Wednesday, December 7, 2022

We Will Raise Wolves - Vox Popoli

 Among the many Boomer philosophical concepts that Generation X rejects, the so-called social contract is prominent. We have no social contract with Clown World. We didn’t choose it, we aren’t part of it, and we reject it entirely.

Some people out there believe we can vote our way out of this. These optimistic folks have been under a rock for the past few years or haven’t noticed clown world.

If you are one of those people who keeps on voting, that’s your business. I am not going to convince you voting is pointless anymore than you’re going to convince me that I should get off my ass and vote for a different douchebag this time.

The happy-fun reason we aren’t voting our way out of this is because a self-perpetuating failure cycle has already been established. I’m not sure if this was deliberately achieved by earthly powers, or whether they took advantage of it.

I struggled articulating my thoughts about the self-perpetuating cycle into something coherent and finally gave up because it doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t matter for a very chilling reason. After thinking through the implications, dread about immigration, rising crime, and more inflation took a backseat to the insight. Yes, a self-destructive country that slowly decays is the optimistic alternative.

The problems we face now, and they are real and considerable, will be taken care of. Of that I have no doubt. We will not like the solution at all.

The reason we aren’t voting our way out of this hit me in a flash, like all the best (and worst) ideas do. After it did, I sat and thought for a long while. Then I closed this draft and didn’t open it for 10 days.

The old American social contract has been completely and utterly broken….

Among Gen Xers, a huge percentage are ready to burn this mother fucker to the ground. We’re not happy about it, it just seems inevitable. As much as we’d like to save our beautiful country for our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, I don’t see it happening.

But we honor the old social contract: we sacrifice ourselves so younger generations have a better life, and have a chance to be born.

We have to destroy clown world so those still capable of having children can build back better. Not political posturing bullshit better, but a fundamental change in the way we all live.

Preach, preacher. This comment, in particular, sums up my generation: Our first authorities betrayed us and it colors our view of all authority.

Especially our view of illegitimate, self-appointed, predatory foreign authorities.

They tried to make us sheep. But we will raise wolves.