Thursday, October 20, 2022

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How An Illiquid Dollar Ruins The World | ZeroHedge

As to the stark reality/risk of this illiquid Dollar, rather than just say “we told you so,” it would be better to “re-show-you so” by making specific reference to a prior report published in December of 2021.

Dollar Illiquidity—The Ironic Yet Ignored Spark of the Next Crisis

Since penning that report just over 10 months ago, it’s worth revisiting the implications of an illiquid Dollar and the financial crisis of which we warned then and now find ourselves today.

Gold As Natural Money | ZeroHedge

The advance of civilization demonstrates that nature throughout the ages, to our good fortune, has provided everything humanity needs to progress, including money. Few today, however, understand money as it has existed from prehistory and as it was perceived up until the dawn of the twentieth century. Since the commencement of the First World War in 1914, time-honored principles have been abandoned. Humanity has become enthralled with money substitutes like national currencies and, more recently, cryptocurrencies circulating in place of money, and people have subsequently lost sight of natural money itself.


China Calls Top Chip Execs For Emergency Talks After Biden Unleashes Economic War | ZeroHedge  - Last week, President Biden announced new restrictions on US firms selling semiconductors to China, including restrictions on US citizens working at Chinese chip plants. Nobody might have noticed, but this is a full-blown economic war on China, a means to prohibit the country's rise as a high-tech superpower.


Are Gold and Silver Money? - With inflation high and financial investments paying so little, why haven’t people sought to protect their purchasing power by going into gold and silver?  Gold and silver prices have fallen while inflation has risen. This is nonsensical.


Why Gold Has Stagnated… and What Investors Can Expect Next

By Doug Casey

As far as I’m concerned, we’re now at the low end of what gold “should” be worth.

I expect that 2023 will be a chaotic and scary year—something true of this whole decade, which is just getting underway.

Nobody knows for sure, but there are only 6 billion, probably moving towards 7 billion ounces of gold in existence. The amount of gold in the world increases at roughly 80 million ounces per year, about one and a fraction of a percent annually.

That’s less than an ounce for every man, woman, and child on the face of the planet. And most of that gold is in the hands of governments, central banks, and major holders.

When gold moves the next time, I expect that it’s going for a wild ride. And it will take mining stocks, which are currently very cheap, with it.