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WHO IS SHAKING THE JAR? (PART 2) – The Burning Platform

In Part 1 of this article I documented the never ending false narratives used by those shaking the jar to keep us at each other’s throats. I will now show how 2020 was a turning point in history, with an accelerating decline of our empire in progress.


The numerous examples of how those holding the jar shake it to generate conflict and chaos to achieve their Machiavellian ambitions pales in comparison with what they accomplished during the fateful year of 2020. They began shaking the jar at hypersonic speed by weaponizing the annual flu, giving it a scary name and then faking data to scare the entire world into lockdowns and mandatory masking, even though “science” said neither of those “solutions” worked against viruses. And the science was right.

But that was not enough. They needed to reignite race wars by declaring the country is infected with systematic racism, even though we have spent $25 trillion on welfare programs since the War on Poverty began in 1965. The level of shaking in 2020 should make any critical thinking person pause and ask why. They really needed a huge distraction as cover for their real purpose. As usual, just follow the money. The global financial system was on life support and was in danger of flat lining, destroying the wealth of billionaire oligarchs, corporate titans, and the Wall Street cabal.

What appears to be happening is the last dying gasps of an empire of debt as it thrashes about using un-Constitutional means to control its subjects, while injecting trillions of fiat dollars as an adrenaline treatment for a terminal cancer diagnosis. As a last resort, initiating a global war with Russia and China would certainly distract the masses and keep them from realizing the true enemy within. Turning Washington DC into an armed encampment is not to protect the government from white supremacists. It is to protect the traitorous creatures in Congress and the White House from the citizens when this diabolical plan blows up in our faces.

Inflation is already raging, but the government and Fed tell you it is 1.5%. There are 261 million working age Americans and only 127 million are employed full-time, but the government tells you the unemployment rate is 6.2%, when more than 50% of those capable of working are not. The government will tell you GDP soared in the first quarter at 6%, when we are in the midst of a government created Depression, and the GDP calculation is nothing more than the government borrowing trillions from future generations and giving a minuscule portion to current generations, with the vast majority going into the pockets of billionaire oligarchs, Wall Street, and mega-corporations. The “economic recovery” narrative is entirely false, but the jar shakers know the plebs do not understand math.

The plumbing of our astonishingly crooked financial system began to fail in September 2019, with overnight Repo rates soaring to 10%. The Fed immediately leapt into action by restarting QE (aka No Banker Left Behind) to keep the depth of our debt predicament hidden from the public. A flu released from a Chinese bio-lab, which is highly non-lethal to anyone under 80 years old, has been utilized by the jar shakers to unleash a tsunami of digital fiat (aka debt) to prop up a system being smothered by too much debt.

Since March of 2020, our beloved legislators have added $4.5 trillion to the national debt, a 20% increase in one year. The Fed has done their part by jolting their balance sheet up by $3.5 trillion, an 85% increase in one year. The current administration is saying hold my beer, as they are busy adding another $4 trillion in the next year and the Fed will add another $2 trillion or so to their balance sheet. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of small businesses have been permanently destroyed, while Bezos and the rest of his billionaire buddies have increased their net worth by tens of billions. At least your grandma is earning .015% in her savings account, while her living expenses rise by 10%. Do you get it yet?

Fed's balance sheet size to exceed $10 trillion by the end of 2021

The Covid hysteria is a narrative that only comes along once in a century, and the jar shakers could not let this manufactured crisis go to waste. They are still milking it for everything they can, as Fauci warns of variants and whatever other gibberish designed to keep the masses frightened, obedient and compliant. The entire narrative is built upon falsity, misinformation, fear, fake data, and censorship – all to benefit Big Pharma profits, increase governmental control, and initiate the Great Reset. CDC guidelines, dozens of other scientific studies, and even the warning on every box of surgical masks, confirmed masks DO NOT protect you from viruses.

Carrie Hope Fletcher on Twitter: "I keep seeing this photo and 🤦🏼‍♀️! Whilst masks may not be able to stop you from getting COVID, they help reduce the spread of your own

Fauci, head of CDC and the Surgeon General were not lying in March 2020 when they said masks do not protect you and should not be worn. They do not protect you from anything and all the data proves mask mandates did nothing to stop the spread. A virus is going to virus. The case counts skyrocketed in the winter when masks were being worn by 90% of the public. But as far as jar shaking, masks are the gift that keeps giving, as the mask worshiping cult attack non-maskers as granny killers.

Those with the common sense to realize masks are worthless theater and virtue signaling are scorned, ridiculed and ostracized by the ignorant maskers who believe everything they are told on the boob tube by self-proclaimed medical “experts. Wearing a mask gives mental weaklings a purpose in life. Masks were determined by those in control to be an ideal method of control and source of conflict to keep the plebs at each other’s throats. And it continues, despite unequivocal proof masks are useless.


The lockdown of the world by politicians following the direction of health care “expert” models has proved to be the absolute worst decision since the leaders of Europe thought the conflict started in July 1914 would be over in a few weeks. It is now clear the lockdowns were used as the main lever to undermine our democratic elections and remove Trump from office. The virus and lockdowns were used by the Deep State to ensure victory in November with an onslaught of fraudulent mail-in ballots in Democrat controlled swing states and cities.

The lockdowns were also exploited by the jar shakers to destroy small businesses and shift their revenues to mega-corporations like Amazon, Wal-Mart and Target. The destruction of the last vestiges of free market capitalism occurred in 2020, as the government, in collusion with the Federal Reserve, picked the economic winners (them) and losers (you), decided whether you were essential, redistributed wealth from the poor to the rich, set us on a path towards socialism, and laid the groundwork for the Great Reset.

The Great Reset | winter oak

The lockdowns did not slow, mitigate, or stop the spread of the virus in any way. They tell us to trust the science, but the masking and lockdowns were futile, destructive, and worthless. The rise and fall of cases followed the exact trajectory in states that locked down heavily (New York, California, Michigan) versus those that barely locked down or did not lock down at all (Florida, Georgia, South Dakota). They did not have more deaths per capita than the lockdown states, while not destroying their economy and the lives of their citizens. The untold psychological damage to our children and their educational regression can never be reversed.

But these totalitarian governors (Cuomo, Newsom, Whitmer, Wolf, Murphy) continue to act like despots, inflicting their arbitrary non-scientific based rules, regulations and mandates on the people, who have been propagandized into submission by the jar shakers. Dissenters like the owners of Atilis Gym in NJ and the Polish restaurant owner in Michigan are publicly tortured by the authorities with massive fines and jail time for attempting to keep their small businesses alive.

But it is safe to stand in line with three hundred people at Costco on a Saturday. The hypocrisy of these slimy politicians is capsulized in the picture of Newsom dining indoors at the most exclusive restaurant in California at $1,200 a plate while his subjects were locked in their homes.

FOX 11 obtains exclusive photos of Gov. Newsom at French restaurant allegedly not following COVID-19 protocols

The truth is you have a 99.7% chance of not dying from this virus, even if you contract it. Those are the facts as presented by the CDC, not conspiracy theorists. And based on the number of reported cases in the last year, you only had about a 10% chance of catching it, so your risk level is infinitesimal. It is less lethal than the annual flu to those under 50 years old.

If you are on deaths doorstep and your governor sticks infected patients into your nursing home, you are probably going to die with Covid, not from Covid. According to how they have classified other deaths, George Floyd died of Covid, not the fentanyl overdose that really killed him. The jar shakers needed high death counts to invoke fear and obedience, so they paid hospitals a bounty for all Covid classified deaths.

Fauci, Gates and their Big Pharma cohorts needed huge case counts and deaths to fast track their gene altering therapy, disguised as a vaccine. The solution was to ramp up testing to over 1 million tests per day to generate hundreds of thousands of false positives and report them as cases. It worked like a charm, as the experimental fast- tracked therapies will generate over $4 billion of profits for Pfizer in the first year, with billions more to come because we will be told it requires an annual booster shot.

Those in power are pushing, prodding, and propagandizing the masses to do their duty and get the jabs. An all-out media blitz of Hollywood stars and sports heroes are paraded before cameras getting the jab. Of course, Hank Aaron and Marvin Hagler are not able to do follow-up appearances.

Health experts urge confidence in COVID vaccine after Hank Aaron's death

The mainstream media and social media tyrants have been tasked with suppressing any information about adverse reactions and deaths from the jab. The censorship of studies proving ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were highly effective in alleviating the symptoms of Covid by the Silicon Valley suppression sycophants resulted in the deaths of people who could have been saved. But these two safe drugs, with a long history of success, are extremely cheap, costing a few dollars per treatment. Big Pharma does not benefit, so Gates’ profits would evaporate and Fauci would not get his position on the Pfizer Board after writing his book about saving the world.

Pfizer expects $15bn in Covid vaccine revenue this year | Financial Times

The most worrisome aspect of this whirlwind of vaccination propaganda is the complete disinterest among the masses about possible long-term side effects. A critical thinking individual should be worried the Big Pharma companies required the waiver of all liability for whatever unpleasant or lethal side effects their experimental gene therapies might inflict on unsuspecting dupes.

With “mister population control” Gates heavily invested in these vaccines, a conspiracy theorist like me wonders whether there is an ulterior motive to this mass vaccination assault for a flu with a 99.7% survival rate. Does the vaccine increase my odds of survival to 99.8% and at what cost? Have you been lied to, misled or misinformed by these leaders and “experts” in the last year?

As if the mandatory masking, lockdowns, and vaccine propaganda did not provide enough jar shaking in 2020, the controllers thought a nice race war would further facilitate their master plan of societal destruction, laying the groundwork for their build back better Great Reset. The entirely false narrative of systemic racism was rolled out after the death of an out-of-control felon high on fentanyl based on a partial video of a cop restraining him with a standard operating procedure technique and the death of a former EMT whose boyfriend was a drug dealer who opened fire on police as they entered their apartment.

These two dicey characters were elevated to sainthood by the professional race baiting hucksters and the Democrat controlled urban ghettos exploded in riots, looting and burning of businesses. Nothing reflects protesting systematic racism like stealing a 65-inch HDTV from Target in honor of George Floyd. After his six funerals and corporate America latching onto the anti-racism theme, with the media stirring the hate and vitriol, the entire summer was spent watching our cities burn at the hands of ANTIFA and BLM terrorists, funded by Soros.


White Americans watched this travesty play out on TV every night, wondering why the police were instructed by Democrat mayors to stand down, as their cities burned, and businesses were destroyed. Meanwhile, we were inundated with messages on TV informing all white people they are inherently racist, as corporations and universities bended the knee to this utter bullshit. The critical race theory nonsense and 1619 Project lies were pushed by fake news peddler academics and the usual suspects like Sharpton. Athletes making millions taking the knee during the national anthem to protest systemic racism was laughable.

Canceling anyone who failed to bow down before these race baiters became the cool thing to do among the low IQ liberal set. And it continues today unabated because there are too many cowardly white people unwilling to push back on the lies for fear of losing their jobs. Those controlling the narrative know they are winning so they have moved onto Dr. Seuss and Pepe Le Pew as the next step in destroying any remaining societal cohesion. The gender identity crap is also being ratcheted up to shake the jar and create mayhem and hatred. To what end?

Five children's books you didn't know were banned | Reading Partners

When you are the midst of a whirling dust storm of lies, misinformation, and relentless propaganda it is tough to rise above it all to decipher what is really happening and who is telling the truth. From my perspective I see an empire in a death throes that doesn’t realize it’s dying. Everything happening, from the desperate financial measures being employed by central bankers, to the extreme political measures being inflicted upon the populace, the military actively participating in domestic issues and being used by politicians against citizens, the purposeful tearing of the social fabric by traitorous globalist forces, and the shredding of Constitutional rights with no dissent from a feckless judicial branch, are unambiguous signs of an empire in decline.

I believe the powerful oligarchs realize what is happening and are attempting to engineer a controlled demolition so they can build back better without sacrificing their wealth, clout, and hegemony over the masses. Their goal is for you to own nothing and be happy. And if you disagree, some time in the gulag will change your attitude. The unraveling of civilization we are experiencing was already underway but has been purposely accelerated by the jar shakers over the last year to create the environment for a Great Reset.


I strongly doubt the ability of these arrogant narcissistic psychopaths to engineer a controlled demolition of an empire, without creating a chaotic financial collapse in conjunction with a global conflagration. Historian Niall Ferguson observed all great powers have risen and fallen, usually over a lengthy time frame.

“Great powers, like great men, are born, rise, reign and then gradually wane. No matter whether civilizations decline culturally, economically or ecologically, their downfalls are protracted.”

Ferguson then pondered whether modernity could create the conditions for a rapid decline. What if the speed of the modern world also translates into the speed of declines? Ferguson understands any grain of sand falling on an unstable portion of the sand pile can lead to a catastrophic collapse:

“What if collapse does not arrive over a number of centuries but comes suddenly, like a thief in the night? Great powers are complex systems. There comes a moment when complex systems ‘go critical.’ A very small trigger can set off a ‘phase transition’ from a benign equilibrium to a crisis — a single grain of sand causes a whole pile to collapse.”

Lack of courage, political corruption, excessive greed, extreme levels of debt, decadence, social decay, technological addiction and consumerism has left our country teetering on the brink of disaster. Ferguson assesses the facts and concludes collapse of the American Empire is closer than most people think:

“Most imperial falls are associated with fiscal crises. Alarm bells should therefore be ringing very loudly for the United States. A complex adaptive system is in big trouble when its component parts lose faith in its viability. Empires behave like all complex adaptive systems. They function in apparent equilibrium for some unknowable period. And then, quite abruptly, they collapse.”

Fourth Turning: The People Vs. Big Brother, The World Is Screaming For A New Financial System, And The Single Greatest Danger Facing The World Today | These Christian Times

The jar shakers have been lulled into a false sense of security, as their non-stop efforts to foment discontent and create conflict among the ants has yielded tremendous success. What if the ants realized the real enemy was holding the jar and decided to combine forces and attack the true enemy with venomous poison? The real enemy has emerged from the shadows. Those twelve-foot walls, barbed wire and armed military personnel around the Capitol signify we are already the subjects of a military junta semi-dictatorship. They fear their citizens because they know what they are doing is designed to destroy the last remnants of a once proud Republic.

The totalitarian measures implemented at all levels of government in the last year were a test run to see how far they could push you. They are now convinced you will not push back, because you have not pushed back. The moment has arrived to regain our courage, fortitude, love for country, community standards, traditions, and moral code.

The path we are on is one of destruction, decay and servitude to powerful men who do not have your best interests at heart. The future appears bleak, but we are descended from rebels and dissenters. Our descent into darkness is not a forgone conclusion. The current path should be unacceptable to any citizen who cares about future unborn generations. It is time to fight for your country. If not now, then when? The enemy has revealed themselves. Do whatever you can to thwart their agenda. Our forefathers faced greater odds.


“Here in America, we are descended in blood and in spirit from revolutionists and rebels – men and women who dare to dissent from accepted doctrine. As their heirs, may we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion.” –  Dwight D. Eisenhower

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