Monday, March 6, 2017

Let Me Tell You Which Side I’m On - By Dave Merric

The contrast of the two different standards the press and the public have applied to Obama versus what we are seeing now toward Donald Trump is breathtaking-unto-dizzying. And to me the most nauseatingly frustrating dynamic about the whole deal is that, effectively, Trump and his crew, now that they’re in the White House - are on their own.
Right after the election, a very famous evangelist was on Facebook congratulating American Christians for their having rallied to the polls in force while praying down the great victory from God. But his ‘attaboy totally horrified me simply because of the nagging fact of our fallen human nature which is, in the 21st century, running on steroids. So much of the concensus on the street currently is, “Now that Trump is in office, things are going to be a lot different!” How naïve to say such a thing.
I have said this in past articles - and it is never received real well. But the person who coined the term “silent majority” should be horsewhipped. Why? Because it has given a totally deceiving sense of comfort and justification to so much of the atrophying voice of godly conservatism. As these silent ones have sat in their recliners and chosen not to get involved, our nation has gone to hell in so many respects. They, and the brain trust ‘conservatives’ who ‘voted their conscience’ (as they put it) when everybody was aware the only choice we had this time was between Donald Trump and the literal daughter of darkness.
I have to applaud Donald Trump for his chronic tweeting. At least with this sort of candor he is saying what he wants to the public apart from the mind numbing, explanatory commentary of a liberal press. And it is a press he should certainly steer clear of, since it is working twenty-four seven to destroy and booby-trap his every word and movement.
For the past eight years, in league with liberal news and entertainment, Barack Obama has assembled a standing army of racist snowflake fascists that is at the beck-and-call of the big money globalists who underwrote their training and brainwashed allegiance.
One of their first real shows of force happened in Charlotte last year. At his command it was Obama’s forked-tongued AG who stepped to the microphone and effectively declared their violent anarchy to be a constitutional right, and thereby put the official seal of approval on their performance. Just months earlier that mob had seen our president lauding Beyonce’s Black Panther infomercial at the Superbowl. Between stuff like that and Michelle’s painfully inappropriate racist provocations at every black college graduation where she has spoken, their clones know the drill. 
The Charlotte riots, just a couple of months before the election, amounted to a showing of readiness from the lockstep belligerents Barack and liberal media have perfectly developed. Their lawless debut was a public demonstration of just a bit of the powerful infantry that the left, now still headed by Obama, is commanding. Nationally this giant corps of politically correct soldiers has been given the popular order of hating Trump. And in that assignment they are only beginning to flex their muscles.
It is tragic that today, after Clinton, Obama and a crowd of professional politicians like them, so many Americans are now convinced that only the most artful liars make the best presidents
In hindsight, so many voters who should have given Trump their support, didn’t - quite foolishly and for all the wrong reasons. And many of the conservatives who voted for Trump did so merely because he and his words were the least offensive to their delicate sensibilities. And a lot of us voted for him because we were thoroughly fed up with the status quo and we were convinced he was really going to do everything he said he would. And now that he is doing just that, the first two, above-mentioned groups are effectively lending support to his opposition. And many of us, real conservatives, aren’t helping him at all because we are convinced we won the war at the inauguration. Again, what colossal naïveté.
It is tragic that today, after the presidencies of Clinton and Obama and a crowd of professional politicians like them, so many Americans are now convinced that only the most artful liars make the best presidents. And when a man like Donald Trump comes along, because he is no politician - and because he has the audacity to tweet us his true sentiments spontaneously instead of filtering them through the condoning, controlling press - we stand aside with our hands in our pockets, and passively hope he doesn’t hang himself. Or, if you are a part of the silent majority, you have returned to your recliner and remote and you nightly give him a good ‘God speed!’ as you drift off to sleep in front of the news.
 Currently, Donald Trump is the target of some of the most extreme and unprecedented hatred and resistance from the loudest portion of our nation
Currently, Donald Trump is the target of some of the most extreme and unprecedented hatred and resistance from the loudest portion of our nation. Obama and all of the ugly left want to take him down; not because he is any worse than any of them, but because he stands for everything today’s liberal America wants to defuse and destroy: personal freedom and a non-dependence upon a babysitting, all-controlling government. He has been elected - TWICE - by a rapidly dwindling faction of Americans who purportedly still embrace the precious values of our founders. And now, barely a month into his fledgling term, he seems to be the only torchbearer in a nation that forgot all about its vital debt of eternal vigilance.
At this time, more than ever, our president needs our entire presence and support. If you can call your representatives, get on the phone and do that. If you can write letters, do that and get them mailed. If you can pray - and we all should - do lots of that. This nonpolitician, determined to run his presidency just as effectively as he has his businesses, needs every help a grateful America can extend to him.
There is an old story told - a story lost in time, really - about a gray-haired grandmother jogging toward Richmond, Virginia to be with the troops who were going to be facing the forces of Ulysses S. Grant. One of the retreating rebels called out to her, laughing, “Where do you think you are going with that broomstick, granny?” And, panting and stumbling along, she replied, “I’m going to Richmond to fight them Yankees!” And the ambling soldier cried back at her, “Don’t you know you’ll need a big gun to do that?” And the old woman barked back at him, “I may not have a gun, sure enough, but at least they’ll know which side I’m on!”
In my heart, as much as I can in this strangest and most potentially perilous moment in our nation’s history, I want to be like that old lady.

Dave Merrick, is an internationally known and published artist whose works reach into the greatest diversity of audiences. Known primarily for his astoundingly lifelike portraiture, Merrick’s drawings and paintings grace the walls of an impressive array of well-known corporate and private clientele. Many of his published wildlife pieces have become some of America’s most popular animal imagery.
He has more original work in the Pro-Rodeo Hall of Fame than any other artist. His wildlife and Southwestern-theme work is distributed internationally through Joan Cawley Galleries of Scottsdale AZ.