Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Wizard of OZ is Alive and Operating in Your Neighborhood!

Oops – we have seen DaMan behind DaCurtain – he is wearing a parka.

Don’t ask!

Hong Kong “is a part of China. That is the essential fact set out in the Basic Law agreed to by the UK as well as China. It is an administrative region of China. It is not an independent state and never was when Britain seized it through force and occupied it.”

“What you have just read may appear on the surface to be a history report but it is much more than that. It is a future report.
It is a future report since your future is being shaped by historical forces that you need to understand if you are going to be able to choose to influence your reality in accord with those historical trajectories that are actually in harmony with the real self-interests of mankind.”

And speaking of history – Ron Unz wrote: ‘’Since my knowledge of American history ran no deeper than my basic textbooks and mainstream newspapers and magazines, the last decade or so has been a journey of discovery for me, and often a shocking one.’’

It is becoming increasingly clear to me that most of what we see, read and hear is purposely set up as Kabuki theater by our ruling oligarchs. 
Just as the Epstein episode was and is not really about him, but it had to be focused on him to obscure the fact that Epstein could not have operated without protection. The only questions – provided by whom and why?

Another example is arguing about types of firearms to ban distracts us from those who want a compliant populace - - that is a word search on American Oligarchy from my accumulated library of 4 years.

WeDaPeople do NOT rule this country, folks - our purpose has become to make theater by our incessant pissing contests and thus remove our attention from those who actually are DaMovers and Shakers.
If we think this is DaLeft vs. DaRight or even Dems vs. DaGOP - we're all deluded - intentionally, and most of us are perfectly willing participants because it titillates our senses!

Stop the insanity!