Saturday, October 22, 2022

Crushing NATO’s Nefarious Narratives — Strategic Culture - by Declan Hayes

 Let’s bring these over embroidered narratives down to kindergarten level so NATO’s huffers, puffers and bluffers can understand.

So here we are, forced to castigate all Russians, those far away people about whom NATO’s scribes know absolutely nothing. Why is that? Why must we waste yet more time debunking NATO’s stupid libels that delightful Russian children’s stories are undermining the fabric of French society? Why is The Economist insisting we burn the works of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy without even reading, never mind musing on them? What is it about Russian Special Olympians that we must hate them as if they were invading Martians? Is it to make us more despicable Nazis than even the worst of Hitler’s henchmen ever were?

It certainly seems so. We must be outraged if General Armageddon’s troops launch missiles at Kiev that force its children to spend some hours in bunkers but we must not mention that the Kiev junta’s former dictator not only promised the Russian speakers of Donbas that their children would spend their entire lives cowering in such bunkers but that he unleashed his Nazi hordes on them to do just that. We must applaud NATO’s murder of non-combatant Darya Dugina and celebrate the terrorist attack on Crimea’s bridge but be outraged if General Armageddon’s forces respond. We are so brainwashed as to believe that Russians, Armenians and Palestinians must never bark back, that they must lie down like the proverbial Danes.

Speaking of the Danish obsession with being NATO’s door mat, whatever happened to those Nord Stream pipelines? Did U.S. terrorists blow them, like their previous terrorist attacks on Nicaragua’s pipeline infrastructure done, remember, at a time when the Americans were gang raping American nuns and flooding America’s own cities with crack cocaine?

NATO’s apologists insist (they cannot argue, and thus the blanket censorship) that America, the obvious Nord Stream culprit, is perennially innocent and that the fog of war dictates we must look elsewhere, to forever grope about in the dark and not pinpoint the United States and their European lackeys as the the obvious culprits. To demand a transparent investigation into this terrorist attack or into Israel’s murder of Palestinian Catholic Shireen Abu Akleh or into NATO’s chemical gas attacks in Donbas and Damascus would, NATO’s terrorist apologists tell us, play into Putin’s hands. And, thus we daren’t express our outrage, like all moral people must do and like so few people did under Hitler’s Reich, lest it helps Putin’s truthful narrative gain traction and NATO’s Willing Executioners might believe that Russians, Armenians, Vietnamese, Syrians, Iraqis and Palestinians are as human as us.

For all those crude fibs comprise NATO’s fog of war, NATO’s sugar coated webs of deceit that downplay their Vietnamese genocide and their other unspeakable crimes “from the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli. Though NATO can green screen Zelensky all it likes, the unvarnished truth is plainer than the simplest of the fables of Masha and Mishka, the three little piggies or any other child’s story.

Or, for that matter Mother Russia, which is not Churchill’s riddle wrapped in mystery inside an enigma. Russians are no different from anybody else on either the personal or geo political levels. General ArmageddonGeneral Shoigu and the men and women who serve under them know that they must defend with their lives all that is good in their country, in their families and in their comrades, far too many of whom have already made the ultimate sacrifice only because the reality of this particular version of the three piggies fable is intellectually far above the intellectual capabilities of the enemies they face on their Western borders, as well as in the Caucasus where NATO is determined to once and forever exterminate the Armenians, whose sole hope is Russia and those like India who can see NATO’s much broader chess play with Armenia.

So, let’s bring these over embroidered narratives down to kindergarten level so NATO’s huffers, puffers and bluffers can understand. NATO is morally amiss in Ukraine. Zelensky, von der Leyen, Borrell, the White Helmets, the Azovs, and all their green screened heroes are nothing more than NATO’s bit players, paid to play their parts, recite their lines and do whatever crimes NATO requires of them. No matter how the BBC or any of their other outlets might embellish NATO’s narrative, the underlying motif that NATO is the civilized world’s most lethal enemy is simpler than a child’s first nursery rhyme.

Russia, like Palestine, Syria and Armenia, is much more than some childish Churchillian Matryoshka doll, or Chinese cracker where some puerile riddle is wrapped in a Harry Potter mystery inside a Pirates of the Caribbean enigma. And nor is it, at heart, a Flann O’Brien story or a surreal Kiss of the Spider Woman fairytale where, like the matryoshka dolls, one narrative is embedded inside another.

The core narrative is not only much simpler than any of that but would be instantly understood by all Russian speaking toddlers, both those whose childhoods were scarred by the crimes of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, the Zelenskys, Poroshenko, the BBC and their entire rotten crew of fellow travellers, and those further east who were spared those horrors. The people of Russia and Armenia have the right to live in peace and for their combined armies to defend that right and, if that is not expressed plainly enough, Generals Armageddon and Shoigu will increasingly spell it out in an even blunter language that NATO and their cokeheads in Kiev, Helsinki and New Zealand will understand.