Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Un-Holy Trinity of Old Scratch (Satan)

Not to be outdone by Father, Son and Holy Spirit – DaGod of this world has put together a cabal designed to advance his faux religion – fairly successfully, I might add.
Temporarily? Yes, but he sure has his disciples agitated enough to cause great harm to the human race – God’s creation.

Currently, our gods are DaState, politics, ‘It’s all about me!’ and, of course, a spirit of retreat and defeat among God’s believers – and Gary DeMar of American Vision outlines them all today.

Keeping the State From Becoming God - The Bible has a lot to say about the balance of power in God’s created order. The individual has liberty within the confines of God’s law. The same is true of civil government. It has a governmental role to play but it’s severely limited.

The Spirit of Retreat (Among Christians) - Like a trampled spring and a polluted well
Is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked.
(Prov. 25:26).

Fighting the Political Monster as Savior - What are pastors teaching today? Christian television is mostly pious mush. Enthusiasm is the attraction of the day. It’s a sugar-rush effect for the moment. Almost nothing is said about the day-to-day issues that are affecting people’s lives. The Bible is a big book and it has something to say about everything either directly or indirectly. Pastors are afraid to address contemporary issues for fear that people might leave. Many pastors don’t believe it’s spiritual to apply the Bible beyond individual piety.

Theology for Everyday Life
Being a biblical Christian doesn't just mean getting our theology straight, it also means getting our living straight. Christianity can be summarized as being about orthodoxy (what what we believe) and orthopraxy (how we live what we believe). Getting our theology worked out is only half of the equation; getting our theology into our everyday lives is the other half.

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