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My exclusive 10 minute interview with Tony Fauci - by Steve Kirsch

I offered Tony Fauci $1M if I could interview him for 10 minutes. But to get paid, he would have to answer all my questions honestly. To my surprise, he accepted. Here's the transcript.

Fauci's coronavirus forecast: 'Tough winter' could be ahead - Los Angeles  Times

OK, I didn’t really interview Tony.

Here’s the idea. I hire Tyler Fischer who does a brilliant Fauci imitation to play Fauci in the “interview” scripted below. We promote it to go viral.

The idea is to use humor to wake people up as this is one of the “tricks” to break the mass formation we are in.

Here’s the first draft of the script. Let me know what you think.

Wow Tony. I gotta be honest. I never thought you’d accept my offer.

Hey, a million bucks for 10 minutes? How could anyone turn that down! I’m not stupid.

I see you are wearing a disguise. That wasn’t part of the deal!

Look, the terms of your bet were just that I answered your questions honestly. So I decided to disguise my face so I look like that comedian… Tyler Fischer. That way, I have plausible deniability. I can simply claim it wasn’t me in the interview and it was just Tyler Fischer impersonating me. So I can fully meet the terms of your bet without any damage to my reputation. As you know from reading Bobby Kennedy’s book, I’m a pro at getting what I want while still technically meeting the terms of the deal.

Indeed you are. OK, well since I can’t revoke the bet, let’s get started. Did you fund the gain-of-function research that led to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak?

Duh. Jon Stewart revealed the whole thing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in June 2021. The funny thing is he was telling the truth. Everyone thought he was joking.

Yeah, I saw that episode. I know what you mean. I thought he was telling the truth, but most people thought he was joking. So is the vaccine safe?

Are you kidding me? Hell no! I’d never take it. I got a saline shot. The vaccine has killed… oh I’d guess around 400,000 Americans and permanently disabled an equivalent amount. You know that because it matches your estimates. But nobody’s ever going to figure that out because we’ve trained everyone to believe that the vaccines are “safe and effective.” And we paid the fact checkers to discredit your analysis with bullshit statements like “correlation doesn’t imply causation.” The deal is that when people die after vaccination, it’s always from a cardiac arrest, brain hemorrhage, pulmonary embolism, multiple organ failure, or something else. Because there isn’t a single telltale cause of death, every single one of these deaths can simply be written off as coincidence, not related to the vaccine. There are only a few pathologists like Peter Schirmacher and Dr. Arne Burkhardt who know how to do a proper autopsy and have the right tests, enough time, and the skills. When that happens, we just ignore them. Nobody in the US has even heard of Schirmacher. Sure, he’s one of the world’s top pathologists, but nobody knows that. So they ignored him when he said 40% of the deaths after vaccination in the cases he looked at were likely caused by the vaccine. For autopsies done by coroners, we ignore them like we did in the case of Joseph Keating. It works. This is the biggest con job in American history, it’s done in plain sight right in front of the medical community and the mainstream media, and nobody is asking any questions. Do you understand how stupid people are? I mean take the case of Maddie de Garay. She was a perfectly healthy 12-year-old who was in the Pfizer clinical trial. The vaccine destroyed her life. She’s a quadriplegic now. But we told Pfizer to report it as abdominal pain and everyone at the FDA and CDC looked the other way. And the mainstream press asked no questions. They are as dumb as a doornail. Fraud right under their noses, and even after that asshole Senator Ron Johnson tried to get press coverage on the injury, we had the story killed everywhere. The rates of myocarditis are 1 in 100 in schools which is a fucking train wreck, but there isn’t a single school that is saying anything about it. They are all chickshit to say anything. Steve, I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t think I could pull this off, but I did. I created the virus and then led the effort to ensure that the response would be ineffective so that I could make billions of dollars on this for the next 10 years. They are so dumb that they may never figure this out. Even if you show them this video, they won’t believe it.

OK, so the vaccine isn’t safe. You’ve admitted that. Is it effective?

Yeah. If it doesn’t kill you, there will be some immunity benefit since your body will know how to recognize the spike protein. There was a paper from Denmark showing the immunity against Omicron lasts for around 30 days or so. After that, if you don’t get boosted, you’ll be left in an immune compromised state that is worse than if you didn’t take the vaccine at all. That’s called “negative” vaccine efficacy. So we basically after the first booster, people are forced to get vaccinated every month because there is no way out because their immune system is so fucked up by then. It’s like a heroin addiction; once you start, you can’t stop. The mandates kick start the whole process. We tell people it’s all about herd immunity. We never tell them that creating an effective vaccine against an RNA virus is nearly impossible because the virus mutates too quickly. But by the time they figure this out, it will be too late… people will be on their fourth booster and by then, their immune system will be shot to hell and we’ll be able to sell protection against everything. There will be no way out. We spent a long time planning this. This isn’t my first rodeo, as you know from reading Kennedy’s book. I’ve been at this a long time, but this time it’s working perfectly.

OK, so we have a vaccine that isn’t safe or effective. How did you get them to mandate it?

Easy. Fear. We told people that it was their civic duty to get vaccinated to protect others. And you know what? Not a single person asked for the risk-benefit analysis on that one. Can you believe that? Not a single person asked us to justify it. They trust us completely on everything we say. They don’t verify it at all. So we created this story that to beat the virus, everyone has to be vaccinated. Done. We sent out talking points saying to accuse people of being selfish if they didn’t get the vax. We advised people to only hang out with fully vaxxed people by convincing them they would die if they got the virus from an unvaccinated person, and that it was rare for a vaccinated person to get the virus. We can lie like that because nobody has access to the statistics to prove we just made that up.

Wow. I’m impressed. What about masks? Why did you need to mandate that? It seems senseless since masks don’t help.

OK, well you and I both know, masks don’t work. Surgical and cloth masks do nothing and N95’s are only slightly better. All the randomized trials showed that. But nobody reads the studies so they don’t know that. So we tell them they work. Heck, if people were serious about protecting themselves, they’d get a P100 respirator. Those are 50 times more effective than an N95. But we don’t tell anyone that because we don’t want the pandemic to end. So we give them a useless intervention where they think it works so they never ask questions about the P100. The other thing about masks is that we use them to identify people who aren’t brainwashed. In about 6 months from now, we’ll round up all these non-compliant people and put them into quarantine camps where we will deprive them of food and water and sleep so that we can reprogram them to comply with whatever we say without asking questions.

That’s pretty sinister, but I can definitely see how you can make a lot of money doing that. We haven’t talked about early treatment. Why did you suppress that?

Steve, everyone in the field knows that early treatment with safe, repurposed drugs would have ended the pandemic immediately. So in March 2020 when Fareed and Tyson reached out to the CDC and NIH about their protocol that had a perfect track record in keeping people from dying and being hospitalized, we ignored that. We made sure there was no money for clinical trials to test any of this stuff. Ivermectin was a threat of course, but we basically paid people to write meta-analyses of cherry picked studies to prove it didn’t work. If the NIH doesn’t bless it, physicians aren’t going to prescribe it. We pulled the same stunt with fluvoxamine. That drug was a huge threat to us; it reduces the risk of death by a factor of 12. It took us a month to figure out how to write our analysis to make it look like the drug didn’t work. Cliff Lane pulled it off for me. Virtually all physicians bought our revised story; hook line and sinker. The doctors at Johns Hopkins weren’t fooled, but they’re too small to matter. Virtually every other institution follows whatever we say without question. We’ve trained them well. It took decades.

OK, my time is just about up. Why all the censorship?

I’m sure you’re familiar with the work of Mattias Desmet on mass formation. If people find out the truth, we’re screwed. Censorship is required for this to work. We make the whole campaign look totally legit. We tell the public, “this is just to protect you from harmful information.” They eat it up. Can you believe that? It’s amazing. We have all the mainstream media and social media companies believing us. They don’t question anything we say. We also got every single medical board threaten doctors with taking away their license to practice medicine if they speak the truth. Nobody does because few people are stupid enough to sacrifice their income for the rest of their life for their principles. The few that do, we tag as evil misinformation spreaders or insane just like we did with Robert MaloneMeryl Nass and others. When people see how we’ve destroyed the careers of legit medical doctors, they make the smart choice to comply. For scientists at universities, we cut their NIH funding for life if they speak out. So nobody speaks against us which then causes the public to totally believe what we say since there is no resistance. It’s so perfect that even if anyone find this out, nobody is going to believe it could be true. I’m serious.

So in other words, what you’re saying is that the mind control is so strong that even if this interview goes viral, nobody will believe anything you just told me in the last ten minutes.

That’s exactly right. No chance that this interview is going to change anyone’s mind. If anyone asks, I’ll deny it was me and just claim it was Tyler Fischer impersonating me and lying about everything. Your time is up. Thanks for the million bucks.

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