Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Unravelling of the UK and the Western World and Their Reconfiguration | The Vineyard of the Saker

 By Batiushka for the Saker Blog

Introduction: The UK

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) has a population of 67.1 million. It is then the fourth most populous country in Europe, after Russia, Germany and, just, France. This UK as such has existed only since 1921, after the independence of Eire or the Republic of Ireland, which had been forced into union with Great Britain, that is, England, Wales and Scotland in 1801. The term ‘Great’ Britain has its origin not in some ‘greatness’, but only in the need to avoid confusion with ‘Lesser Britain’, now called Brittany, which is today part of the French ‘Empire’. Thus, ‘Great’ only means ‘Larger’ and nothing else, despite what ignorant British nationalist bigots may tell you in their tabloids. What are the political compositions of the four countries of the present UK?

The Four Countries

1. Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland, also called Ulster, has a population of 1.9 million. Politically it is divided between Catholic parties (left of centre and Irish Nationalist) and Protestant parties (right of centre and ethnically originally largely Scottish). It will inevitably one day be reunited with the Republic of Ireland, with its population of 5 million, and so the purely artificial and tragic partition of the island of Ireland will cease. That will be a day of rejoicing.

2. Wales

Wales has a population of 3.2 million. It was finally conquered by Norman-run London in 1283. Heavily anglicised, only in the West, especially in the rural North-West, is it Welsh-speaking and the left of centre Welsh Nationalist Party is strong there. In this way, but only in this way, it is like the Ukraine, where the West, especially the rural North-West, is Ukrainian-speaking and nationalist, only there extreme right-wing. In other respects, anglicised Wales and Welsh politics are dominated by the same parties as in England (see below). Wales will only find itself again once England has found its identity again.

3. Scotland

Scotland has a population of 5.5 m. Tricked, or rather bribed, into union with England (and Wales) in 1707, its overwhelmingly strong political force today is the highly dictatorial and calvinistic Scottish Nationalist Party, run by its angry lesbian leader. The Nationalists desperately want to leave the Union with England and Wales, though they cannot get a majority for a referendum on independence at the moment.

4. England

England has a population of 56.5 million, in other words, it has 85% of the total UK population and is by far the wealthiest part of the UK. Politically, its situation is complex, with basically only three political parties of any importance.

The Conservative or Tory Party is composed of two parts. The grassroots and largely working class part is Sovereignist, that is, pro-Brexit and anti-Woke, and generally quite principled. However the moneyed part of the Party is less pro-Brexit, more pro-Woke and largely completely unprincipled. Their only real criterion is Mammon. The symbols of their mentality are leaders like Cameron, a descendant of slave-traders and who introduced gay marriage against the wishes of the shocked grassroots of his Party, and Johnson, the master of the moral vacuum and of a Party which suffers from one sex scandal after another. Some are beginning to wonder whether all of his Members of Parliament (MPs) are perverts.

The Labour Party is also composed of two parts. On the one hand, there are authentic socialists like the former leader, Jeremy Corbyn, a woolly-minded, left-wing idealist, pro-Palestinian, pro-Cuban, inspired by the 1960s. However, in reality, the Labour Party is dominated by multi-millionaires, like the present Starmer, or Blair before him, who are actually more right-wing than any Conservative leader. They are about as socialist as the Queen of England. For them the Labour Party is merely a ladder for their personal power-seeking career. The present leader, Starmer, only got the job because he is married to a Jewess and his children are Jews. Such is the power of the money-money Israel lobby in the UK.

There is also a small and effete third Party, called the Liberal Democrats. It is largely supported by the upper middle-class and those who would like to be as rich as they are. It gets few votes, except for protest votes, as most of its supporters are too busy with their wine-glasses in their villas in Tuscany and the Dordogne to vote.

As in many Western countries, UK elections are characterised by low turn-outs, though higher than in the US. If there was someone who actually represented the people, then many more might vote, but there is not, there are just unprincipled Party machines.

The Disintegration of the UK

Ever since the collapse of the overseas British Empire, which included most of overseas Ireland, the unity of the UK has been under threat. This is because UK unity was the first step towards the construction of the British Empire, just as the construction of the American Empire began with its internal territorial conquests in North America, from the Native Americans, France, Spain/Mexico and of course from the Civil War. Only then did it look to imperial conquests overseas. Thus the loss of the overseas empire is inevitably leading to the end of the empire in the Isles. What was constructed in the past is now being deconstructed, in reverse order. Ireland (1801) has gone first and will be followed by Scotland (1707) and then Wales (1283) and in turn England (1066) will be regionalised.

As regards this deconstruction, the partial Irish independence of a century ago will undoubtedly turn into full independence and a united Ireland. Then will come the internal disintegration of the island of Great Britain itself. Each of the three countries and races on the island of Great Britain has its own identity. Scotland will not remain in the artificial Union of three centuries ago, though its separation could take several more years yet. The disintegration of the Union between Wales and England will probably take longer and be dependent on international pressures.

International pressures, such as those incurred by the present disastrously backfiring anti-Russian Western sanctions, could precisely be the ones that will lead to the internal collapse of the English/Welsh Union and then to the regionalisation of England. Here we are talking about the unwinding of the millennial Norman history of the island of Britain and a return to national roots, in other words, a radical return, for all. The collapse of the political parties in England and Wales (they have already collapsed in Scotland and they never existed in Ireland) will accompany this collapse.

The Disintegration of the Western World

The full disintegration or unraveling of the UK, which is such an integral part of the Western world, will take place as part of the disintegration or unraveling of the Western world as a whole. That is inevitable because the whole Western world is an artificial construct. In an age of deconstruction, all constructs vanish, though of course we do not know when. Nevertheless, all four parts of the Western world will surely decompose. Here are those parts, in order of their most recent foundation:

1. Asia

The US-Jewish coIony of Israel in western Asia, founded in 1948 and armed to the teeth by the USA, treats the native Palestinians in the same way as European settlers in North America treated its native peoples, by locking them up in concentration camp ‘reservations’. Israel must at last find reconciliation with the native Palestinians, whom it has dispossessed. Otherwise it will be annihilated.

In eastern Asia, Korea, formally divided into two in 1948, will surely be reunited. South Korea will unite with North Korea and, like Vietnam, the artificial, US-imposed partition of the peninsula will be abolished.

Taiwan, taken over by the US in September 1945, will be reunited with the rest of China and another artificial division, largely the result of the commercial appetites of US arms dealers, will be overcome.

Japan, a US colony since August 1945 after the US had dropped Atom Bombs on it, will surely refind its freedom and its cultural roots and stop aping the West like a chimpanzee and become itself once more.

2. Oceania

New Zealand is essentially a British colony in the Pacific. However, its native Maori people, about 15% of the total population, are concentrated in the north-east of the North Island. They may yet form their own nation and New Zealand could become two different nations within a federation.

Australia may not have a future as a European colony. Perhaps it will divide into several states, with the European colony in the south-east, the western half of the continent populated by Chinese and Indonesians and the north by its native peoples.

3. North America

Canada could yet divide into three states. Leaving English-speaking Canada to find its identity, Quebec will surely refind its French roots as a separate entity. An independent Alaska could link up with the indigenous peoples of the north of Canada across to Greenland to found a united First Nation of native peoples, thus forming an Inuit Nation, stretching all the way across the vast far north of North America.

The USA will surely not survive. All the south was stolen from Mexico. New Mexico and all the Spanish-speaking and Spanish-named south, will surely one day again become Old Mexico. Surely some other part of the south will become New Africa, just as in the north-east there will be a new New England and the West Coast may yet obtain independence. Alaska and Hawaii will surely also recover their freedom.

4. Europe

The borders of several European countries make little sense, though there are exceptions, such as the well-established Nordics – Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland, as well as Portugal and Malta. Many borders in Eastern Europe, especially of Hungary and in the Western Balkans are unjust. As for Western Europe, it is full of artificial countries, whose borders or even identities were only invented in the nineteenth century. These include France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Belgium. France has to find a way out for Corsica, Alsace, Brittany and the Basque Country, Spain must at least resolve the problems of the Basque Country and Catalonia. Trinational Belgium, largely established by Great Britain in 1830 as a remarkably unsuccessful buffer-state, seems to have little reason to exist. And the peoples who live in the German Federation may yet wish to refind their own roots in their own countries as before Prussian unification.

Conclusion: The Reconfiguration of the Western World

All the specifics above are only possible or, in some cases, probable. Only some of it may come to pass. However, just as change is inevitable, so the coming reconfiguration of the UK and the whole Western world is also inevitable. And just as change can be positive, so the possible reconfiguration of the Western world can be positive. Unravelling, decomposition and disintegration, need not only mean Johnsonesque and Bidenesque buffoonery, ignominy and depravity. They do not have to mean the purely negative, which is why we use the term reconfiguration.

Global multipolarity fundamentally means freedom.  Western people can now unload and liberate themselves from their self-imposed burden of imaginary superiority and refind their own souls and identities. The meaning of Operation Z is precisely freedom from that burden of hubris. And that means the end to the self-appointed exceptionalism, that is, self-justified arrogance, of what the future dustbin of history will remember as ‘the Western world’. It is time for the Western world to become just a number of nations, which fit in with and co-operate with the rest of the world, locally and internationally, and be like any other members of the global family.