Tuesday, February 7, 2017

On the Soros payroll - John Kasich, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lindsey Graham - and now you know!

It was fully intended by George Soros that patriots would be shocked into despair that Republicans Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan; steadfast anti-Trumpers John McCain and Lindsey Graham sold out their own country for roughly $2,700 apiece during the 2016 campaign season.
The shock was somewhat blunted by the fact that millions already knew politicians on both sides of the political aisle are out for themselves and on the take.
That all who took Soros money never thinking they’d someday be caught at it were not long ago in the running for the presidency or vice presidency of the United States is far more stunning than disconcerting.
Thank God that non-politician Donald J. Trump was not one of them.
George Soros and the ravening wolf pack he leads, hate “outsider” Trump.
Full of hatred against George W. Bush when he ran for re-election in 2004, Soros vowed to ruin Bush’s popularity through the media if Bush was re-elected.
Bush was re-elected and Soros is still here.
Wonder how George W. feels knowing that his own brother took Soros money in 2016?
The hatred of 86-year-old George Soros, will follow him to the grave, and with his amassed fortune passed on to his son, perhaps even beyond.
The truth is that Soros hates Trump no more than he hated Bush, or any other president who would refuse to turn America over to the globalists fomenting for One World Order.
But more than anything else, Soros, whose money has dragged the Western World into ‘The Era of the Protest’, is working on the Mother of all Coup d’etats, a coup d’etat that would finish off America by anarchy.
This is happening as the message being sent by fake mainstream media is that the entire world is in protest mode; that the other side doesn’t even exist.
With money to burn, Soros is counting on the protest as a guarantee of taking society down, a means as passé as Marx & Engles Marxism.
“Executives at ultra-profitable Soros Fund Management donated to top anti-Trump Republicans such as Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio in the 2016 election cycle,  Matthew Boyle reports at Breitbart News. (BombThrowers, Feb. 7, 2017)
“John Kasich also took campaign cash.
“It appears the Soros people intended to pursue a two-pronged strategy against candidate Trump, funding his Democrat opponents, along with his enemies in the Republican Party. Or the hedge fund managers were hedging their bets.”
A main mentor to both Barack Hussein Obama and his failed protege Hillary Clinton, George Soros is aptly Matthew Vadum described as “the preeminent funder of the activist Left in America”.
Soros not only puts his money where his mouth is, but buys off the mouths of those he sees as most useful in his evil agenda to take down America.
While entertainment celebrities, raging feminists and millennial Snowflakes rail Donald Trump as a racist, bigot, xenophobe, Islamophobe and misogynist Soros’ lies about Trump stagger all credibility. 
“He has said “Donald Trump is doing the work of ISIS” and that ideas like banning entry to the U.S. by Muslims might “convince the Muslim community that there is no alternative but terrorism.”  (BombThrowers).

But the battle lines were drawn long before Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, John McCain et al were caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar.
Soros, who has brought America into ‘The Protest Era’ plans the Mother of All Coup d’√©tats through street protests.
Like Obama, Soros seems to be blinded by his own corrosive hatred.
Others who came before tried to unleash the floodgates of hatred on the world.
They came to destroy the world but instead the world ate them up and spat them out.
Life on Earth is not a protest, it is, even though the Progressive Left go so far out of their way to deny it,  a journey to another place.  There is only one exit from this world, and it leads to only one of two places.
Revolution is attractive when it is offered as a paying job to aimless youth, but like most other things, it changes over the passage of time.
You can protest today, but be called back by the Valley of Tears that life on Earth really is, tomorrow or the day after.
Every protester out on the street faces the same problems of the very people they are protesting against—a family member suddenly taken ill, or an unexpected intervention of some other kind.
While protesters are out screaming on the streets, millions of average people go about their business just as they always will.
The shock that wasn’t a shock like the one revealing Republicans took money during the presidential campaign from Soros will be sure to be followed by another, supposedly more shocking one any day soon when Obama is sprung from out of nowhere as the shadow protest leader.
Count on it.
Meanwhile, the mainstream media and entertainment celebrities will continue taking broad swipes at President Trump every day.
Down to the last one, almost every celebrity is anti-Trump.  The media’s on their side; the students of public education in other countries repeating in rote: “He’s NOT our president!”
Even a rogue Pope in Rome seems to signal his approval of them.
There have always been rogue popes, and through all of them, millions of Catholics still bless themselves with the Sign of the Cross, and always will.
Angels keep watch over the increasing chaos and the same kind of providence that evidenced itself on November 8 will come again.
Not all of the money that George Soros pours into the Protest Movement can change even one iota what believers already know: “Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, and today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8)