Thursday, July 28, 2022

American Econ?

 “Dr. Roberts doesn’t mention the other thing that proves we have no economy: 50% of the people in the US take their living from government in one form or the other, which means that actually 75% take their living from government, counting the half of the retail workers who serve them. That’s right, half of the people take their living from government, either working for government or receiving welfare or pensions. Of the 50% who live off government, about 3/5 live off of state or local government, the other 2/5 off the federal government.”

The above was summarized well by Karen Kwiatkowski in her Lew Rockwell post on the fact that America has a GDP but no real economy. After all, it was the fractional 1% which changed our industrial capitalism to financial capitalism – all of which Michael Hudson explained in his recent posts on the collective globalist disastrous consequences on the American economy.

If you really want to dig into this, you can key word search my library where KK’s article was archived and begin the process of educating yourself as I have been educated by others.

But there is good news…..Globalism is destined to fail –