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Bidenomics: Trickle Up as Poverty Takes the Middle Class By Helena Glass

The News Media are going ballistic today on how great the US economy is fairing under the Bidenomics plan of trickling up.   For the record, trickle up would indicate that the poverty is expanding upward and gaining momentum.

“Strong GDP is being bolstered by a boom in factory construction and investment stemming from huge pieces of subsidy- and tax credit-heavy legislation…” ~ The Hill.

  1. Taiwan is building two semiconductor plants in the US at a cost of $40 billion – subsidized by US Taxpayers.
  2. Intel is building a semiconductor plant in Ohio subsidized by US Taxpayers
  3. Samsung, a Korean company, is building a semiconductor plant in Texas – subsidized
  4. Abbott is building a nutritional powder factory in Ohio. Crickets? – subsidized
  5. Siemens, a German Company is building and EV Charger plant in Texas – subsidized
  6. Italy’s Enel will build a solar cell and panel factory – somewhere, sometime, undisclosed.

The demographics of all these companies is interesting roughly 70% male – all democrats – 15% Asian and 15% Hispanic.   How and why are these foreign companies suddenly so interested in building factories in the US?   It is all FREE!

  • The Inflation Reduction Act.   The Act provides $369bn of tax credits for clean technologies,
  • The Chips and Science Act allocates $39bn in funds for semiconductor manufacturing, and an additional $24bn of manufacturing tax credits.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis was founded in 1972, after being lost forever, it is tasked with estimating the variations in GDP.   In addition, their formulas determine which states get how much in federal funding.   Yesterday they released their estimate of US GDP growth with a revised upward outlook of 2.4%!   WOW Bidenomics is working! The US stock market has been heavily gaining – and all the Kings men…

The first caveat the BEA website states is the 2.4% figure is an ‘advance estimate’ – the real estimate will be released on pinpoint day – August 30.   The second caveat is the entire guesstimate is based on ‘spending’.   This would indicate that the cost of spending has increased – as in everything is more expensive.   What it does not measure is reality.

Exports were down – housing investment was down, imports and consumer spending were up and drove most of the GDP.

Consumer Spending was led by housing (rent increases) and utilities (air conditioning); health care (everyone is getting cancer from the vax); financial services (they changed the inheritance and estate tax) insurance (rates went up 35%); and transportation services(airline tickets double).

Consumer Goods also tracked higher led by recreational goods (RV’s and toys for summer) vehicles (price gouge) as well as gasoline and other energy goods (all inflated).

Imports reflect a rising Euro to a falling dollar and lack of exports indicate US manufacturing is tanking.

According to these government interpreters of truth;   the ‘price’ of goods and services increased 3.8% in the 1st quarter and an additional 1.9% in the second quarter.   Obviously the algorithm is operating in a parallel universe.

I sought to find out how this Bureau measures their analysis so I visited the data detail page Gross Output By Industry – and the last update was 2021.   Not a good sign.

Searching Trade figures – the last update was 2022 wherein the balance with Canada  tanked – having surpassed any point in history.   In fact, our balance of trade with just about every country has tanked.

Other Release Information by BEA includes:

  • US International Investment – Assets $34.72 trillion on Liabilities of $49.49 trillion for a negative Equity of $16.17 trillion.
  • New Foreign Direct Investment in US – 2021 $362.6 vs 2022 $177.5, down $185.1

It appears the Federal Government desperately needs a catastrophic event to wipe out reality. The three top picks so far include:   A UFO Report revealing aliens have crash landed on earth.   A war with China.   A Climate Pandemic Lockdown.

It Also Appears The Media is languishing in Disinformation Propaganda Once Again.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

Copyright © Helena-The Nationalist Voice

Mass Liability Cases Busting Smart Meters, Vax Mandates, Green Power (Digital Banking Next?) By Wayne Lusvardi

 “All they (the secret corporations masquerading as government) want is money, not justice” – Cal Washington, co-founder InPower

There are so many stories of all-powerful government oppressing the isolated individual in the past three years that can make one depressed and apathetic. But the real-life story of a Christian construction contractor in Canada trying to figure out how to beat predatory divorce court system has spawned a grass roots legal education movement called InPower that gives citizens tools and information as to how to win over tyrannical courts, hospitals banks, energy companies and green power cooperatives.  This effort has resulted in ten top judges, government officials and public utility officers around the world stepping down from their positions for fear of massive financial liability, including the top un-elected official in Canada and the premier of Western Australia. Say what?! Read on.

After some failures and unanticipated successes over the last five years, InPower’s legal method is now moving into stopping the assumed compulsory installation of smart meters, vaccine mandates, and obtaining settlements for mysterious fire storms on homes with smart meters installed.  Maybe stopping the roll out of digital banking will be next?  After all the bad news it is almost unbelievable.

Cal Washington and two other partners have founded InPower, a non-lawyer, self-help legal education organization to assist local groups around the world to use the hidden legal structure of corporations, masquerading as government, against themselves.  InPower is not a profit-making enterprise but a membership organization.  To get this far, Washington has over the past 10 years had to endure seemingly un-ending divorce court proceedings, shake downs by double-dealing lawyers on both sides who worked against him to enrich themselves and jail sentences to intimidate him to drop his legal cases.  Washington is not some hateful radical but a mild mannered, rational person who is apparently motivated out of religious values.

Why InPower Works

Washington explains that the breakthrough for him in his understanding of how the legal system works was when he took a course in commerce law. Through this course he discovered that most government agencies and courts are corporations, not government entities, including the USA and your local incorporated city (not charter cities).  As we are painfully finding out, private corporations like Twitter and Google are not bound by the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights guaranteeing its users free speech.  Neither are the courts, your local public health department, and many other “agencies” that Washington says masquerade as government entities. And, like all corporations, all they want is your money (e.g., traffic court).  Instead, corporations use commerce or merchant law that is bound by contract law. So, when a person invokes the Constitution, they get nowhere in the courts that adhere to merchant law and contract law.

The Bureaucratic Pyramid or Totem Pole – InPower
Government Level
Merchant Law
Constitutional United States of America
Corporate Level
Global government corporations, WHO, UN, etc.
United States as corporation (USA and Canada are both incorporated in Washington DC)
State corporation, public health departments and official, public utility commission
Incorporated cities, counties, utility companies, public health officer
Your Employer Corporation
You (figuratively buried underground on totem pole)

As Washington points out Canada is not a country, it is the Mercantilist Hudson Bay Company who were pirates for the Queen.

Tacit Consent

Moreover, government prefers to use businesses not only to tax citizens but to enforce its policies.  So, the imposition of smart meters, vaccines, and digital banking is being accomplished by energy companies, hospitals and local, but global owned, banks. Under contract law these “agencies” (a person or entity that acts on behalf of other entities) have to get you to tacitly assent to the following elements of a contract:

InPower Contract Law Prerequisites:

Tender of offer disguised as mandate not a contract (under compulsion of losing your job if you don’t get vaccine)

Meeting of the minds posed as one-sided mandate

Unconditional acceptance (tacit acceptance inferred unless you opt out)

Money exchange or performance to ratify the contract.

One of the key elements in such disguised contracts to install a smart meter or to switch your electric service to a local green energy cooperative is that you do not need to sign the contract as your tacit agreement is assumed.  Imagine being compelled to buy a home or encumber yourself with a mortgage without having to sign the document.  So, everyone is automatically enrolled in smart meters, green energy cooperatives, digital banking, etc. (In my case in California I opted out of the green energy co-op but they automatically enrolled me anyway). When you tacitly assent to joining a local green power cooperative in California for example, you are giving up your assurance by your regional energy company to provide you with reliable power.

Another key element is full disclosure requirements of contract law, such as when buying a house.  Washington points out there is no disclosure of whether smart meters are safe (EMF exposures, fires, etc.), vaccines are safe (experimental RNA vaccine), or your forced use of green energy may increase your power bill and expose you to frequent blackouts.

Another tactic used by InPower is contractual counteroffers and buying a bond that insures you against liability but also requires the agency to pay the bond if liability ensues.  As Washington explains it, he won a $300 million liability judgment against the government in Canada by use of this method. This resulted in the highest non-elected public official in Ontario Province resigning or face personal liability.

Mass liability actions are not class action lawsuits because one is merely countering a contract proffered by corporations acting on behalf of government. What InPower also exposes is the utter failure of labor unions to protect their employees.

Some resources

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Liberty On The Land – Ep 2: Cal Washington | The Truth About Canada

InPower Movement Website

“The Chips War”: The West Versus China By Peter Koenig

 Ever since the Biden Administration, alias the Globalists, took power in Washington, China was bombarded with threats and sanctions; foremost with attempts of “chips-strangulation”, meaning, being blocked for the chip production, and by supply chain disruptions of electronics, notably semiconductors.

The entire car industry could be paralyzed. While that would be great for the Global Warming / Climate Change freaks, not only the car industry, but also to a large extent the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) would suffer, as it also depends on such fast-evolving chips. A good thing as well!

The drawback with a production / supply interruption would be a slack in new chip-technology development which is subject to constant scientific research and trials.

You may call it the Chips War – West versus China. It had begun already some three years ago. At some point in 2022 rumors emerged that Mr. Biden was to blackmail Americans working in the Chinese chip-industry by taking their US citizenship away, if they would not quit their jobs immediately.

Of course, this is complete nonsense and would be totally unconstitutional. Not even King Biden could get away with acting on such a menace.

So far nothing happened, other than the US prohibiting Taiwan, the main producer of such valuable chips, to supply them to mainland China, and asking Taipei’s main chip manufacturer, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) to build with urgency a chip manufacturing facility in Arizona that should become operational in 2024.

TSMC chairman Mark Liu said, however, that the plant faced a shortage of workers with the “specialized expertise required for equipment installation in a semiconductor-grade facility.” Therefore, the TSMC chip plant in Arizona will have to postpone production until 2025, instead of 2024, as expected by the Biden Administration.

So much for Washington’s attempt to outpace Beijing in the global chip race by economically closely collaborating with Taiwan. Not to forget, Taiwan is seen by Beijing as an integral part of mainland China. See this for more details, see this.

What is the semi-conductor industry? For what are semiconductors used?

It is the industry in which companies conceive, design, and manufacture an electronic device, called semiconductors, a fundamental component of modern electronics, such as cell phones, televisions, and computers. As the world is becoming increasingly all-digitized, it will ever-more depend on computers and electronics to enhance the capabilities of devices ranging from doorbells to motor vehicles – and, not to forget the MIC. The semiconductor field is dominated by a handful of countries, though the field is growing and expanding rapidly.

According to the White House, the US currently produces roughly 10% of global semiconductor manufacturing, and China about 15%. However, the picture is much more complex.

Understanding the semiconductor manufacturing and user markets, let’s look at the world’s largest semiconductor producers.

Taiwan’s diplomatic status is part of mainland China. Only 12 countries recognize Taiwan as a sovereign nation. That is 6% of the tiniest of UN members. For all practical purposes, despite the US (which does not recognize Taiwan either as an autonomous and sovereign country), Taiwan must be considered as part of Mainland China. Thus, de facto, Taiwan’s production is part of China’s production. More on this later.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) singlehandedly manufactures roughly 50% of the world’s semiconductors. Unlike semiconductor manufacturers such as Samsung or Intel, which produce semiconductors for use in their own products, TSMC manufactures semiconductors for many other companies, including Apple, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), California, and more. This is known as the foundry model of business.

Taiwan’s success in the production of semiconductors emanates from a robust end-to-end semiconductor supply chain. Taiwan is home to thousands of semiconductor-related companies, which can collectively handle every aspect of the semiconductor manufacturing process, from designing the circuit to fabricating, manufacturing, and testing the final product. Taiwan is also home to many state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, some of which can produce semiconductors that cannot be manufactured anywhere else in the world.

These traits make the Taiwanese semiconductor industry an ideal choice for companies which require semiconductors for their products, but which lack the funding and / or desire to build their own fabrication plant, which could cost a billion US-dollars, or more. On the downside, Taiwan’s notable success also means that if something goes wrong with semiconductor manufacturing in Taiwan, the entire world may feel the impact.  

South Korea – multinational Samsung Electronics corporation is one of the world’s largest technology companies in terms of revenue as well as one of the largest single semiconductor-producing companies in the world. Samsung functions as both an Integrated Devices Manufacturer (IDM), making semiconductors for use in its own products, as well as a foundry, producing semiconductors for other companies. Semiconductors produced by Samsung and other companies (such as SK Hynix) in the country’s 70-plus fabrication plants, are South Korea’s largest export, and comprised 15% of the country’s total exports in 2021.

Japan – one of the world’s most technologically advanced countries is home to more than 100 semiconductor fabrication plants, most of which are owned by Japanese, American, or Taiwanese firms. As in other leading semiconductor manufacturing nations, the Japanese government is working to expand the country’s semiconductor manufacturing capabilities.

United States – possessed approximately 12% of the world’s global chip manufacturing capacity as of 2021. This is a notably lower percentage of global capacity than the US enjoyed just a few decades previously (37% in 1990), before countries such as Taiwan and China ramped up their semiconductor production capabilities. Nevertheless, the US semiconductor industry remains quite lucrative.

According to the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), semiconductors exports added US$62 billion to the US economy in 2021, more than any product other than refined oil, aircraft, crude oil, and natural gas. Many of the exported chips return to the US in the form of finished consumer electronics.

Despite holding just 12% of the manufacturing capacity, US-based companies held more than 45% of the total semiconductor market share. This apparent discrepancy may be explained by both the dollar value of imported US semiconductors, and the fact that many US-based companies own and operate semiconductor fabrication plants in other countries, such as Japan.

China – one of the world’s primary manufacturing hubs, is another country in the process of expanding its semiconductor manufacturing capacity. China is the world’s largest market for semiconductors, thanks in part to its massive electronics manufacturing sector. Nonetheless, the Chinese government has set out to expand the country’s manufacturing capabilities to the point that China becomes self-reliant, producing the required number of semiconductors domestically, with no need for imports. China is expected to produce up to 25% of the world’s semiconductors by the year 2030.

Other semiconductor producers with growing capacity include Israel, the Netherlands, Malaysia, the UK and Germany.

Semiconductor production and supply chain disruptions. The COVID-19 plandemic caused a severe slowdown in the manufacture of semiconductors, as well as in the transport of both raw materials and finished semiconductors, triggering a worldwide shortage. The US is now working to actively expand the country’s domestic semiconductor manufacturing capabilities.

For more details, see this.

Given this background, it may appear a bit naïve for the Biden Administration to declare that China should be barred from receiving new and updated semiconductor technologies and from exporting semiconductors. As the above overview indicates, many of the semiconductor manufacturer are to some extent interlinked, especially Mainland China and Taiwan.

In the semiconductor science and production, Mainland China and Taiwan have long been collaborating, meaning that Taiwan, mainly TSMChas set up several manufacturing facilities in Mainland China. Electronics scientists and researchers as well as employees from Mainland China have been working for years in manufacturing, plants in Taiwan and vice-versa. There is also a semiconductor capital investments exchange between the two Chinese entities. See this for more details.

For this and other reasons it would be quite ingenuous for Biden’s people and the rest of the western world believing that China could be “strangled” – sanctioned, to use one of Washington favorite terms – through the semiconductor channel. If anything, by barring semiconductor exports from China, the west, mainly the US and by association, Europe, would merely shoot themselves in the foot – or higher; taking a further step to committing economic suicide. But maybe that is on the west’s agenda…

On a recent trip to China, when this topic came up, the Chinese counterparts insinuated that this issue is not new for them, that they had plenty of time to prepare for it (ever since the Globalist Washington Administration came to power and bragged about “sanctioning” China with semiconductors).

They added, if the west does not want Chinese semiconductors, no problem. There is a huge fast developing Asian market out there. They referred especially to the RCEP Free Trade Agreement which became effective on 1 January 2022.

RCEP stands for Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. It is a is a free trade agreement among the Asia-Pacific nations of Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. It is often referred to as “ASEAN plus Four”. RCEP is expected by 2030 to become the globe’s largest free trade agreement, exceeding the total of all other trade agreements in the world.

Finally, the Chinese hinted very realistically at the fact, that ultimately Taiwan and Mainland China are ONE country – meaning ONE semiconductor manufacturing nation. They added, that many if not most Taiwanese are tired of their “in-between” role, the stress related to a potential war fueled by Washington, and they would prefer to integrate into mainland China, the sooner the better.

It is a question of divided families and the understanding, of an already existing close cooperation, and an intense interchange of technology, capital, and scientific research between the two Chinese units, so that in the long run this is going to be the only peaceful solution for a prosperous cohabitation.

Now – who is winning and who is losing the “chip war”?

The original source of this article is Global Research.

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Neocons are Evil Hypocrites - Vox Popoli

 There is simply no other way to interpret their incessant Israel First blathering. I have no problem with Israel, or any other nation, defending its borders. But the idea that the USA has no right to defend their borders against “refugees” with deadly force is pharasaical inversion and straight-up anti-American evil.

As Jesus Christ himself said: Beware ye of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.

That being said, at this point, the die is cast. America has been invaded, conquered, and occupied. My estimate is that after the disintegration wars wind down, about one-third to one-half of current US territory will ultimately be controlled by people who can be more or less be reasonably described as Americans, while the rest will be divided into various forms of states ruled by diversity of one kind or another.

But this will be after a movement of peoples that rivals the post-imperial Partition of India.


White America: Disappeared and Replaced - by Paul Craig Roberts

In the United States the majority of the population remains white despite 58 years of mass immigration of non-whites.  Despite remaining a large majority, white Americans are not only being replaced but are being disappeared along with their history.

You no longer see white families in corporate ads.  If a family is shown, it is a black man, white woman and mixed race children, or it is an Asian woman, white man and mixed race children. A white family has been given negative meaning as a statement against “diversity.”  Diversity has trumped the basis of a nation state, which is a homogeneous population.  A diverse, multicultural population is a Tower of Babel, not a nation. Without a common culture, there is not a common interest.  Without a common interest, there is no nation, only a geographical boundary.

Ever since the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission created racial quotas in defiance of the statutory prohibition in the 1964 Civil Rights Act, white Americans, especially heterosexual males, have been second class citizens in law.  It has been legal for 59 years to discriminate against white heterosexual males in university admissions, employment, promotion, and protection by law.

Recently, the US Supreme Court ruled that race-based university admissions are impermissible and inconsistent with the 14th Amendment.  The ruling is a half century too late.  Discrimination against white Americans is now institutionalized.  Blacks are a small percentage of the population, but they are over-represented in positions of power.  For example, the Secretary of Defense is black. The incoming Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is black. The Superintendent of the US Air Force Academy is black, and all three agree that there are too many white officers in the US military. They have announced an official policy of discriminating against white military personnel by denying whites promotions in military rank.  This is a fact, not a “conspiracy theory.”  It could not be more clear that despite the Supreme Court’s ruling, discrimination against white Americans will continue unabated.

White people are being demonized out of existence, and they are helpless, despite being a majority in an alleged democracy, to do anything about it. To protest demonization is to defend whiteness which is regarded as proof of white supremacy. It is regarded as racist for a white to deny his guilt.

Museum curators, themselves white, present the works of white art in their collections as “racist works.”  The artistic value and achievement of white culture has been turned into expressions of racism.  Heather Mac Donald has documented examples of this in her articles in City Journal.  

White Americans are helpless to stand up for themselves, because half of them–the blue state half–have succumbed to the brainwashing and indoctrination that white people–only white people–are “aversive racists” by birth and skin color, and as such are threats to people of color.  This argument justifies restraints on white people, such as second class legal status in order to ameliorate  “white privilege.”

The statue of Robert E. Lee, a work of art by famous sculptors Henry Shrady and Leo Lantelli, stood in Charlottesville, Virginia, in memory of Lee’s leadership of the Army of Northern Virginia for a century. It was taken down in 2021 and has been given to a black organization that has announced that it will melt down the statue and cast the metal into something else, perhaps another statue of George Floyd who killed himself by overdosing on fentanyl.

Why does black self-expression and celebration of black heritage require the elimination of white heritage?  Robert E. Lee was highly regarded by the US military in the service of which Lee gave his youth and middle age.  Offered command of the Union Army he said he could not invade his own state and declined the command.  A former superintendent of West Point, Lee fought honorably and morally, and West Point barracks were named after him. Now his memory is erased and his presence in history destroyed by lies.

This is America today for white people, few of whom have the courage and awareness to protest. Essentially American white people are being erased. Try to find white Anglo-Saxons in the Biden regime.

You can see white replacement in California.  In 1970 the population of California was 76% white. The state was solidly Republican through the 1980s. Today the white percentage is 32%.  Whites have been replaced in California by Asian immigrants and illegal immigrant-invaders who walked in, unopposed, across the border with Mexico.  Today the largest percentage of California’s population is Hispanic.

Let’s hope Hispanics quickly take over the state from the crazed white liberals whose anti-white policies are causing white flight from California at the rate of 300,000 per year. California, Reagan territory in the 1980s, is today a state where the Republican political presence is minuscule.

The current white liberal governor of California, Gavin Newsom is the most anti-white, anti-American governor in US history.  His policies have proven to be devastating for California. Yet they are tolerated by the Hispanic and Asian majority.  Recall efforts were defeated despite the shrinking quality of life in California.  The colonization of America by immigrant-invaders proceeds.