Thursday, January 27, 2022

OH CANADA - know what a tyrant fears by what he will not allow to be spoken and boy do they not want you talking about this:

know what a tyrant fears by what he will not allow to be spoken

and boy do they not want you talking about this:


canada: the talking points vs the reality

there seems to be some divergence in between the “official narrative” in canada and what is really going on on the ground.

let’s start with trudeau:

and take it piece by piece:

“small, fringe minority.”

this seems a pretty specious claim.

some seem to be arguing over whether this breaks records (and no, it probably was not measured for the guineess book) but that’s a sideshow. it’s the silly misframing to hide the larger point in semantic squabble. who cares if it’s in guinness?

this is big, it’s a genuine mass movement. and people are behind it and tired of their lives being “justin tyranny.”

“hold unacceptable views”

i mean, wow. just wow. i had to listen to that one for myself to believe it. it’s one of the most arrogant, lunatic, self-important things i have ever heard a western leader say. sorry, but you say something like that about people simply asking for freedom and you are unfit for office. period.

it means you do not understand what your job is.

real leaders of free societies serve the people and safeguard their rights and liberty. the people do not serve the leader and need them to delineate what is and is not acceptable to think.

the whole notion is, frankly, disgusting.

“undermining the rights and freedoms and values of canada.”

sorry, but all i see when he says that is this:

Kamran on Twitter: "I have seen tweets from @BJP4Delhi & @nsitharaman  condemning violence in JNU. Here is what their German Counterpart Goebbels  has to say.. "Accuse the other side of what you

he’s using every scummy trick in the book. straw manning, othering, vilification, and outright lies to attempt to shift the blame here.

but the battle lines are simple:

trudeau stands for totalitarian fascism and submission. he stands for mandatory accession to a regime of medical treatment that people do not want and for the denial of basic human rights and agency to those who refuse.

he wants ID to track you and he just told you point blank who he thinks is the judge of what views it is “acceptable” for you to hold.

that’s a tyrant and a demagogue.

he’s been working up to this for some time.

bad cattitude
incipient canadian fascism as harbinger for the totalitarian world tour
recently i spoke about the viciousness of tribalism. this is what that looks like in action. watch this video. it’s chilling…
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this is a direct quote:

he’s been trying to call this group racist, sexist, anti-vaxxer, and any other epithet that will stick.

but none of it is true. it’s the ramblings of a broken mind turning on itself. someone quipped the other day that “the good part about socialists is that they always end up shooting each other.”

this is why that happens. the spiral totally out of control because they cannot believe that they are not right. the will not believe it. every new fact, ever failed 5 year plan, every vaccine disaster just makes them double down again because they are narcissistic ideologues and to do anything but double down and deny the validity or even the possibility of any other viewpoint constitutes existential abnegation for them.

the cannot tell themselves apart from the platonic forms of their ideas. they are the science. they are the common good. they are reason. their right to rule is absolute and every opposition to it is a reactionary rebellion by evil people who must be crushed.

these are very dangerous people.

they portray you and your freedom as “intolerable” to mask that it is they themselves who cannot be tolerated.

they must NOT be tolerated.

their views and pathologies are antithetical to liberty, personal agency, freedom, and human flourishing.

know what a tyrant fears by what he will not allow to be spoken

and boy do they not want you talking about this:

this is direct action in defense of freedom. these people are heroes and patriots.

and the true power lies with them. it always has.


this is the way.

these are not antivaxxers. most ARE vaxxed.

these are anti-mandaters, and that distinction is one you can drive a truck through.

“We’re going to end mandates,” convoy co-organizer Chris Barber said.

“It’s not about anti-vaccination — that’s everybody’s personal choice — this is about the mandates,” said Barber.

He added:

“The straw that broke the camel’s back was the U.S.A. border for commercial drivers, and you have to show the COVID passport — a lot of guys are going to lose their jobs over that.”

Barber, a truck driver of 28 years, said he himself is vaccinated, but he wants to support fellow drivers who are not.

“This (COVID-19 vaccination) passport has gone too far,” said Barber. “If we can’t get across the border freely, and we’re being forced to [be vaccinated] by the federal government, we can take a stand or we can’t.”

these are not “unacceptable views.” this is the bedrock foundation of basic liberty.

these are free people who will not submit the imposition of “health passports” because they know where that leads. they know what follows the thin end of that wedge if you allow it to be driven in. this leads to “your papers please” as a prerequisite to having a life.

and pretty soon, they stop saying please.

and pretty soon, they attach your bank accounts, your job, your social media, your kids, and everything else they can find to it and you have a real live social credit system to impose remote control totalitarian tyranny.

anyone who still thinks this is a conspiracy theory needs to remember that these same people were calling vaccine passports a conspiracy theory what, 3 or 4 months ago? you could get kicked off twitter for claiming they were coming.

the distance between “that’s a conspiracy theory” and “of course the government is doing that and here’s why it’s a good thing for you” is getting awfully short around here.

The more you know history, the less you trust the government… :  r/Wallstreetsilver

but many saw this whole arc for what it was right from the beginning because it’s the same pernicious playbook from the 30’s.

even if you missed that, the minute they denied natural immunity and claimed that only vaccines can stop spread, you knew proof positive that this had nothing to do with a virus.

this dude turned out to be the expert.

the "experts” turned out to be accomplices.

these truckers want to break this cycle before it goes really, really bad.

and they can.

watch tyrannical trudie’s face in that video at the top. compare it to the one linked in the incipient fascism post.

he’s not smug anymore. he looks harried. he looks scared.

that’s because this is real and this is what works. this is the massive uprising and the sign that the people are NOT with him. and no one will be able to miss it anymore.

trudeau has a 36% approval rating and if this holds, it’s going to end him. and what a good riddance to bad baggage that will be.

his government deserves to fall.

and the people deserve better.

and this is how they get it.

this is not “let’s march and carry signs on sunday and go back to work on monday".” this is “let’s bring this place to a dead stop until you stop vilifying and attacking us and trying to take our rights away.”

this is real pressure, peaceful and implacable.

justin would have you believe these are the deluded few.

but they are not.

they are the enlightened many.

justin would have you believe these are the enemies of the state.

but they are not.

they are its champions.

justin would have you call these people science deniers and racists and misogynists seeking to drag you into darkness.

but they are not.

they are the light.

it is trudeau and his WEF ideologue cronies who comprise the darkness and the night they bring is indeed full of terrors.

these people are liars and manipulators. they are demagogues and denigrators. they divide and they conquer and to this end they have erected a cultish system of submission as hallucinatory as it is oppressive.

and their time is done.

they had a shot at the off ramps, and they chose not to take them.

they have overplayed their hand.

they woke the lions.

this is the good fight.

join it, support it, cheer it on and lend your voices.

this is what ungovernability looks like.

this is emergent order and action to restore liberty.

you get to keep the rights that you’re willing to fight for. no more. but no less either.

this is the template.

this is the way.