Sunday, December 18, 2022

And Now the Proof: You Wasted Your Time - by Karl Denninger

 You really ought to watch this.

Incidentally that video, and the reason I linked instead of embedding it, contains a bottom bar comment where you can find two PDFs that are extremely useful, thick information on human health and pathology.  They're not light reading, but they probably ought to go into your personal cache of information and be used to fact-check what you're told.

About 8 minutes into this Campbell goes into the "newest" variant of Covid and basically puts forward as fact what I said was going to happen over time a couple of years ago.  That is, we now have a "new variant" that is approximately as transmissible as the measles, yet it also is mostly an upper-respiratory infection.

This is entropy in action and any virus that mutates will exhibit it more-or-less as a function of its mutational rate.   That very same mutational rate makes trying to develop countermeasures that target the mutating part of the virus a waste of time and thus dangerous because there is no such thing as a completely safe drug, yet you're guaranteed the mutations will evade what you code with and for.

That's exactly what has repeatedly happened and worse, the data is that these jabs inhibit your formation of immunity toward the "N" part of the virus which is much smaller and thus can't mutate very much without losing its ability to be a virus.

That entirely explains why people who are jabbed are getting Covid 2, 3, 4 or more times despite being told they wouldn't originally, and yet everyone seems to scream "but it would have been worse without them!"  Uh, no, it wouldn't have been worse because entropy also tells us that mutational change tends toward less-virulent but more-easily transmitted and the evidence is that the jabs become negatively effective within months -- that is, worse than useless in that they make it more-likely you'll get infected rather than less.

R0 is a useful measure to compare relative infectiveness between things but it is absolutely worthless in the real world when it comes to predicting outcomes, including infection rates.  The reason is simple: R0 presumes everyone is equally-susceptible and yet once you get infected you no longer are plus there are many viruses that provided cross-immunity within at least their viral family in either whole or part if you had them previously.

We knew this applied to Covid at the time of Diamond Princess because despite having a very nastily-exponential R0 only about one person in five ship-wide got sick and a significant percentage of those confined in a cabin of no more than 10' on a side with a known infected person did not get sick.  There is no way that could happen -- only one person of two in a 100 sq/ft cabin confined for a couple of weeks gets ill and the other does not unless the second person is already immune.

"Asymptomatic" infections do not count.  Disease, by definition, requires some disorder in the body, no matter how mild.  When you get that mild bit of congestion that happened because of an insult to your body, but unless you consider it bothersome enough to "count" you don't call yourself infected -- but you were, and that's a biological fact.  We are assaulted and "infected" by dozens, if not hundreds of pathogens every single day.  In virtually every case despite being technically infected nothing happens because we fight it off and there is no disorder in the body.  This happens to each and every animal on the planet on a daily basis.  Nobody tests for it because there's no disease yet our immune system contains plenty of proof that this is in fact what occurs.

This entire single-minded focus on such jabs was stupid and has now been proved to be an abject failure.  The folks running around claiming "3 million people saved!" are liars; they are using computer models that are no more-accurate than the ones that predicted catastrophic sea level rise or that there would be no Arctic ice within ten years back around 2000.  These "models" are simply backfit mathematical frauds and anyone who has played with these (myself included) in the context of Wall Street and stocks knows it because everyone who's done that has lost money believing it.  If you're smart you lost a little money; if you were stupid and committed all your capital believing in what you think you discovered you're now living in one of the homeless camps under a freeway overpass or tent city.

It was never going to be possible to evade getting this virus nor to prevent its mutational path.  All we could do was retain as much economic and social normalcy as possible, and when it came to "countermeasures" the wisest ones were those designed to improve your immune response on a broad basis because they were not specific to the infectious agent or its mutations over time.

That is, decrease inflammation in the body (e.g. by reducing fast carbohydrate intake and avoiding excess alcohol consumption), make sure Vitamin D levels are adequate (preferably through outdoor activity when feasible so as to get solar exposure, which also inactivates viruses through natural UV in sunlight), improve cardiovascular capacity where feasible through exercise so as to be better able to weather an insult to your system and when you suspect a potential respiratory infection interdict it either with possibly-effective drugs or over-the-counter options that have no risk and might help such as using povidone iodine gargles, a peroxide mix in your waterpik and perhaps a povidone or Xlear nasal spray.

Nothing else was ever going to work.  I pointed this out and now proof is at hand that I was right.  At best you delayed getting it and at worst you cowered indoors and weakened your immune system instead of strengthening it through extreme paranoia that tampers with your sleep and destroys your body's capacity to recover, eating and drinking to even more-excess than you already were and staying out of the sun, which is exactly backwards.  The wild-eyed crazies that did things like canceling outdoor 5k races which inherently not only improve cardiovascular fitness but also give you "free" Vitamin D at statistically zero risk since the air volume turnover rate even in supposedly "still" air is hundreds of times that of even a HEPA-filtered room was functionally and factually insane.

In January of 2020 I got nailed by what I now presume was H1N1.  It was nasty.  I deserved it.  I had spent the last two months both on the road hunting a new place to live and with most of my afternoons and evenings in a pub consuming beer, then sleeping (poorly) in a hotel.  I didn't have the detailed logging data I have now as my Garmin at the time didn't have the capability to do so, but I assure you I was trashing my immune capacity and I paid for it with a very nasty flu experience.

In August of 2021 I got hit with Covid; that one I didn't really deserve but got hit hard in no small part because just a couple of days before being exposed I ran over a yellowjacket nest with the lawn mower which delivered a huge insult to my immune system along with a nasty systemic inflammatory dose (being stung a couple hundred times will do that.)  I had almost-literally been licking doorknobs for the 18 months prior with nothing happening, but that time I got hit.  Big shock right?  NOT.

If I had not changed my lifestyle in 2011 I almost-certainly would have never lived through the last three years of mass-insanity; it is very likely that H1N1 would have killed me in January of 2020 and my daughter would have inherited a house I bought and then never got to live in before becoming a corpse.  That's a fact.

So here I am almost a year and a half post my "experience" with Covid.  The last time I looked, more than a year post-infection, I still have a very robust antibody read against Covid-19.  Contrast this with someone who got jabbed; their antibody titer, by the data, is basically gone within three to six months.  Here I stand more than a year later and I've not only lost nothing if the test is to believed it had a stronger read a year down the road than it did a month post-infection.  Fancy that.

I have almost-certainly been assaulted with every variant after Delta (the one I presume I got from the timing) and yet I have not gotten sick.  My cardio capacity recovered more rapidly from my Covid infection (which was pretty nasty) than it did from the early 2020 H1N1 infection.  That's fact, and I can prove it because I have the data from my running activities.

I refused all of the experimental jabs as my analysis said they were quite dangerous and I couldn't rationally analyze exactly how dangerous, so it was stupid for me to take them.  I got Covid exactly once after severely-insulting my immune system that had successfully fought off all the other variants for more than a year despite my taking exactly zero precautions -- no masks, no distancing, no isolation, nothing.  Since that one infection I have also refused all jabs as there has never been an argument for any such an inoculation for any other disease after being infected.  Despite another 18 months and more exposures over that time than I can count, many of them confirmed as others have gotten Covid 2 or 3 times around me, I've not been ill with it again or anything else of materiality for that matter, including the so-called "tridemic" in my state which, according to "FluView" is raging all through Tennessee.

What's different?

I've paid attention to not allowing myself to do stupid things, like getting trashed on a daily basis for two months and sleeping in strange beds along with all other manners of adding stress to my person and damaging my immune system.  I don't care if it gets challenged on a daily basis by respiratory viruses and in fact I want it to be so-challenged because those challenges which I rebuff result in a broader and more-effective response to unknown pathogens. It's not about being afraid of dying if I get something, its simply that being sick is not fun and I'd prefer not to given that the cost of "not" is in fact zero; all I have to do is take reasonable care of myself and make no effort whatsoever to avoid potential respiratory insults as its been proved to be an entirely-pointless exercise.

Do you think I'm nuts?

Then explain this: Its been known for about a decade that dental hygienists, who by definition wind up inhaling dozens of people's bacterial and viral infections every single day at work develop materially fewer colds and flus than the general population, even when controlled for other medical conditions and age.  This went on to be confirmed in the context of Covid; they didn't get sick at wildly-elevated rates even before there were jabs despite being literally in every patient's face as there is no other way to do their job.  Exactly how does that happen?  The exact same way it has for decades; they continually insult their immune systems which develops a broad and effective response.  They get infected at rates many times that of anyone else; who other than a dental hygienist (ok, don't count the sex worker; he or she might) intentionally inhales the respiratory viruses and bacteria at a range of single-digit inches from a dozen different people every working day?  Yet while they obviously get "infected" they do not get diseased often at all and when controlled for the number of insults those individuals are wildly better, in terms of immune competence, than members of the general population.

Use your heads folks.

The big one, not the one between your legs.