Monday, July 18, 2022

Fossil Fuel? Or Not? - By Mark Reynolds

 Oil scarcity…is it another lie? Another scam being played out on the people of the Earth?

The other day while listening to Tucker Carlson, he used the term “fossil fuel” which seems to still be in common use when speaking of where oil comes from. WHY did he use it?

It was typically understood for a long time that oil and gas was supposedly formed from the remains of “prehistoric” plants and animals buried millions of years ago. Thus the term “fossil fuels”. Now we know that oil and gas can be formed abiotically through subterranean heat and pressure, and that the Earth contains a virtually endless supply – oil really is a “renewable” energy. Why is this not common knowledge? Is it to keep the price of oil high by making people BELIEVE it is rare and non renewable?

Back in 2008 the oil industry conference in Dallas precipitated a new war between OPEC and Russian and Canadian oil field operators. It appeared to have been a fight to the death because of shrinking petroleum markets. Fuel cell futures collapsed and the price of platinum reached its lowest level in 15 years.

After weeks of rioting, Saudi Arabia was in a state emergency.. Thousands of immigrant workers who had been laid off from their jobs were demanding to be sent home, primarily to  India and Pakistan . Locals were said to be lining up to join extremist groups and the police seemed to have lost control of some of the major cities.

Since oil is comprised of 85% carbon, 13% hydrogen and 0.5% oxygen with traces of sulphur and nitrogen, most chemists believed it originated from the decomposition of organic matter. Layers which were formed from the remains of dead animals and plants. Thus the term “fossil fuel”. By definition its source was limited. That theory was plausible when oil wells were drilled only deep enough to reach into the “fossil” layers of the Earth’s crust; but if oil was coming from the rock that is over a mile underground, that puts it way below the fossil layer.

Despite common belief around fossil fuels, the argument for non-biologically produced oil is not a new one. Back in 1951, a Russian scientist by the name of N.A Kudryavtsev, announced his theory that oil found down deep was produced abiotically. Abiotically meaning occuring in the absence of life. His theories were consolidated with the exploration of oil fields in the  Dneiper-Donets region in the early 1990s. They were finding that the older “dry” wells were filling up again. Some times to the previous levels.

World-renowned geologist, C Warren Hunt’s  brought forth his “Anhydride” theory in 1996, asserting the idea that biogenesis from living microbial forms was what creates oil as opposed to the idea that it comes from fossilized forms.

So if oil is constantly replenishing, why should it ever run out?

Think about it…if gold and silver were replenishing it no longer would have the value that it has currently. If I discovered a way to take gold out of sea water, which by the way can be done, and I could do it economically and fast, wouldn’t it behoove me to propagandize the thought that it was still rare thus keeping the value high?

Think about this…20 years ago back in 2002 the world’s largest oil reserves was discovered in the Athabasca Oil Sands up in North Eastern Alberta, Canada. What was found is estimated to be the largest source of petroleum in the world. Beneath Alberta’s tar sands, at a depth of 7,200 feet, is the world’s largest hydrocarbon deposit. It is  believed that the fields may hold 1.7 trillion barrels of oil! Yes, you read that right, ONE POINT SEVEN TRILLION BARRELS! Did you ever hear about this? Did you read about it in any national news magazine or paper? WHY NOT? No, even to this day we are told oil comes from dead dinosaurs. If you have even a modicum of common sense and logic that simply makes no sense! I mean would a whole heard of dinosaurs group up in one spot and all die together? Really people…

All the way back in 2003 cracks began to appear in the fossil fuel belief. People where wondering if the Earth’s quantities of oil and gas were much larger than they had previously estimated – and whether supplies where being constantly replenished. There were scientists beginning to speculate that petroleum could originate “abiotically” from minerals at extreme temperature and pressure. This understanding is based on the fact that high temperature and pressure closer to the Earth’s mantle allows oil deposits to form inorganically, rather than through biological decay. Water then forces it to the surface, as it has a greater density; (which is why it is used in fracking) and then the oil rises and gets trapped in layers of denser, sedimentary rocks.

Scientists working at the Gas Resources Corporation, Houston, have been able to mimic conditions more than 50 MILES below the Earth’s surface and that by heating iron oxide, marble, and water to around 2,700°F and to 50,000 times atmospheric pressure. This theory withstands many a test put to it and settles many previously unresolved problems of petroleum science.

The White Tiger Fields, which are right off the coast of Vietnam, and was discovered back in the 1970s, had become the center of scientific attention as exploration companies drilled for oil a mile into solid granite – deeper than ever before and way below the known so called “fossil” deposits. This area began producing 338,000 barrels of oil per day. These new “non fossil” fields are estimated to hold a further 600 million barrels.

Fortune Magazine did run an “Oil Without End?” story back on February 17, 2003.

So what really gives here? Is it just another lie, like “global warming”, or the “germ” theory of medicine? A lie that reaps billions in profit for oil cartels and the medical mafia?

Let’s jump forward to 2005 when it was shown that new tests validate “non-fossil” claims. Extensive geological investigations by Shell and British Petroleum where presented at a scientific symposium in New York confirming that the source of newly found oil reserves were not “fossil fuel”!
US oil production plummeted sharply as the effect of lower prices turned into economic realities.

Who would need a Tesla or any other “EV”? Why with modern engines and the negligible carbon emissions they create, the lie couldn’t keep going on! Billions wouldn’t be being spent on solar arrays or wind turbines to generate electricity. If you watch this Youtube video from PragerU, you have to ask yourself…WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON HERE?  How Much Energy Would the World Need?

Why back in 2006 did Russian oil prices become unstable? One reason was because the Russians had discoverd that older “dry” wells were filling back up because of all the currently dying dinosaurs beneath the surface of the earth. Simply put, that was a bad year for oil. For you see, those pesky theories of vast untapped reserves of oil were being proven to be true and Russian and Canadian producers were taking the unwritten rules of OPEC into their board meetings and coming out cutting the effective market price of oil to around US $15 a barrel. It was an attempt to take an early competitive position against the anticipated future price of oil, they both had made the effort to establish themselves as the suppliers for European business and risked alienating the OPEC cartel. Oh well! The US was torn between traditional loyalties to Saudi Arabia, or should I say loyalties to who gives them kick backs and fills their offshore bank accounts? And of course the Arabs ARE OPEC. And after all the European business allies and “our” new best friend, Russia. Hmmmmm….our best friend back then? Gee what happened? Could it be some sort of business disagreement that currently has the Russian Ruble at an all time high while the US “dollar” at an all time low? Naaaa… So OPEC held onto their new US $25 price level but demand for OPEC oil was dwindling as Canadian reserves started to open up.

By 2008 as oil prices had fallen, Saudi Arabia’s massive immigrant labor had been encouraged to return to India as Saudis clamored for jobs. Young Saudis, now poorer than ever and with little chance of employment, started to seek alliances with extreme radical movements. Everyone became the enemy: the State, the King and America. The Norwegian economy, with almost 50% of it still dependent on oil-related industries, declared itself to be heading for bankruptcy.

Then in 2010 Middle east terrorism was beginning to spread world-wide. Violent protests grew throughout the Middle East as oil economies faltered, creating substantial economic, political and social instability in the whole area. American embassies were shut down as America switches completely to Canadian and Russian oil. That was only 12 years ago. Bet you didn’t read about that in your hometown newspapers. We saw major terrorist attacks in San Francisco and in London’s Mayfair. Oh, wait, there were terrorist attacks in San Francisco? One of the paradise enclaves in California? Noooo…couldn’t have been.

Unbeknown to the average person walking the street, yeah, you and I, by 2015 the world was settling into an energy glut.
Gasoline powered automobiles alone made up more than 50% of oil consumption in 2000 and supposedly that had declined to 25%. I’m not sure where these numbers came from but supposedly access to massive reservoirs of hydrogen in the earth’s crust had given fuel cell technology an unexpected boost over the past few years. AND SURPRISE!!! What happened to that?  With the new fix on oil prices, governments everywhere had started to step in to support fuel cell industries and prevent future oil blackmail. So like I just said what happened? Why aren’t those sources of energy still being promoted? Well because we ARE still being blackmailed by the oil cartels. They have GOT to make us BELIEVE there is a shortage. Oh, and in the meanwhile our SOR (strategic oil reserves) are being sold to CHINA and INDIA. When they could have been used to help relieve the high cost of transportation fuel here in our own country. Which, since everything is transported by OIL dependent trucks and trains causes the prices of the items being transported to go through the roof with the INFLATED PRICE of fuel.

Could it be that we ARE at the end of the oil era because something has to happen to change us from ABUNDANT oil supplies that are renewed by Mother Earth to something else that they can claim is rare and keeps our personal economies needing to pay for it? And were are we going to get those lithium ion batteries from? And what are we going to do with the ones that become useless? Questions to ponder to say the least!

Mark lives with his wife Kathy of 45 years in the place most folks call Arkansas. The major turning point in his life was after reading the small book “Letters to Jessica” back in the 1990’s. He can be reached here: