Thursday, October 6, 2022

The Entire World Is Threatened by the Total Ignorance of American Governing Elites - Paul Craig Roberts

 As I have described, we have approached a fateful moment in world history, not because of global warming, Covid, over-population, white racism, or any of the “crises” that an ignorant media hypes, but because we face nuclear war originating in the total stupidity of Western elites.

David Johnson  publishes a daily Russian List, a collection of commentary by presstitutes and alleged “Russian experts.”  I peruse these scribblings, and I seldom encounter anything the least bit intelligent.  In the US and its European puppets, “Russian analysis” consists of Russophobic rants.  Russia this, Russia that, and so on.  These ignorant rants have created a frame of mind among Western decision makers that is unreal and is deceiving Washington policy makers into fatal mistakes.  

I read that Russia has been defeated in Ukraine or will be.  I read that 4-star General Petraeus, one of the most stupid of Washington’s political generals, has declared that Putin is desperate and in an irreversible situation and that Ukraine will become a NATO member after the victory against Russia.

I sit and ponder how a person this utterly stupid got to be a four-star US general.  God help us.

Back in the days of the Cold War in which I was involved, we listened to each other and debated who was responsible for the Cold War. The Committee on the President Danger, of which I was a member, also listened to the Soviets as well as to the American left who thought that the conflict existed in order to serve the interests of the budgets and power of the US military/security complex.

Never were Soviet leaders insulted and ignored in the manner that Putin has been.  President Reagan told the contingent that accompanied him to Reykjavik for his meeting with Gorbachev that anyone who took a rude or dismissal attitude toward the Soviet delegation would be fired on the spot.

In those long ago civilized days, the US government took no risks that could result in a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union.

In the 21st century the US government’s rude dismissals of Russian concerns is unprecedented.  Washington by overthrowing the Ukraine government and forcing a war there is vastly exaggerating its war fighting capacity.

What explains the lack of Washington’s caution?

The answer is that with the Western media reduced to a compliant propaganda ministry, Washington’s decision makers have no reliable information. The presstitutes, Western politicians, and so-called “Russian experts” have created a make-believe world for decision makers that causes them to think that they still control the situation.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

So, we have a situation that is comprised of arrogant Americans overflowing with hegemonic hubris, European puppets who obey instructions from Washington, and a Russian government forced to defend itself and Russian peoples. 

This is an explosive situation, especially as Putin has been slow to take a firm stand.  Putin’s deference to international law means nothing to the West, for whom international law is nothing but a weapon to be used against those who don’t comply.  Putin’s deference to international law is read by Washington as irresolution to really defend Russian interests.  

The consequence will be, as I have always said, that Washington misreads the situation and crosses too many Russian red lines.  At that point, fire and brimstone take over.  My concern is that we are very close to that point.

Putin’s recent public statements and his address to the Russian people clearly show that Russia’s leadership has finally and reluctantly lost all belief in reaching accommodation with the West.  It is the total failure of Western diplomacy that has greased the skids for war.  The Kremlin does not want war, but Washington has convinced the Kremlin that it is not possible to negotiate away war.  The unreasonableness of the West in refusing a mutual security agreement with Moscow, the complete involvement of the West into what the Kremlin regarded as a police action in the Donbass region, and now Washington’s sabotage  of the Nord Stream pipelines, together with incessant threats of dealing Russia devastating blows has resulted in Moscow preparing for war.

NATO is an insignificant military force, and the US has zero chance of prevailing against Russia in conventional war.  The only way Washington can avoid humiliating defeat is by going nuclear.  One would think the Kremlin knows this, and would not wait for a first strike.

The complete and total failure of Washington to create an ally and business partner out of a willing Russia is the worst diplomatic failure in world history.  The Jewish neoconservatives demanded hegemony at Russia’s expense. The US military/industrial complex demanded Russia as an enemy to justify its power and budget.  The State Department needed a Russian threat to Europe in order to keep normal relationships between Europe and Russia from loosening Washington’s hold on its European empire.  An American President who intended to normalize relations with Russia was driven out of office.

All of these selfish material interests, without an honest media to expose and check them, have opened the road to World War III, a war that will forever remove the West as a force in history. 

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The total unreality that prevails in the US is driving the world to destruction.