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Assassination Attempt?

We're all guessing at the reasons behind the actions or inactions of the participants in what happened in Butler, but let's not forget the reality which few people understand - much less accept - and what Paul taught on some spiritual matters that affect us all.

There is historical evidence which most folks simply are incapable of comprehending, unless or until their eyes are opened to see a dimension to life that is invisible to most. I call it DaGAP.
It is becoming increasingly evident to me that the big question has to be: How is it possible for all the evil work carried out by what we label DaDeepState all over the world, even considering the financial incentives involved to the co-conspirators and their natural propensities for evil - all coordinated with seemingly amazing effectiveness for centuries? - no, this isn't about spiritual nonsense - it's about REALITY - for both secularists and churchians!

bionic mosquito: A Time of Testing

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A Time of Testing

 But when isn’t it such a time….

As we watch institutions of every type failing in the West, the same is true of the Christian Church.  Not to get into denominational particulars, but we have recently gone through – and continue to go through – some very meaningful failures in Christian institutions and by Christian leaders.

Evolutionists are Retarded - Vox Popoli

 (Appealing to your own authority is not science - it is faith, without even understanding what the proof or evidence of evolution is lacking. That is retarded faith! A baby understanding!

The same can be said of churchian faith - as Augustine wrote: "Faith comes by hearing, but understanding comes from knowledge and knowledge comes by SIGHT!
Therefore - and interestingly - Hebrews 5:11-6:2 covers BOTH secularists and churchians - the level of comprehension of a baby who has yet to understand what ALL of life is about - which certainly, by EVIDENCE ALONE, describes what Western Civilization now woefully lacks - MATURITY! 
Fuggedaboudit! - CL)

It’s almost astonishing to read the papers and presentations of the 1966 Symposium and see how a) biologists simply do not understand the logical and mathematical criticisms of their vacuous tautologies, and b) how their futile defenses of evolution by natural selection haven’t substantively changed in nearly sixty years despite all of the advances in genetics. Consider the similarities between three following attempts, separated by 55 years, to address the obvious problem of probability and fixation when applied to mutations, by resorting to what the evolutionists call “cumulative selection” and “massively parallel fixation”.

The Ways of the Jewish Slave Traders, by NOI Research Group - The Unz Review

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To a trusting, Bible-believing people this Jewish self-portrait sounds plausible and is consistent with a Christian doctrine that sanctifies God’s Chosen People, the so-called Children of Israel (Deuteronomy 7:6–11). But the people who today call themselves Jews have now collided with their own Jewish scholars and historians who have presented an entirely different and far more troubling story about American Jewish history and the central role of Jews in the greatest crime in world history—the Black African Holocaust.

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Insanity is On the Table - Vox Popoli

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Just because it will end abruptly and badly doesn’t mean they won’t do it. It’s not an accident that tens of millions of foreigners have been imported into the USA and Europe, even though that was obviously a terrible idea from the start. It’s not an accident that the entire US manufacturing base has been gutted, even though “free trade” is an obviously destructive lie. Clown World actively seeks the destruction of Christendom, which means eliminating both Christians and the European peoples of the world.

So, if they can force a war, even an incredibly pointless and unwinnable war that will involve massive fatalities and accomplish nothing, they will do it. Don’t imagine they won’t.

Enforcing The Law Is NOT 'Extreme'

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The only difference between sex and rape is consent and since petitioning our government has proved to be of no use our choices are to either re-instill the fear of consequence in all involved in these unlawful schemes and those in the various organs of government who deliberately stand aside despite long-standing laws and thus directly enable and in fact both solicit and profit from such conduct or accept that we are consenting and thus there is no offense to be pissed off about in the first place since you can't rape, rob or murder those consenting to said event.

Which shall it be, America?

The Doability of Mass Deportation - Vox Popoli

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The Haitian migration amounted to about ten percent of the Dominican population. That’s equivalent to about 35 million people in US terms. In the UK, the entire post-Windrush invasion could be sent back to their homelands, while in Europe the post-2015 migrant crisis could be entirely undone before 2030. And it’s no more “racist” for the European nations to ensure their futures than it is for the Dominican nation or the Jewish state to do so.

The only thing standing between the continuation of Western Civilization and its demise is Clown World. And Clown World is not only intellectual bankrupt and debunked by reality, it is actively being defeated by the sovereign nations every day now.

If you’re a one-issue voter, this would be the one vital issue upon which everything else rests.

There Are No Studies - Vox Popoli

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As I have been pointing out for literal decades, there are very few, if any, actual scientific studies that have been performed on vaccine safety. Not for any vaccine, not for any age group of recipients. The pro-vaxxers have always begged the question and assumed the conclusion by claiming that it would be unethical to actually perform a proper double-blind study by leaving one study group of children unvaccinated, and tried to substitute ex post facto statistical analyses for genuine scientody that can be replicated with reproducible results.

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

The Body Count of the State - What happened to Rhonda Massie? DONALD JEFFRIES


In early June, one of the most extraordinary interviews I’ve ever seen took place. Tucker Carlson sat down with Rep. Thomas Massie, by far the best of the typical sorry congressional lot. During the interview, Massie touched on the subject of Israeli influence in Congress. Boy, did he touch on it.

Massie alleged that every Republican congressional representative has their own AIPAC (American Israel Political Affairs Committee) “babysitter.” Except him. Think Rabbi Shmuley and RFK, Jr. Massie described how, after several high pressured conversations with AIPAC, during which they tried to get him to do some assigned “homework,” he ultimately banned them from his office. I think it’s safe to say that AIPAC has never been banned from any congressional office before. Massie said he didn’t know about the Democrats, but it would be shocking if all of them didn’t have a “babysitter” as well. This is basically what Cynthia McKinney described, before they ran her out of Congress. It all seems a bit like kissing the Pope’s ring.

The entire conversation was riveting. Massie is a true Renaissance Man. He’s an MIT educated engineer, but also recounted how he built his present home from scratch. He hammered every nail, screwed every screw, hooked up the plumbing and the wiring, even dug his own well. He powers the whole home with an old Tesla battery. He is about as off the grid as it gets. Massie spoke lovingly of his four children and his wife Rhonda, his high school sweetheart whom he’d been married to for 35 years. He has a great sense of humor, and performed flawless impressions of Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump, who tried to get him ousted from Congress. It was the single most courageous interview I’ve ever seen with an elected member of Congress.

Which makes what happened a few weeks later all the more poignant. And troubling. On June 27, 2024, Rhonda Massie suddenly died. There was no cause of death announced, and there still hasn’t been. We know she wasn’t suffering from a chronic illness, as Massie spoke glowingly of her with Carlson, and in announcing her death, he noted, "We spent last week touring Mt Rainier with our grandson - she was the best mammaw ever! We love you Rhonda.” She was only fifty one and looked to be in pretty good shape. Normally, such a #died suddenly case can be attributed to the deadly warp speed vaccine. But not in this situation. Massie was vocally critical of the vaccine, and it’s a certainty that his wife wouldn’t have taken the jab. So exactly what could have happened to her?

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American Pravda: JFK, Richard Nixon, the CIA, and Watergate, by Ron Unz - The Unz Review

 "Over the last dozen years my understanding of the past century of American history has been upended by several huge revelations, explosive discoveries that had long been concealed from me by the propaganda-bubble of mainstream media coverage in which I’d lived my entire life." - Ron Unz


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Uncovering the Truth about the JFK Assassination

Two weeks ago I published a long article on the JFK Assassination, pointing to the overwhelming evidence that Kennedy’s own successor Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson had very likely been a central figure in the plot.

I closed the essay by quoting several early paragraphs from a different article that I had published more than six years earlier:

…I never had any interest in 20th century American history. For one thing, it seemed so apparent to me that all the basic political facts were already well known and conveniently provided in the pages of my introductory history textbooks, thereby leaving little room for any original research, except in the most obscure corners of the field.

Also, the politics of ancient times was often colorful and exciting, with Hellenistic and Roman rulers so frequently deposed by palace coups, or falling victim to assassinations, poisonings, or other untimely deaths of a highly suspicious nature. By contrast, American political history was remarkably bland and boring, lacking any such extra constitutional events to give it spice. The most dramatic political upheaval of my own lifetime had been the forced resignation of President Richard Nixon under threat of impeachment, and the causes of his departure from office—some petty abuses of power and a subsequent cover-up—were so clearly inconsequential that they fully affirmed the strength of our American democracy and the scrupulous care with which our watchdog media policed the misdeeds of even the most powerful.

In hindsight perhaps I should have asked myself whether the coups and poisonings of Roman Imperial times were accurately reported in their own day, or if most of the toga-wearing citizens of that era might have remained blissfully unaware of the nefarious events secretly determining the governance of their own society.

Over the last dozen years my understanding of the past century of American history has been upended by several huge revelations, explosive discoveries that had long been concealed from me by the propaganda-bubble of mainstream media coverage in which I’d lived my entire life.

Of these, one of the most important was the true story of the Kennedy assassinations of the 1960s. I had always gullibly accepted the official narrative that a pair of deranged lone gunmen had killed our president and his younger brother. Meanwhile I had totally ignored the vague claims of conspiracy that were very occasionally mentioned with ridicule in the books and articles upon which I relied. Therefore, I was stunned to eventually discover that those vitally important historical events had become the subject of a vast subterranean world of solid scholarship, whose analysis and reconstruction seemed far more substantial and persuasive than what my trusted media sources had ever provided.

After carefully digesting and analyzing all this shocking new information, I eventually published my conclusions in a series of articles over the last six years, notably including these:

Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy

Discovering the truth of the JFK Assassination had completely overturned my accepted framework of modern history. But over the years I’ve encountered numerous lesser surprises as well, not nearly as world-shattering but still quite significant in their own right.

One of these, closely intertwined with Kennedy’s own story, has been my considerable reappraisal of Richard Nixon, the man whom Kennedy very narrowly defeated in 1960 and whose later political resurrection placed him in the White House eight years later. In some respects, their ultimate fates were paired, with Kennedy becoming the only modern American president to die by assassination, while Nixon became the first in more than a century to face impeachment, a legal blow that prompted his resignation, the first in our national history.

I’d known that Kennedy and Nixon had been political contemporaries and the media narrative that I’d casually absorbed had always portrayed them as polar-opposites in their political and ideological characteristics.

Together with his glamourous young wife Jackie, Kennedy had conjured the image of an American Camelot during the early 1960s. Presiding over our country as its royal couple, the youthful Kennedys had been adored by our national elites, ranging from Hollywood stars to leading academic intellectuals. Although the life of that handsome young prince was suddenly cut short by an assassin’s bullet, his heroic achievements remained in our national consciousness throughout the decades that followed. Probably no American political figure of the last century has received such glowing support from our national media and intellectual elites, and their hagiography has pulled along the rest of our citizens. For example, although he served less than three years in office, JFK was recently ranked as our third most popular president after Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

Meanwhile, that same survey placed Nixon close to the bottom, well below any other modern president. Indeed, prior to the appearance of Donald Trump, I doubt that any other American president of the last one hundred years was so generally hated and despised by our media, a harsh verdict that long preceded his shameful departure from office. Since I was only a child during the Nixon Administration, I had unthinkingly absorbed those sentiments, partly because they were so widely and casually echoed by most of my friends and family members. But although I had never closely studied modern American history, in later years I sometimes wondered why that hostility had been so widespread in our elite media and academic circles.

My impression was that the main charges against Nixon had been his dishonesty, his political ruthlessness, and his cynicism, as demonstrated in the Red-baiting tactics that had helped him climb the greasy political ladder. But as I sometimes turned those notions over in my mind, they left me a little puzzled. Similar criticism seemed almost endemic to our entire political class and I wondered whether Nixon was really so much worse than all of his peers. After all, it was grudgingly conceded that Kennedy’s paper-thin victory in the 1960 presidential race had involved massive voter fraud in Texas and Chicago, so the balance of dishonesty and political ruthlessness hardly seemed entirely one-sided.

Elected to Congress in 1946, Nixon’s meteoric early career had been ignited when he boldly championed the “Pumpkin Papers” charges of Whitaker Chambers against Alger Hiss, in which the rumpled former Communist accused the ultra-respectable New Dealer of having been a longtime Soviet agent. Hiss was a pillar of the East Coast Establishment and the founding Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference, so although he was convicted of perjury and sent to prison, claims that he’d been railroaded spent decades as a leading liberal cause celebre and that surely explained much of the lasting animus the media directed towards the congressman who had ruined him. But the eventual release of the Venona Decrypts in the 1990s conclusively proved that Hiss had been guilty as charged, completely vindicating Nixon.........

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...........Many of those who have investigated the JFK Assassination have concluded that what happened amounted to a political coup, whose reality was concealed by our American media, and I think the same may be said of the removal of Richard Nixon a decade later, though the coup was a silent one, utilizing judicial means.


I opened this piece by quoting several paragraphs I’d published almost exactly six years ago, emphasizing that until the last dozen years I’d regarded modern American history as too bland and boring to study, in sharp contrast to the endless political coups and assassinations of the Roman and Hellenistic empires. Although numerous highly-suspicious deaths of important American figures seemed to surround the 1963 JFK Assassination, an even more remarkable series of such mysterious deaths had occurred soon after the end of World War II, and these had been the subject of that previous article.

Among those who grow skeptical of establishment media verdicts, there is a natural tendency to become overly suspicious, and see conspiracies and cover-ups where none exist. The sudden death of a prominent political figure may be blamed on foul-play even when the causes were entirely natural or accidental. “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” But when a sufficient number of such persons die within a sufficiently short period of years, and overwhelming evidence suggests that at least some of those deaths were not for the reasons long believed, the burden of proof begins to shift….

I do not think that any similar list of comparable individuals during that same time period could be produced for Britain, France, the USSR, or China. In one of the James Bond films, Agent 007 states his opinion that “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.” And I think these six examples over just a few years should be enough to raise the eyebrows of even the most cautious and skeptical.

Foreign leaders outraged over America’s destructive international blundering have sometimes described our country as possessing physical might of enormous power, but having a ruling political elite so ignorant, gullible, and incompetent that it easily falls under the sway of unscrupulous foreign powers. We are a nation with the body of a dinosaur but controlled by the brain of a flea.

The post-war era of the 1940s surely marked an important peak of America’s military and economic power. Yet there seems considerable evidence that during those same years, a varied mix of Soviet, British, and Zionist assassins may have freely walked our soil, striking down those whom they regarded as obstacles to their national interests. Meanwhile, nearly all Americans remained blissfully unaware of these momentous developments, being lulled to sleep by “Our American Pravda.”

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Three American Declarations - LewRockwell

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Three of the most important American political declarations are the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson Davis’s inaugural address, and Abraham Lincoln’s first inaugural address.  The first was a declaration of secession from the British empire.  The second was a declaration of secession from the Washington, D.C empire.  The third was a declaration of non-independence, ever, under any circumstances, from the D.C. empire – or else.

Bird Flu, Baby! - LewRockwell

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“The Biden administration just awarded Moderna a $176 million contract to develop new mRNA jabs for a ‘pandemic influenza’ caused by bird flu… reports: The only functioning product the $45 billion company has ever released was its mRNA injections for COVID.  Now, Moderna will have a whole new profit stream thanks to Biden.”

“It turns out that Pfizer is also included in the scam. Both Pfizer and Moderna now have license from Biden to create ‘catch-all’ injections that can be used for any type of ‘pandemic influenza.’ This ensures that both companies can rake Americans over the coals for many years to come….Should the bird flu fakedemic fail to manifest as Big Pharma and the government are hoping it will, the failsafe is that Moderna and Pfizer will both be allowed to rebrand their mRNA injections for whatever new ‘scare’ is unleashed in its place.”