Wednesday, October 5, 2022

On this day....

 ... 73 years ago, my mother and I were landed immigrants (that means LEGAL) in New York - having been displaced persons in Germany who left our native country, thus escaping Communism - more accurately named Bolshevism - before they arrived.

We were war refugees in Germany during 
and after WW2.

BTW - a landed immigrant had to have a sponsor who would be financially responsible for the newcomer - no welfare!

We survived the relentless bombing of German cities by the both American and British bombers - one place we lived in was reduced to rubble. Contrary to most media reports, most targets were civilian - including the fire bombing of Dresden and Hildesheim - we had just left Hildesheim. Incidentally,  the historic facts which I cite were not learned in American public schools, but were made available by American authors who researched beyond the common 'history' as taught in school.

As you can read on my foundational website - - I became assimilated into American society and culture through my public schooling. Having an aptitude for language and having no accent of speech,  you could not tell me from any American born here - in essence, I became an American.
I supported the war in Korea, Vietnam and the countless other wars of 'liberation' since then - after all, we are DaGoodGuys! Right?
Were we grateful to come to America? You betcha - more than grateful! After all, we came to 'the land of the free and home of the brave'!!
And I believed it with my heart and soul - no ands, ifs or buts.

Again, as you can read on my website - WTF has happened to MY country which adopted me and which I gladly accepted as my new everlasting 'land of the free and home of the brave'?
I now watch people walking with masks even though they have been thoroughly discredited by actual medical testing - but the authorities like CDC, FDA continue with their ridiculous mandates and edicts. Where have we left our brains, America?

We allowed an invasion of 50 million people since 1965 (both legal and illegal) from nations whose population will NEVER assimilate into America - the biggest in world history, and we somehow expect America to continue unharmed. Delusional! Who made that decision? Just ask the natives of European countries how their import of alien immigrants has worked out - again decisions by their rulers - who made them?

Our ruling oligarchs and their paid politicians are doing everything they can to have an actual war - even nuclear - with the greatest nuclear power like Russia - and most of us don't bat an eye, much less raise a voice of protest. Are we insane?

Furthermore, if you READ actual history and the political and economic factors involved, it is increasingly clear that Russia has every right defend itself from Neo-Con American AGGRESSION. Yes, you read that correctly - NEO-CON AMERICAN AGGRESSION!
Who are DaNeoCons? BTW - I used to be one, I admit......until about 15-20 years ago.
In America, we have have 36 million young American men between the ages of 25-35 whose main purpose in life is playing fantasy football - they know nothing else and care less of that fact. What a freaking waste of manhood!

We now excel in IGNORANCE! Our population has been dumbed down, morally corrupted and somehow DaBoomers still keep touting DaLand of DaFree and home of DaBrave as if it's MAGIC DIRT!
WE - yes.....WE LOST IT.....and I was part of that mess as I state on my website.
It happened on OUR WATCH!

I can go on and on, but I know that at least some of you reading this do care - because I occasionally hear from you by email - and it is encouraging to me more than you can imagine.
Start asking questions:
Who wants wars?
Who rules us?
How did we lose our culture?
Are we governed by humans?
Are we Christians or Churchians?
What about Western Civilization? Where did it go? Who is trying to destroy it?
Servants of Satan - Russia or America? What exactly are America's 'values'?
Who, what, where, when, why and how - begin there!
Begin here - - and never quit.

BOTTOM LINE - it is time for us to.......or get off DaPot! NOW! The future of our kids and grandkids depends on it.