trump spoke at length about this development at the Conservative Political Action Committee in Orlando, Florida, but it’s not easy to find and watch this speech, for YouTube has removed practically all copies of it ever posted. (Here is one I found.) I think this threat is a good reason for impeachment, and failing that, for secession.

The brave acts of Texans met with a great response. A breeze of freedom blew around the world. Placid and obedient Swedes who were just recently forced into mask serfdom, protested by burning their masks in the centre of Stockholm. Russians had practically all their corona limitations lifted a few days ago; theatres and churches operate as usual to full capacity. Even Israelis, the willing slaves-by-choice (Exodus 21:6) of Darkness, got a few days of relative freedom (provided they have a green passport to go for a drink) and their airport was opened for a short while after months of self-imposed siege. Anyway they’ve got a warning that they will go back into their fourth lockdown in a few days.

Not everybody is happy that people are breaking out of prison. You need chutzpah aplenty to enjoy the view over a cemetery that recently was a bustling city, but our projected lords and masters are not short of chutzpah. The Davos gang, the force behind Covid-19 Pandemics, in a moment of truth-telling, announced: “Lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world”. You suffered, but they enjoyed it!

They like us dead. Or almost dead. At least, staying in one place instead of rushing all over. The virus provided them with an excuse; next time they will use another script to the same effect. The leading faux-left daily Guardian has already proposed to lock the world down every two years.

Actually, the plans of our betters aren’t new. In September 1944, the US Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau, proposed to wreck all of Germany’s industrial capabilities. Industrial facilities were to be destroyed, mines were to be wrecked and filled in, experts in production and manufacturing would be forcibly removed from the region and put to work elsewhere. Germany was going to become an agrarian feudal state, set back almost a thousand years.

It would be wonderful for CO 2-conscious Gretas! Just one problem: the

Morgenthau plan didn’t eliminate cows, fat farting cows. In happy de-industrialised Germany, admittedly not many would survive the post-war famine, but they would still produce meat. This point had been improved upon by Morgenthau’s coreligionist, Theodore N Kaufmann. In his book Germany Must Perish, he proposed to sterilise all Germans of reproductive age, and that would surely be even better than lockdown for CO 2.

The Great Reset is the Morgenthau-Kaufmann plan, not for Germany only, but for the whole world, and first of all for the Europeans. Germans were saved from this terrible fate by Josef Stalin, the victorious Russian ruler. He bore no animosity to Germans he defeated; he explicitly rejected these Jewish-American vengeful plans (you can read about it in his correspondence with Roosevelt) and proceeded with rebuilding of socialist Germany with its excellent industry and agriculture. (Many Osties still regret GDR dismantling in 1990.) The US had no choice but to follow him with their Marshall Plan.

Will Putin play a Stalin and save us from the Great Reset? After all, there is no advantage, from the point of view of the Resetters, in destroying the West if the East remains safe. They want to go the whole hog, and saving Russia could abort the plan. Putin is a cunning man, a master of the Japanese martial art aikido that calls for using his adversary’s strength against him, and he may yet secure his realm. He tends to agree with his dominating challengers, and then, when they are already sure of their imminent victory, he introduces a new element and turns the game to his advantage.

  • He ostensibly agreed with the Covid-19 narrative as presented by the Masters of Discourse, and at the last moment he produced his vaccine Sputnik-V, undoing all the enemy’s gains. They thought Russia would beg for their vaccine, but it turned out the other way around. Now the Europeans, Czechs and Hungarians as well as Venezuelans and Belarusians are queuing for the Russian vaccine that is more safe and efficient than the Western vaccines. It already grossed $25 billion, more than armaments export ($11 billion). The Russian vaccine is a traditional one, without dubious mRNA technology, and it works. I am not a vaccine fan, but the Russian one appears the lesser evil, and Russians aren’t strong-armed to get vaccinated.
  • He ostensibly agreed with the Green agenda, though it was destined to ruin Russia, a great producer of oil and gas; and at the last moment he said that the best way to minimise CO2 is to employ nuclear power of the kind produced by Russian RosAtom. At present, Rosatom has the largest portfolio of NPP construction projects abroad including 36 power units in 12 countries. India, China, Turkey, Iran and Bangladesh have become Rosatom’s main customers; Rosatom is implementing a project to build a nuclear power plant in Finland, as well as in Hungary and Belarus. Putin said that reverting to wind and sun is like going back to caves. Nuclear energy is better for future, while oil and gas should suffice for the present.
  • He ostensibly agreed with Davos; spoke with them politely and affably. The leitmotif of Davos 2021 was that the coronavirus pandemic has changed the world irrevocably, showing the incapacity of nation states to deal with problems. The global corporations should and will take control of the situation, and rebuild the world better. They will prevent epidemics and protect the climate. Why should you drive cars and fly planes, polluting the air with emissions and spreading viruses – stay at home, we will tell you everything and show you on 3D smart TV with full immersion in reality, just like in The Matrix, that may yet turn into a prophetic film.
Lockdown Predicted
Lockdown Predicted
  • At Davos, for the first time, Putin said there were but few beneficiaries of globalisation; fighting the virus is fine, but first we should prevent the IT giants seizing control over the world. Putin was so soft-spoken, so un-confrontational, and suddenly he was at the top. Read an excellent summing-up of his speech at Davos by our friend Mike Whitney, to get the point.
  • A simpler person, like me, would disagree with the bastards right away and plunge the country into a titanic struggle with slim chance of victory. But cunning Putin agrees at first and then beats the adversary by using his strength. The enemy should beware when Putin agrees with him.
  • Yet, Putin is not all-powerful even within Moscow. If we want our normal lives back, we can’t rely on Russia or China to deliver.

In Russia, the rise of the Biden regime and the Great Reset has been assessed by two men, and their assessments differ. One views it as an assault on Russia, another one says it is an assault on all of us, and first of all on Americans. The first is important for he pertains to real politics; the second is even more important for he speaks of our fate.

The first is a high-ranking adviser to the Russian Defence Minister, Andrei Ilnitsky, whose powerful appearance at the Russian Senate (Soviet Federacii) in December last year created quite a stir, when he said that “Klaus Schwab, in the name of multinationals, declared that they won’t allow us to return to a pre-Covid world. They consider Covid as their own project. No independent national states will be allowed to exist; they will rule the world.” In his view, the virus is not particularly lethal but highly contagious by design; the idea is to undermine health systems as an overture to something worse. Now he has published two policy articles (here, on the MoD site, and here, in the Parliament Newspaper, both in Russian).

Alexei Ilnitsky
Alexei Ilnitsky

Ilnitsky compares the recent utterances of the American leadership and pundits with Churchill’s Fulton (“Iron Curtain”) speech made exactly 75 years ago, March 5, 1946, the speech that launched the Cold War. Russian disobedience towards the Marshall Plan in 1946 and towards the Great Reset in 2021 was met with warlike rhetoric, and later with a hybrid war. It is an apt comparison. The Biden regime is extremely aggressive. In the first month of his rule, Biden has already killed more Syrians than did Trump in his four years. He threatens Iran, Russia and China, despite his peace-like declarations. He decided to cancel the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. And every brutal action is accompanied by his treacle words.

Biden and Hypocrisy
Biden and Hypocrisy

With Biden’s accession, hypocrisy returned to America and the planet. Trump was anything but hypocritical; Trump is gone and hypocrisy is back. While Trump bombed Syria for oil, Biden kills Syrians as “the US has right to self-defence” in order “to reduce tension in Syria.” Trump has caused outrage in the progressive US public, while Biden delights them. A typical example is Amy Siskind (pictured), a Jewish lesbian anti-Trumpist SJW ex-Wall Street manager. She enjoyed the bombing of Syria. She tweeted: “So different having military action under Biden. No middle school level threats on Twitter. Trust Biden and his team’s competence.”

SJW Siskind
SJW Siskind

Russia has not faced a team as aggressive as the Biden regime since the 1950s. If Biden were to bomb Moscow he won’t forget to say he did it for the sake of gender equality. Well, bombing is very unlikely: Russia is protected by its “dead hand” Perimeter system of Dr Strangelove fame. But a push on Russia has been called for by the ex-US Ambassador McFaul, by Admiral Charles Richard, by the State Secretary Anthony Blinken. For Ilnitsky, Schwab’s plans are just an overture to the real US war on Russia, first of all in cyberspace. In the words of Ilnitsky, “Russia will face a tough confrontation with the United States. Threats to our country will be existential.”

Why is the Biden regime is so aggressive? For the same reason revolutionary France was aggressive. (With very little success, the USSR also tried to be aggressive right after the 1917 Revolution). Biden is a front for the wannabe new planetary regime of the Big Corporations. Such regimes feel that the future is theirs; that history will approve of them; and they do not hesitate to force their agenda.

The second, and more important voice, is that of a leading Russian political philosopher Alexander Dugin, whose Manifesto Of Great Awakening. Against Great Reset (in English) was published a few days ago, on March 3rd, and has been already translated into many languages. For Dugin, the upcoming Final Battle is not the West against the East, not the US and NATO against everyone else, but liberals against humanity – including that segment of humanity in the territory of the West that rejects its own globalist elites.

Alexander Dugin
Alexander Dugin

In a nutshell, Dugin proposes to respond to their Great Reset with our Great Awakening, with our recognition of a terrible imminent danger. The Reset proclaimed by Schwab hit the road with the seizure of power in the United States by Biden. The Resetters’ goal is not just lockdown, not power, not our impoverishment; they aim to utterly destroy Man. It is the final stage of the Liberal project, stripping Man of all his collective ties. First, they disposed of the Church, then of race, nation, class, gender.

“The Church as the “mystical body of Christ” was destroyed and replaced by hobby clubs created by free consent from below… Socialists, social democrats and communists countered liberals with class identities, calling on workers around the world to unite to overturn the power of the global bourgeoisie. … Parallel to the communists, extreme nationalist forces came to power in Western Europe. They acted in the name of the “nation” or a “race,” again contrasting liberal individualism with something “common,” some “collective being”. By tactically using Soviet Russia, capitalism initially succeeded in dealing with the fascist regimes, and this was the ideological result of World War II. The ensuing Cold War between East and West by the end of the 1980s ended in a liberal victory over the Communists. Thus, the project of liberation of the individual from all forms of collective identity went through another stage.”

After defeating the external enemy, liberals have discovered two more forms of collective identity. First of all, gender. After all, gender is also something collective: either masculine or feminine. Gender required abolition, as did all other forms of collective identity. Mass migration is atomizing populations in the West using an ideology of human rights that operates with the individual without regard to cultural, religious, social or national aspects. The liberals had one last step left to take – to abolish humans. After all, the human is also a collective identity, which means that it must be overcome, abolished, destroyed, and humans replaced – albeit partially – by cyborgs, Artificial Intelligence networks, and products of genetic engineering.

A person without religion, without a homeland, without a people to belong to, and now without gender is introduced into the Singularity, when he will become one of a number of other computers and calculators, that is, he will cease to be. Dugin traces the path of liberalism from nominalism – the early medieval model of Occam – to Schwab. And right before its complete victory, the Resetters stumble upon the stone of the coming Great Awakening.

The Great Awakening is not about elites and intellectuals, but about the people, about the masses, about people as such. It’s not about ideological analysis. It is a spontaneous reaction of the masses that have suddenly realised, like cattle before the slaughterhouse, that their fate has already been decided by their rulers and that there is no more room for people in the future. The Great Awakening is spontaneous, largely unconscious, intuitive and blind.

The thesis of the Great Awakening should not be hastily loaded with ideological details, whether fundamental conservatism, traditionalism, the Marxist critique of capital, or anarchist protesting for protesting’s sake. The Great Awakening is something more organic, more spontaneous and at the same time tectonic. This is how humanity is suddenly being illuminated by the nearness of its imminent end. That is why the Great Awakening is coming from within the United States, where the Darkness is deepest. It is a cry from hell itself, from that zone where the black future has already partly arrived.

Dugin believes in the victory of Man. We are allies – American deplorables, European populists (who need to abandon the dated dispute between the left and the right), Islamic countries: Turkey and Iran, giant China, which is trying to rise on the global wave, but nevertheless opposes it, retains its civilizational identity, and last but not least Russia, with its experience of world opposition to the hegemon. The enemies are strong, but we are stronger, he says.

The power of the globalists is based on illusions, which they maniacally try to instil in our minds. The Great Reset was proclaimed by a handful of degenerate old men on the verge of dementia (like Biden, the shrivelled villain Soros, or the fat burgher Schwab) and a marginal, perverted rabble. They have the stock exchanges and the printing presses; the Wall Street crooks and the Silicon Valley inventor junkies work for them. Disciplined intelligence operatives and obedient army generals are subordinate to them. But this is negligible compared to all of humanity, to the people of labour and thought, to the depths of religious institutions and the fundamental richness of cultures.

Liberation has already begun in Texas. Their rejection of the mask regime is a proof that American people understand where they are being led. Praemonitus, praemunitus, or forewarned is forearmed.

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This article was first published at The Unz Review.