Sunday, December 4, 2022

Excess Deaths Among the Educated - Vox Popoli

 Karl Denninger reviews the unemployment statistics:

The “employment by educational attainment” figures were interesting as well — they showed that degree holders got hammered. One has to wonder if the Twitter firings were in there, but that wasn’t that large and there was a drop of 348,000 in that category and, more-ominously, 316,000 people disappeared out of that bucket entirely. Since you can’t “lose” educational status once you get into that top bucket, that of a Bachelor’s or better, the only way out of that bucket is to die.

I can confirm one of those 316,000 missing degree holders. My late brother was a duly employed individual with a bachelor’s degree when he died. He was also vaccinated and boosted.

And while we don’t know it was the vaxx… it was the vaxx.

UPDATE: The numbers add up. The percentage of the population 25 years and older with at least a bachelor’s degree is 32.1 percent.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has quietly confirmed that at least 1.1 million Americans have “died suddenly” ever since Covid-19 “vaccines” were introduced under Operation Warp Speed.

UPDATE: And this rejection of the vaxx among the most highly educated may explain the 4 percent delta.

People with a PhD are the most hesitant when it comes to getting the Covid-19 vaccine, according to a paper by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh. The report showed a surprising U-shaped correlation between willingness to get a Covid vaccine and education level – with the highest hesitancy among those least and most educated. Of those surveyed, 20.8 per cent with a high school education were reluctant to get the shot, and 23.9 per cent with a PhD were against it. But the least skeptical of the shot had a Master’s degree – with only 8.3 per cent of that group being vaccine hesitant.

Translation: Midwits gonna midwit. Literally no one trusts authority more than midwits with credentials.