Thursday, January 20, 2022

The Ever-Shifting Narrative - By eric

 One of the tools psychopaths use to keep their victims off-balance, confused and unable to understand they’re being victimized is to constantly shift the narrative. They change the subject serially, so their victim never has a chance to finalize dealing with this before having to deal with that.

Consider the way the narrative about “vaccines” has shifted.

At first, the narrative purred that these “vaccines” miraculously Warp Speeded into existence would end the “crisis” (in the usual air-fingers quotes to emphasize the falsity of usage in the case of a sickness that 99.8-something percent of those who get it recover from) just like that.

Salvation! Deliverance! Our freedoms returned!

We were assured – to a “95 percent” certainty – by the head psychopath-in-supposed-charge, the Biden Thing, that those who got “vaccinated” – just the once, you’ll recall – could not get or give the sickness.

This lie caused millions to willingly get “vaccinated” in the early months of 2021. Many of them probably would have thought twice about it if they had known the truth, beforehand.

Now they know the shot they got – it is not a vaccine – didn’t confer the immunity they thought they were getting. The thing specifically touted by the Biden Thing.

Even if you’ve had three or four “vaccinations.”

People began to ask perky questions. The primary one being – why should I get a “vaccination” that doesn’t immunize me against getting sick? And what is the point of a “vaccine” that doesn’t prevent the further spread of sickness?

Change the subject – quickly.

“Vaccines” reduce the severity of sickness. Those who get “vaccinated” – over and over again – can still get sick, it’s true.

But the psychopaths pushing the new narrative coo that you are less likely to become seriously sick (How much less likely that is – given the established recovery rate of 99.8-something percent for the unvaccinated – is a math problem apparently too ponderous for examination) if you just take the shots.

Plural – and ongoing.

Never ending.

In prior normal times, this shifting of definitions (and just trust us, this time) would go over about as well as the promises of a known check-bouncer that the check he just wrote you won’t bounce, this time. Yes, indeed! The money’s in the bank.

Rest assured.

How many would accept a second check from a known check-bouncer? Never mind, it’ll go through, this time. Or maybe next time. No, wait. It’s all ok if you accept that a “check” means you might get paid. Maybe not full face value, but something is better than nothing, eh?

Vaccines immunize. Clearly cut. Either they do – or they don’t.

If they don’t, then there’s a much weaker case for taking them. Especially if by taking them one assumes the risk of potential consequences more serious than the sickness they’re not being immunized against.

There is no moral case to be made for forcing anyone to take them. No more case, at any rate, than forcing people to exercise and follow good eating habits, which also reduces the severity (and likelihood of) sickness. And which would also address the secondary argument trotted out by the “vaccine” pushers about “overwhelmed” hospitals. Which are “overwhelmed” with people who don’t exercise and have terrible eating habits. Getting them to lose weight and exercise would be far “safer” – and much more “effective” – than forcing people who are healthy to accept being shot up with a “vaccine” that doesn’t immunize. Over and over and over again. No matter how long it takes not to work.

“Vaccines”  . . . “climate change” . . .

There is dark brilliance in the purposeful ambiguity of these terms. They can mean whatever those who bandy them about want them to mean at any given moment – and there’s no clearcut way to challenge that which has no specific meaning.

To what degree, exactly, is the “climate” changing? How, precisely? What is the mechanism, specifically. Can you show me the data? Never mind all of that. It is just  . . . changing.

Warmer today, colder tomorrow.

Whatever way – and to whatever degree – it is always evidence of “crisis.” One that never ends. No matter what doesn’t happen – or does. Because something is always happening. And it has got to be stopped.

Just like the “spread.”

Magnificent, isn’t it?

Take this “vaccine.” It will reduce the chances you’ll get seriously sick. To what degree, exactly? For how long? How many “vaccines” will I have to take?

Never mind that. Just take the “vaccine” . . . and this one. And then the next one. The fact that the last one didn’t prevent you from getting sick doesn’t mean this one won’t prevent you from getting sick.

Meaningful specificity – as in a vaccine that confers immunity or not – and a climate that is warming or cooling dangerously and for unnatural reasons – is precisely what power-lusting psychopaths want taken off the table because it provides the target with a basis for evaluating – and rebutting – the ever-shifting-claims made by the psychopath.

These claims have no end because there is no end to the demonic urge of the psychopath to keep his victim in perpetual catch-up mode, desperately trying to figure out how to deal with the latest claim while simultaneously trying to structure a counter to the prior claim. On and on it goes.

Forever, if the victim allows it.

. . .

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