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The End of Castle Europe and the First Day of Freedom | The Vineyard of the Saker

By Batiushka for The Saker

And they filled the whole land with these castles. They sorely burdened the unhappy people of the country with forced labour on the castles; and when the castles were built, they filled them with devils and wicked men.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, 1137

Introduction: The Three Aims of the SMO Revised

It has now been officially admitted that the three aims of the Allied Special Operation in the Ukraine, the liberation of the Donbass, and the demilitarisation and denazification of the Ukraine, have had to be extended. This is firstly because of the resistance of the Neo-Nazi regime in Kiev to the liberation of the peoples of the Ukraine and secondly because of the support given to that regime by pro-Nazi regimes. Those regimes, known as ‘The Collective West’, are the regimes, representing only 13% of the world population, which have extended the war, both in time and in space.

This change was implicitly confirmed on 28 July by Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary to President Putin, who declared that ‘the whole of the Ukraine needs to be denazified’. This means that most, or even all, of the Ukraine is going to be liberated, not just the Crimea, the two provinces of the Donbass and the surrounding four provinces of Kharkov, Dnipropetrovsk, Kherson and Zaporozhie. These fully- or partly-liberated provinces are being attacked from further away: clearly their liberation will not be complete until those attacks from further away have been stopped, even if that means proceeding right to the Ukrainian border with Poland. (And if NATO countries dared attack the liberated Ukraine from within their borders, then…).

As for the second aim of demilitarisation, which is ongoing in the Ukraine and has reached a high level as a result of the Russian destruction of military hardware and those willing to use it, it too has had to be extended. The extension is necessary because of the military hardware being sent to the Ukraine from the rest of the Collective West, that is, from Non-Russian Europe (just over 50% of European territory) and from the USA. Both have begun sending the Ukraine their weapons for destruction by Russia. However, the third aim, of denazification, both in the Ukraine and, as we explain below, even more in the rest of Non-Russian Europe, is far more complex. Let us explain this through what may at first seem to be rather academic historical considerations concerning English and Western history. Please be patient. There is a point to this.


Since 1945 Non-Russian Europe has been dominated politically, economically and militarily by one group, commonly known as ‘Anglo-Saxons’, as represented by the flags of the conquering American and British. Here we need a word of explanation, for the term is quite inaccurate. The primary historical use of the term ‘Anglo-Saxon’ is by Latin chroniclers and later academics to denote the civilisation and people of pre-1066/pre-Norman/pre-Conquest/pre-Feudal England. These people themselves did not use that term to denote their language or civilisation. They spoke what they called ‘Englisc’, what is now called by linguists ‘Old English’, and they called themselves ‘Anglecynn’, that is to say, those akin to the Angles/English. The correct historical term for them is the Early English, or sometimes the Old English.

The rest is largely Norman (= Viking) mythology, or rather, anti-English propaganda. For example, the term ‘Anglo-Saxon England’ is very strange – ‘English-ruled England’ (see below) would be accurate. As another example of anti-English propaganda, there is the modern term ‘Anglo-Saxon’ to denote swear words. This purely anti-English term relates to words that were often introduced into English from medieval Dutch. Finally, the correct political term for ‘Anglo-Saxons’, an expression used especially by Non-English, including Americans (e.g. the American term ‘WASP’), would be ‘Amero-Anglians’ – not ‘Anglo-Americans’. This is because since 1940 and the advent of the Amero-Anglian Churchill the UK has been no more than a yapping but cowardly Washington poodle.

As an alternative to the inaccurate ‘Anglo-Saxons’, you could use the acronym US-UK-CA-AUS-NZ, ‘the Five Eyes’, to denote what many would prefer to call the ‘Anglosphere’. This is the equivalent of what Russians call ‘The Russian World’ (Русский мир), which could be translated as ‘The Russosphere’. Curiously, Western propaganda states that the term ‘Anglosphere’ is perfectly acceptable and respectable, but the term ‘The Russian World’, banned in several countries dominated by US-appointed elites, is racist, aggressive and even ‘heretical’!

English-Ruled England

Even the most badly-educated English people – and there are a lot of them, given the appalling contemporary Western educational systems – know one date in history: 1066. This is the date of the Norman invasion by William the Conqueror’ (correctly, ‘the Bastard’) and ongoing occupation by the Norman ‘Establishment’, with its upper-class Franco-Norman, what is now called ‘BBC’, accent. There followed the feudalisation (the feudal system was unknown in England before 1066) and genocide of the English people, those called by pro-Norman/anti-English propagandist historians ‘Anglo-Saxons’. This resulted in the exile of thousands of its people, notably its royal line to Kiev and many of its nobles to Constantinople.

There was English resistance to the jackboot of the feudal Normans, sent with the encouragement of the Pope of Rome from the top of the feudal pyramid, and accompanied by moneylenders from Rouen, Jews, who had previously never lived in England. Resistance was led by such folk-heroes as Hereward in the East of England and Eadric in the West of England. These folk-leaders were attempting to repeat the feat of national defence of King Alfred, the only English ruler ever to be called ‘the Great’. That they failed to repeat his exploit, of defeating the Vikings (Danish pirates) in the ninth century, by defeating the Vikings (Norman pirates) in the eleventh century, is hardly surprising. This is because the last English King, Edmund Ironside, the great-great-great grandson of King Alfred, had already been murdered by Danish Vikings (Danish pirates) in 1016. There were no more English Kings after Edmund in 1016.

Edmund Ironside was succeeded by the Viking leader Knut (Canute) and three foreign successors including the half-Norman, half-Danish traitor Edward ‘the Confessor’, who in 1051 had his Norman agents build the first castle in England, marking the beginning of ‘Castle England’ (see below). The Confessor was followed by Normans, French (Plantagenets), Welsh (Tudors), Scots (Stuarts), Dutch (Orange) and Germans (Hanoverians/Saxe-Coburg-Gotha/ ’Windsor’). These peoples are collectively known to Non-Western Europeans as ‘Franks’. In summary: there has not been an English King or Queen of England for over a thousand years, since 1016. Indeed, at various points the Welsh, the Scots and the Irish have also, like the English, had to put up with these foreign, pseudo-English, monarchs.

Alien-Ruled Europe

So, after this deviation, what is the link with the Ukraine? We speak of all this because the fate of the English is only an example of the fate of all Non-Russian Europeans, that is, to be ruled by ‘pirates’, by foreign or alien elites – just as in today’s Ukraine. The most visible symbol of domination and oppression by alien elites remains the castles which they built to oppress the people. Significantly, from the Atlantic coasts of Portugal and Ireland to the westernmost borders of present-day Ukraine (google a map to see), that is, all over Non-Russian Europe, ‘encastellation’ was the sign of the oppression of the peoples of Europe by pirate elites. Thus Non-Russian Europe can visibly be called ‘Castle Europe’. Castles, even if in ruins today, were and are the stone-walled concentration camps, watchtowers and symbols of the Feudal Western elite, from the eleventh century on.

When that Feudal Age ended, the worst thing that happened to Castle Europe was that it discovered the New World. This was the worst thing because it meant that the same conquering mentality (e.g. the ‘Conquistadors’) was taken unopposed overseas, in order to enslave yet more peoples there, to project onto them the piracy that Castle Europe had to offer. But there was even worse to come. In the twentieth century the richest and most powerful New World colony, just like Castle Europe, genocided its native peoples, whom it called ‘savages’, as if they were wild animals, in order to asset-strip their natural resources. Having sent the survivors to concentration camps, which it called ‘reservations’, guarded by castles, which it called ‘forts’, it came back to invade Castle Europe, dominate it and haunt it.

Thus, all over Castle Europe today, from the towers of medieval castles, as from other Castle Europe buildings, including Castle Europe ‘churches’, which often look like mini-castles, fly Ukrainian flags. Why? Because the US-appointed Castle Europe pirate elites have ordered it, because for them the Ukraine is their private ‘reservation’, that is, their own concentration camp. In other words, Castle Europe is still ruled by an alien and alien-appointed elite, just the same as ever. Its new castles are called ‘bases’ and ‘camps’, e.g. ‘Ramstein Air Base’ in Germany or ‘Camp Bondsteel’ in Kosovo. Same thing. We have gone from Feudal (Norman/Frankish) Europe to Neo-Feudal (American) Europe. And ‘Feudal’ translates into modern language as ‘necon’, ‘neoliberal’ or simply, for Russians especially, ‘Nazi’. This is why we can clearly see that the demilitarisation and denazification of the Ukraine will inevitably lead in time to the demilitarisation and denazification of Non-Russian Europe, that is, of Castle Europe.

Conclusion: Denazification As Political, Economic and Ideological Liberation

And if she asks you why, you can tell her that I told you
That I’m tired of Castles in the Air.
I’ve got a dream I want the world to share,
And castle walls just lead me to despair.

Don McLean, Castles in the Air, 1970

Within the next few weeks and months we may well see Russian troops in Kiev. But will we see them in Berlin, Vienna, Paris (these three for the second time), Rome, Madrid and London (these three for the first time)? It is highly unlikely, and certainly not if the local people do not want it. Russia is not going to sacrifice its soldiers (again) for spoilt Europeans. For it is not the military war that will bring denazification to Castle Europe, but the political, ideological and economic war. That looming disaster, already in these sultry summer days frightening especially Germany and Italy, is perhaps the only thing that can bring Castle Europe to its senses.

In other words, Castle Europe will not be denazified by arms, but by policies, money and ideas. That cannot come, unfortunately, until Castle Europe starts suffering from, and then overthrows, its alien pirate elite. Castle Europe is the Europe which is occupied by ruins, the castles of its ruined mind. Denazification is the opportunity for all the peoples of Castle Europe so stop being imitation Americans and become themselves again, as they were before Neo-Feudal Europe was imported from the New World in the last century. It is the opportunity for Europeans to throw the US Viking-invaders out back across the Ocean and begin the DeMacdonaldisation and DeDisneyisation of Europe.

Even more radically, quite literally radically, denazification is the opportunity for all the peoples of Castle Europe to refind their identity, to return to their ethnic roots from beyond Castle Europe, from beyond rule by alien elites. It is the opportunity for the British to rebecome English, the French to rebecome Gauls, the Spanish to rebecome Mozarabs, the Germans to rebecome Bavarians, Saxons, Swabians and Hessians. This is an indication of the radical future direction of Europe, a return to roots, to freedom, to identity. What has started in Mariupol and Donetsk is eventually to end in Berlin, Vienna, Paris, Rome, Madrid and London. That will be the end of the millennial con-trick, the end of Castle Europe and the first day of Freedom.

30 July 2022